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It’s actually pretty simple...

If a character in a movie or TV show is written as a woman, a woman is automatically going to be cast for the role. Men won’t show up to audition for the role because the character is a woman. Directors aren’t considering a man to play the role because the character is a woman.

Trans women are women, not men in dresses. Stop putting male actors in dresses just because the character is a trans woman. It’s not about “the best actor for the role”, it’s about routinely portraying trans women as something that they aren’t: men in dresses. 

concept: Sarah Dollard takes over as showrunner instead of Chris Chibnall, casts a female Doctor, and starts a beautiful new era of Doctor Who on the back of an incredible series with one of the best Doctor/companion dynamics we’ve seen in ages consisting of a black lesbian companion and her dorky Scottish space dad with no chill

“But she looked way better before she put all that makeup on!!”
And you looked way better before you opened your mouth and let your irrelevant opinion fall out

full offense but yall idolizing mary bc shes a woman are fucking nasty like the bitch is cheating on her husband, has been cheating on her husband for likely a good amount of time now, and yalls nasty asses are here like “i hope i get to date her!!!”. and then to top it off, you say joseph deserves it bc “hes a boring white dude”. youre saying someone deserves to be cheated on for the dumbest reason and yet forget he’s literally a queer man, and oh! mary’s fucking white too, but because she’s a woman she’s automatically better?? fuck off. this game isn’t aimed at femme people or women in general. it’s not like you can’t play it or anything, but it’s not about you. not everything is about you. let mlm have something for once and shut the fuck up already. it’s not fucking “misogynistic” for mlm to have their own space. esp when yall turn “trans inclusion” into “include everybody!!!!” like no, this is mlm content. that includes trans mlm, yes, but it’s not about you nasty bitches who think not being included in everything means the entire world is against you. yall on tumblr act like women are the second coming of christ and only throw cash and whatever at queer wlw content, which okay, you go for what you like. but dont fucking take something from mlm and turn it into something aimed at you. thats shitty and youre shitty

ALRIGHT ONCE AGAIN let’s talk about the difference between the sexualization in other movies and Lois Lane’s bathtub scene in batman v superman. Lots of people have done this already and I thank you all for that. But some people are still not getting it. 

For those of you who have seen Iron Man 2, you know very well there is a scene where Black Widow strips down in the back of Happy’s car. Note that Natasha makes it very clear that she does not want to be watched or seen when she does this, but you have Happy spying on her anyway against her wishes, thus objectifying her. She clearly didn’t want him to look and he did anyway, and there is the further perverse impression that the viewer is spying on her body in the same way that Happy is.  Or how about in Star Trek: Into Darkness, when Dr. Carol Marcus tells Kirk to turn around while she changes? Then, of course, he doesn’t listen and he turns around anyway, thus causing her to demand that he turn around again. Once again, this is a woman being objectified for her body – the character explicitly asks not to be viewed in a such a way, and yet she is anyway. Like with Natasha, her wishes as a person – a human being – are directly ignored. Arguments can even be made that they needed to change for whatever reason, because hey – women have a right to change clothes as they please.

A scene is not automatically sexualizing because a woman is naked, or has consensual sex. Women have a right to be/do those things if they choose. But in both of these examples, you have the women’s bodies portrayed as more important than their characters/personalities/wants/needs. That is sexualization, without a doubt. 

Now let’s look at the bathtub scene. You have Lois Lane, understandably taking a bath because she had a traumatic and confusing/mysterious experience that she wants to piece together (lots of people use bathing/shower times to think. No, she is not clothed because obviously people generally don’t wear clothes in the bath. But it is still noticeable that the camera is almost entirely focused on her face the whole time. The amount of skin that is shown is really quite minimal (though skin is never the issue – it’s the way the skin is depicted). 

Nonetheless, when Clark enters the room, a big factor is that he is making DIRECT EYE CONTACT with her the whole time. He is looking at her, not at her body. This helps establish that he values her for more than her body. In fact, what does he come in to do? He enters to simply inform her that he is cooking dinner and making other gestures to suggest that he cares for her. Further, it is Lois that continues the conversation, indicating that she wants him to stay there with her (which is quite the opposite of what happened in the other two movies I mentioned, in which the women demanded that the men look away or leave).

In this scene, Lois and Clark have a legitimate, necessary discussion that moves the plot along and lays out Lois’s motivations as a CHARACTER quite clearly. You learn that she is suspicious of what happened, and that she has a thirst for knowledge. You learn that she cares deeply about Clark and the world’s reactions to him. This scene serves as character development for her (something that many female characters are unfairly denied). She exists in this scene as more than just an attractive body – she is a breathing, thinking person. 

At no point does Lois suggest that she does not want Clark there. When he tentatively makes physical contact with her, she grabs onto him. And when he climbs into the bathtub to disprove her concerns that “he can’t love her and still be him,” he pauses to see if she is okay with it. And it is clear as day that she is – she smiles, laughs, and leans backwards to make room for him.  Is it sexualization if two consenting adults in love engage in this sort of behavior? No. That’s pretty much human nature. 

