Cosmic Baby~

My OOTD for a swap meet we had today! It was soooo hot >_< so this dress was perfect!!

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty Cosmic Series
Cardigan: customized by me
Hat: TaoBao CiCi work
Wig: Wig is Fashion
Cat/Crescent moon ring: Automatic Honey
Cat Pin: Automatic Honey
Sailor moon necklace: KumaCrafts
Glasses/Socks/Ribbons/air balloon necklace: bought in the fashion district
Shoes: Rainbow (if you’re from NYC you should know this store lol)

Ivory x offwhite pirate ouji coord n_n

Alice and the Pirates- Vest, tricorn, boots
Automatic Honey- Gold necklace
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Socks, Scepter, bunny bag, bracelet, wristcuffs, parasol, gold rose clips
Handmade- Pearl necklace
Offbrand- Vintage blouse
Ozz Angelo- Shorts
Victorian Maiden- Ivory rose corsage

The Signs as Lady Gaga Songs

Aries – (Powerful, Soldier, Selfish): Marry the Night: Lyrics that fit: “I’m gonna marry the night / I won’t give up on my life / I’m a warrior queen / Live passionately, tonight”

Taurus – (Ambitious, Loyal, Materialistic): Donatella: Lyrics that fit: “I’m a rich bitch, I’m the upper class / All of the day / I’m the pearl to your oyster, I’m a babe / I’m gonna smoke Marlboro Lights and drink Champagne”

Gemini - (Communication, Impulsive, Duality) Perfect Illusion: Lyrics that fit: “Tryin’ to keep control / Pressure’s takin’ its toll / Stuck in the middle zone/ I just want you alone / My guessing game is strong / Way too real to be wrong / Caught up in your show / Yeah, at least now I know/ It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love”

Cancer - (Creative, Loyal, Emotional) Americano: Lyrics that fit: “I will fight for, I have fought for how I love you / I have cried for, I will die for how I care”

Leo - (Loyal, Unapologetic, Egomaniac) The Queen: Lyrics that fit: “Whenever I start feeling strong, I’m called a bitch in the night / But I don’t need these 14-carat guns to win / I am a woman, I insist it’s my life”

Virgo - (Modesty, Beauty, Practical) Alejandro: Lyrics: “She’s got both hands / In her pocket / And she won’t look at you (won’t look at you) / She hides true love / En su bolsillo / She’s got a halo around her finger / Around you”

Libra – (Beauty, Balance, Chaos) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Lyrics that fit: “Our hair is perfect / While we’re all getting shit wrecked / It’s automatic, honey / But we got no money”

Scorpio – (Passionate, Strong, Fierce) Edge of Glory: Lyrics that fit: “It’s hard to feel the rush, to brush the dangerous / I’m gonna run right to, to the edge with you / Where we can both fall far in love”

Sagittarius – (Curious, Energetic, Fearless): John Wayne: Lyrics that fit: “3 am, mustang speedin’ / Two lovers, headed for a dead end / Too fast, hold tight, he laughs / Runnin’ through the red lights”

Capricorn - (Ambition, Tradition, Strategy): Money Honey: Lyrics that fit: “Damn I’d love a boat by the beach on the west coast / And I’d enjoy some fine champagne while my girls toast / It’s good to live expensive you know it but  / My knees get weak, intensive”

Aquarius - (Independent, Adventurer, Aloof): Heavy Metal Lover: Lyrics that fit: “Dirty Pony I can’t wait to hose you down / You’ve got to earn your leather in this part of town / Dirty pearls and a patch for all the Rivington Rebels / Let’s raise hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble”

Pisces – (Visionary, Compassion, Romantics): ARTPOP: Lyrics that fit: “Come to me, with all your subtext and fantasy / Just do that thing that you do / In a perverse hue / Lover’s kites, are flown on beaches for public sight / The color palette you choose, can profit you

anonymous asked:

Ok but like I need to know what u think JACK AND BITTYS HONEYMOON WOULD BE LIKE

okay, we talked about this in chat a while back so i’m SHAMELESSLY STEALING THOSE IDEAS and I am sorry about that omg

so anyway with that caveat, zimbits honeymoon is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IN PARIS.

because. okay. there are so many reasons. the obvious one is, HAHA, FRENCH!!! Jack is excited to get to speak French! Even if he knows France French is different than Québécois, it’s still in the same general area. Jack doesn’t get to speak French enough in his daily life living in the U.S., so he’s excited by that possibility. (Also, Bitty thinks French is sexy. Jack is excited to get the chance to show off a little in front of him.)

The second reason is that Paris beautifully combines Jack and Bitty’s two primary desires in a honeymoon. Because, well, Bitty just wants to do something romantic and sweet. Not necessarily anything fancy!!! He’d honestly be happy staying at home in Jack’s apartment and just curling up together without any interruptions for a week.

Jack’s primary desire for his honeymoon is that it is expensive. He wants to do something totally extravagant, because Jack wants to spoil the fuck out of his new husband. He doesn’t think he needs to justify that desire (it seems pretty self-explanatory to Jack. He loves Bitty. He wants Bitty to have the best and nicest things. So he wants to buy Bitty the best and nicest things. Obviously.)

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Tried out something different for bats day at Disneyland in the past week! I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed trying out a different style. Shout out to my friend who let me borrow her dress amongst other things (you know who you are)! Coord Rundown: -JSK: BTSSB X Disney Snow White Collab -Headbow: Angelic Pretty -Scarf: Hijab-ista -Blouse: Forever 21 -Bag: Swimmer -Accessories: Automatic Honey -OTKs: Innocent World -Shoes: Bodyline