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(Amenta ask) Do police dealing with murder cases need to call in reds to do things like ID a body and perform an autopsy? Is medicine held back by clean doctors not being able to study cadavers? Is donating one's body to science a thing? Is organ donation okay?

The cops can look at bodies, and take pictures for the family to look at.  Reds do autopsies.  They also dissect cadavers behind glass for med students.  Donating one’s body to science is not a thing mostly because it would be kind of gross to have preferences about how your body is disposed of, why are you dwelling on that, ew, the reds do whatever they do and you’re already gone.  Live organ and tissue donation are fine, motorcyclists not so much.  Animal donations are fine where those work.  They can do organ cloning.  There’s probably some red who did transplants for their own red patients and whose work on that allowed advances in the field once they had cloned organs and had to get them where they were going and they should be famous and they aren’t.

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I agree with your conclusion and your general point but I don't think it's fair to say red work is generally low-skill. Even completely ignoring professions like red doctor, most red work involves really, really meticulous care and awareness of where your body is and what might happen if you trip or stumble. Autopsy reds actually need kind of a lot of anatomy knowledge. And I don't do plumbing but it takes more than a season to learn how to do it, so I'm guessing it's skilled work, too.

That’s a good point and I’m sorry I implied that reds are low-skill. Both red and purple jobs are very skilled (I certainly wouldn’t be able to repair pipes without accidentally tripping all over everything). It’s just that a marginal improvement in reds’ ability to avoid polluting things doesn’t justify the harm caused by credit auctions.

Symbiodinium trenchi…interesting, ❞ Vianca
said, goggle-clad face far closer to the corpse’s
mouth than most people would dare. Her honey
brown curls were wound sloppily into a clip at
the back of her head, her white lab coat pristine
despite the rather gruesome task of performing
an autopsy, red-soled alligator skin Louboutins
pushing her up to a full 6′2″ instead of her usual
5′10″. ❝ This is an extremely rare micro-alga. ❞


More questions & plot holes

- Did A actually kindap/ recruit Sara? if so was Emily meeting Saras friends a set up?

-If Sara wasn’t kidnapped what could possibly be her motive for being red coat/black veil

-”Alisons” autopsy reports were a big thing when Mona was A, we know this wasn’t Alisons body because she was alive and Mona also knew that, so this body was someone elses: Bethanys, the autopsy reports stated that she died from dirt in her lungs; being buried alive ,NOT the blow to her head

We know Melissa buried Bethany thinking was Alison and that Spencer killed her, So if Bethany died from being buried alive, how did Mona kill her when she onyl hit her in the head, Mona had to have known about the autopsy reports

- We assumed that the night ali disappeared Sara was in Alisons yard dressed as Alison , and someone hit her with a shovel or hockey stick and either she was in Alis grave or that was when A kidnapped her and took her to the dolhouse ( the latter is what we thought we knew ), if ali was hit with a rock and bethany was hit with a shovel and if sara was never hit at all, what was the hockey stick storyline in s2 about?

- If in 4x02 Alisons mom tells her she doesnt like the yellow top and she shouldn’t wear it 

why do we see a note on alisons bed from her mom telling her the yellow top is good for her? 

- If Cece was A, and she didnt kill Mrs. D, who did?

- Who did jenna mona & sydney meet?

- Why would Cece frame Alison for monas murder and send her to jail?

- What was Noels insurance on Alison?

- Was cece , at one point fully released from Radley and is this when she fully took over the game from Mona?

- If it was planned for cece to be A for 3 years, than how come they showed cece in a black hoodie, but then carried on with 4b , s5 and 6a? why give us other red herrings like ezra then jessica, then shana peter,alison,mike andrew then Leslie? They wouldn’t have given us a A reveal like they did w cece if they had 4b,s5 & 6a until they revealed A?

i kinda like Cece as A, but i do not think it was planned out and as long as they said so, if it was then why are there so many things that dont make sense , they cant say timeline and plot holes dont matter when the things that have plot holes is literally the story and explanation of A….