And why a bathtub scene, many of you ask? I’m sure many of you think it was unnecessary and pointedly included to sexualize Lois. But this scene is straight up foreshadowing. Lois essentially asks Clark if he can  be Superman and love her at the same time. He responds in a silly though meaningful way by jumping fully clothed into the bathtub so that he can kiss her. This implies that he would do anything for her. 

And what happens later in the movie? Oh yeah. He jumps into the water to save her from drowning, meanwhile abandoning the fight against Doomsday. He stops being Superman and becomes a mere man in love…for her. And then to further prove this foreshadowed point, he implies that he is going to sacrifice himself for Lois in particular. 

And last but not least, it is meant to disprove the idea that Lois and Clark’s biological differences stand in the way of this sort of thing. We learn quickly that they don’t, and that they’re in love, and that they’d do anything for each other. Case closed. Characters developed. Relationship established. Sexualization not achieved.

Safe & Warm

Summary: Just an insight into your relationship with Bucky. Based on Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly.

Word Count: 1,436

Contains: Excessive amounts of fluff.

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Bucky stops in his tracks, making Steve retrace his steps back to the flower shop. Bucky is admiring flowers and he grins. “Didn’t know you were into flowers now, Buck.”

Bucky scoffs, digging his elbow into Steve’s ribs. “Shut up. They’re not for me.”

“For Y/N?”

“They remind me of her,” says Bucky.

Steve smiles at him. Bucky is happy, he is actually healing from everything and is smiling more often than not and it makes Steve want to run back to the tower and find you, hug you as tight as he can.

“Buy her the flowers,” offers Steve.

“Should I?” Bucky’s forehead is creased and Steve laughs softly.

“Yeah, she’ll love them, man.”

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full offense why do we teach women that food is their enemy

Just gonna… leave this right here.

  • Wonder Woman: 94%
  • Man of Steel (Superman): 55%
  • Suicide Squad: 25%
  • Batman V. Superman: 27%
  • Batman (1989): 72%
  • Batman Returns: 80%
  • Batman & Robin: 11%
  • Batman Forever: 40%
  • Batman Begins: 84%
  • The Dark Knight (Batman): 94%
  • The Dark Knight Rises (Batman): 87%
  • Thor: 77%
  • The Dark World (Thor): 66%
  • The First Avenger (Captain America): 80%
  • Winter Soldier (Captain America): 82%
  • Civil War (Captain America): 90%
  • The Avengers: 92%
  • Age of Ultron (Avengers): 75%
  • Ant-Man: 81%
  • Ironman: 94%
  • Ironman 2: 72%
  • Ironman 3: 79%
  • The Amazing Spider-man: 72%
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: 91%
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2: 82%
  • Doctor Strange: 80%
  • The Incredible Hulk: 67%
  • X-Men: 81%
  • X2 (X-men): 86%
  • X-men Origins (Wolverine): 38%
  • First Class (X-men): 86%
  • Days of Future Past (X-men): 91%
  • Apocalypse (X-men): 48%
  • The Wolverine: 69%
  • Logan (Wolverine): 91%

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Hets are forgetting that he was literally raised by women and is very close with his mother and sister. And many of his closest friends are women. I hate that they continue to push "woman = harry fucked them and wrote a song for them"... he literally could have written about how much he values women???

i know like i hate that their first thought of the song “woman” is automatically romantic like???? that’s heteronormativity right there and im just so over it. newsflash he also has a sister and a mum both of which have their initials tattooed on his body.

I’m more than a little concerned about the messages I’m reading and receiving about Erin being jealous of Ellie. I feel an overwhelming need to speak up on Ellie’s and Erin’s behalf.

I just don’t think people understand Ellie and why she acted the way she did. She wasn’t “after” Jay. It was a conditioned response based on survival. The girl was being pimped out and abused by god knows how many people. Repeat: this young GIRL has been ABUSED. She though Jay was just another john looking to exploit her. She honestly believed that in order to stay alive she had to do these things. That the only way to secure her future was to sacrifice her body. But yeah let’s turn the victim into a villain.

It took Ellie so long to believe Jay actually wanted to help her because that kind of person doesn’t exist in her world. You see her demeanour change when she realized Jay was trying to help her? She didn’t want to have sex with him. She wasn’t trying to steal Erin’s man. She thought she had to have sex with him to get what she needed and once she realized she was safe all sexualized behaviours stopped towards Jay.

You see her smile when she realized Erin was his girlfriend? That was the smile of a young girl who witnessed true love in front of her, maybe for the first time. And he’s now a role model for her. She now believes there are good guys, love does exist, relationships don’t have to be about trading favours. He’s turned her perspective on men on its side and that is going to change her life. It’s going to change the self talk in her head. An honourable honest guy like Jay who turned down all her advances and who clearly has a successful strong woman as his life partner tells Ellie he believes her and thinks she’s worth helping…. kinda sounds like how Voight giving a shit about Erin changed her life too doesn’t it?

