autopsy technician

Conversations with my Sister
  • *3 AM, talking future careers*
  • Her: well I figured i'd start off with a pharmacy tech certificate, then maybe either go to med school, work on treatments for muscle diseases. (She has myotonia type 2) animation is my backup. what about you?
  • Me: I'm shooting for Autopsy Technician.
  • Her: would you do exactly?
  • Me: check and match body identification, open them up, eviscerate them-
  • Her: evisa-what?
  • Me: take out their organs, basically.
  • Her: yuck...
  • Me: before that though I'd be taking thorough notes about the condition of the body, then i'd take samples from organs and bodily fluids for the Pathologist to test if required. After that i'd have to close up the body after procedures before doing the paperwork to send them off with an undertaker.
  • Her: i didn't ask for a play-by-play, but alright...why the hell would you want to even do that?
  • Me: i don't know...i just think its my calling.
  • Her: sure. Just make sure you shower when you come home Bones, i don't wanna be smelling death whenever i'm around you-
  • Me: Bones is a forensic Anthropologist, I'd be more like Cam-
  • me: *sigh* this happens every time...

Very sad but interesting post mortem last night, young otherwise healthy dog found agonal and cyanotic by owners passed away shortly after. Death was a result of gastric dilation and volvus in the thoracic cavity, secondary to herniation through the diaphragm - likely congenital. Stomach was enormously distended with gas and filled virtually the entire thoracic cavity, the stomach itself had flipped cranially and rotated 90°