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sooooo, i’ve reached my first ever goal on tumblr after only eight months wohoooo!!!!!! three thousand thank yous to the 500 people who follow me (honestly why tho i’m trash my blog is trash my tags are mostly me crying and screaming and being sad and lusting over unreachable people, i really don’t deserve yall 💗💕💞💖) and now i’m going to start the process of mentioning every single person i follow (fyeah tumblrs not included)

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I’m pretty new to this fandom so this has probably been brought up before plenty times but there’s been something bugging me.
Don’t get me wrong, I Love “The Story of Tonight Reprise”. it’s adorable and hilarious, and every song that features John, Laf, and Herc is automatically one of my favs

but the part where John says (after Laf and Herc sing “If Alexander can get married”/)“There’s hope for our ass, after all!” is…. weird, to me. considering history, at least. like by no means am I an expert on revolutionary history, i cannot stress enough that I am a Canadian so I didn’t learn about the US, and history in general isn’t my forte, but, like…

John Laurens was married before Hamilton, first of all (which I am willing to overlook) BUT it is known that he didn’t really have an interest in women in general. even his marriage was more than likely out of honor than a result of wanting to be married (to a woman no less)

so for him to be the one that sings “there’s hope (that we can all get married)”  is just… weird, to me? and well huh maybe that’s supposed to be a nod at him attempting to hide his sexuality?? but he’s drunk with his three closest friends (in-musical verse anyway), so to me it comes off as strange (and a bit too straight for him idk guys) 

cool thing to happen today: i was at an event where a bunch of people where just showcasing their talent and the last act was this band called Off-Brand and they’re all freshman and they basically play early Fall Out Boy, Green Day , Blink-182 type music. but my favorite thing about them was that the lead singer was a Lebanese Muslim and my friend and i talked with him after the event and he’s actually really sweet and chill. i like seeing muslims doing music tbh

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imagine child spock hating going outside so once when amanda told him to "go get some fresh air" he returned to her from 30 sec. outside with a jam jar and said "mother, i have obtained the fresh air" and pretended to not have understood her command

imagine amanda pursing her lips and trying very hard to control herself because for child ‘without emotions’ he gave a whole lot of lip

The signs as fangirls

Aries: Lowkey about their fans but loves them so much that their heart actually starts beating faster whenever they see them
Taurus: Annoying fangirl that always argues that their fav is better than everyone else
Gemini: Fantasizes about being fans’ best friend
Cancer: Lucky fangirl that goes to concerts and meet and greets 
Leo: Creepy fangirl that knows every little fact about their fav
Virgo: Avid fanfic reader/writer
Libra: Fantasizes about marrying favs/automatically hates the person that fav is dating or is already married to 
Scorpio: Merchandise fanatic/poster wall galore
Sagittarius: Doesn’t really pick out favs but when they do, it’s someone who they closely relate to
Capricorn: The only rational one when it comes to adoring fans/ may own one or two posters of their fav
Aquarius: Can’t contain themselves when they see their favs/will scream once an appearance is made
Pisces: Refers to all of their favs as their children/is more attached to fictional characters than those irl

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I actually do like Iris, but you have to admit that there was a lull where Iris wasn't really integrated into the story line, so anything that involved her was kind of annoying. I think the list 2smart4uto was referring to was Iris's cheat list (the one with Oliver). Westallen shippers need to stop pushing the idea that Iris is perfect and that non-Westallen shippers are automatically racist. My fav was Eddie, so I'd rather see Iris with him than Barry any day (though I'd prefer Westhallen).

But if that’s the case that they’re complaining about the lull that’s the narrative and the writers fault not Iris so why aren’t they going after the writers? They’re not they’re going after Iris so obviously they’re not being fair. the cheat list has been a popular thing since Friends came up with it in the 90′s and its extremely popular no one should fault Iris for having it. Its implied that Eddie also has a list because that’s the whole point of a list to have it be a mutual thing where its understood its not cheating because its allowed. 

We’re not pushing the idea that Iris is perfect by any means but most of the time when people come for Iris they’re reaching usually and are being blatantly misgynoiristic in the fact that they can’t stand it when Iris is just being a normal person. And yet they don’t hate their white faves for doing the same things.

Look I read Westhallen fics sometimes and I think its cute too but the hate towards Iris is real stop acting like Iris West defenders are being oversensitive. No one has said you HAVE to ship WestAllen. Like there’s no one coming for Barrisco because they usually aren’t hating on Iris. But most of the time Iris hate is coded and easily spotted when people bash WestAllen. Stop acting like people don’t bash the ship because Iris is black because they do. 

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There is no such thing as an Unproblematic Fav (especially if your fav is some permutation of white guy.) Whether you’ve got a favorite character, actor, musician, or other public personality, here’s the thing.

They’re a human being. They’re gonna fuck up sometimes. Sometimes it’ll be a disappointing, cringe-worthy misstep and sometimes it’ll be something shocking and terrible. The reactions to the two should probably not be the same.

One way to avoid being crushingly disappointed by smaller fuckups is don’t put your fav on some enormous pedestal, declare they’re a unicorn and can do no wrong.

They’re gonna do wrong. (Especially if it’s some version of White Guy who is insulated by the ignorance of a shitload of privilege.)

By all means, when your Inevitably Problematic Fav fucks up, be disappointed, critically examine and discuss their fuckup and what led them to it, let them know you’re disappointed and dissatisfied and want them to learn and do better, and expect that once alerted, they’ll apologize and do some self-educating before wading into whatever they fucked up again.

If you need to, temper your enjoyment of that fav, scale back your support until you feel they’ve made up for their fuckup or truly learned from it.

But no Fav is actually unproblematic. They’re a person, and you should expect they’re going to be flawed, going to sometimes say stupid things or reveal their ignorance (or perform the Classic White Guy Move of “I have no idea what this is all about or its complex nuances, clearly my opinion needs to be inserted here.”)

Be disappointed. Want and expect better from those you invest in, emotionally or otherwise. But remember they’re a human being who made a mistake and needs to learn from it; they don’t have to automatically swing from Unproblematic Fav to Fucking Human Scum over every mistake.

hello everyone!! first let’s appreciate my amazing ms paint skills, come on… second, i’ve hit my follower goal!!! nd i’m so so so happy!!!! 💕💕 i wanted to make a post for my lovely mutuals!! i love yall so much, every single one of you, even if we’ve never talked or if it’s happened once or twice, or more, i still love you a lot 💗💗💗 i’ve had this blog for 3,5 years and i’m very attached to it lol. thank you all for following me and being great mutuals!! with some of you i’ve been mutuals for months, with some for only a few days, but nonetheless i appreciate everyone the same!! i love you with all m’heart!!! 💖💕💖💕

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