ATTENTION: If you have an autoplay, if you post any triggering/NSFW content, if you are going on hiatus, or simply need to alert your followers of something, this post is for you.

A lot of people are triggered by sudden noises that they have no idea were coming, or just plain out not being ready for a sound or music. I’ve found a code for your tumblr that you can set to display your own message. I think it’d be really helpful if you have followers afraid of things that will suddenly startle them. You can find the code here. You can also use this for your own alert. Ex: “I am on hiatus!” “This blog contains ____.” This is good for many triggers. Simply copy and paste the code below your <head> and insert your own message into ‘YOUR MESSAGE HERE’. This has been a PSA. Please reblog this so people will know how to make their tumblrs a little safer. It’s not a must, but it’s a nice addition to help your followers feel safer on your blog. 

[TUTORIAL] How to disable autoplay music on others' blogs

Like I’ve said before, having autoplay music on  your blog is basically the equivalent of ripping out someone’s earphones and jamming in your own: it gets annoying fast. Not only that, it should be taken into consideration that not everyone has the luxury of fast and unlimited internet. Some have very slow connection speeds, in which case loading music slows it down even more, and some have limited internet usage, and autoplay music keeps loading even after it is paused, which adds to usage. It’s pretty disrespectful, and also startles people. 

So for those who would like to browse blogs without having to deal with autoplay, there’s a fix. You need to download AdBlock Plus, which is a free and very nifty browser add-on that disables ads, including popup ads and video ads on YouTube. Downloads below:

Chrome // Firefox // Opera

Click ‘read more’ for instructions on how to use ABP to disable autoplay.

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This is a very important part of the petticoat making process, which I like to call the twirl test.  I think it passed. 

I’m not thrilled with how this turned out because my measurements didn’t quite line up and I used a cheap netting from joanns so it has a habit of deflating. But it’s comfortable and fun to wear! Very lightweight and great for spinning. 

This will be worn underneath a short Cinderella inspired dress. It’s made from six layers of netting with organza and lamé ruffles. 

I wrote a super long blog post about making it, which is posted here


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