But this is a perfect example of the hate culture with women. They automatically pit woman against woman and ignore the deeper issues that drive the behaviour. You want to sit here and tell me Erin is going to be jealous of a sexually abused child who’s doing the only thing she knows how to survive? You want to discredit how obviously uncomfortable Jay was and how tortured he was? This is the same mentality that tells rape victims they deserved it because of the clothes they were wearing.

Never mind the narrative that’s playing in Erin’s head… she was (almost) one of these girls. She knows what they would do/ need to do to stay alive. Her heart is probably breaking for Ellie (and Jay) she made sure Ellie had a good safe place to go. She handled her with genuine care and nurturing because she knows how pivotal this moment can be for her. Not the actions of a jealous woman.

And Erin TRUSTS her partner. So much so she didn’t realize he needed to hear the reassurance that he did right by this girl until he projects all his frustration and discomfort on the unit, accusing them of not believing him (even though this is not what they think). For Erin, Jay doing the right thing was a given. A foregone conclusion. She knew, just as she did with Terry and Ethan, her role here was to help her partner navigate a difficult case.

And just stop with the Erin was marking her territory when she said “meet you at home” NO Erin was paying Jay the ultimate moment of respect and trust, walking away and letting him get closure with this girl while reminding him she will be there for him when he needs her.


And if you think Erin would be jealous in this scenario, I’m sorry but I think you may have missed the whole basis and beauty of Linstead.

This was a compelling story about marginalized youth and once again we got to dive deep into Jay’s character and the inner conflicts of the officers who have to work cases like this.

This is not a teen relationship drama. Yes they have screwed up the writing of linstead in the past but in this episode it was perfect. The writer captured perfectly the subtle beauty of the unwavering trust, love, support and respect Jay and Erin have for each other. If you want a story based solely on linstead and relationship dramas I can highly recommend some great fanfic… hell I even write some of it.

I have so much praise to give everyone involved in this episode. This episode, the right balance of case and character development, is an example of why I’m so passionate about this show.

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You and dorothytv10 are being dishonest with your followers. There are plenty of signs that something is going on between them. She follows Magnus on insta and she and cole liked one of that accounts posts within a minute of each other this morning. If you can use that as proof of sprousehart you have to extend the same idea to him and another girl. She's into politics, photography, gaming, and she looks a lot like bree and diana silvers, so she is obviously his type.

Bwahahaha!!! You are a sad, sad little troll as you grasp desperately at straws:

1) Please show me all the posts she and Cole have liked within a minute? And that’s hardly the only criteria we use for why SH is a thing (again, you’re grasping at straws

2) She follows the dog, the dog follows Lili—-as does all Troll’s immediate family I believe. Chrissy has a pet name for Lili

3) Except for photography (which my husband IS into), I’m into those things, maybe I’M involved with Troll, as well! At lot of people are into those things (I’m surprised you didn’t have “reading, travel and having fun” in there), including Lili, plus acting, Taco Bell and cosplaying and a myriad of other shared interests. And, in a relationship, while those things are fun, they aren’t make or break, anyway….your life outlook, philosophy, etc is vastly more important.

4) Other than dark hair, I wouldn’t say Daniella looks all that much like Breetch….I’ve never seen Cole linked to Diana Silvers (this is actually the first I’ve ever even heard of her name), anywhere. Again, you seem to think if he shot a model or is friends with a woman it automatically = fucked her hard, which is disgusting and reveals your very low opinion of Cole and whatever woman you’re referring to.

TBH, Cole doesn’t seem to entirely HAVE a physical type (and I’m someone who REALLY does, so I know what I’m talking about—and even if you do, it doesn’t mean you immediately fuck anyone who fits that general description)…however, several of his actual/rumored teen-age girlfriends do bear an at least passing resemblance, to say nothing of Lili and Jennifer Aniston, his childhood crush, looking quite a bit alike.

And, again, there’s way more to indicate Cole and Lili are a couple and they’re certainly together a lot more often than 3-4 times over the course of 16 months. Honestly what you’ve alluded to is just beyond superficial. And really, if Cole wanted to be with Daniella, he would be. And he’d certainly see her a lot more often if he were.

All of this said, tho—-WTF do you care, anyway??? We’re tumblr accounts, blathering about how we see a celebrity relationship—people can choose to agree or scroll past—why would it be so important to you that two strangers on the internet agree with you and push your (false) narrative about two other strangers, none of whom you’ll ever know, anyway?

Why is it so important to you and others like you that Cole (who doesn’t really seem to, past Breetch’s screetches) be this manwhore with a magical, uncontrollable peen and have him fucking everything in sight? Why are you so desperate? Is it because you know, as well, that SprouseHart IS real and you hate it, because then it means we were right and we “get everything we want”? Is it because you irrationally hate Lili, but if you self insert as someone fairly faceless with Cole, it means maybe YOU can have him? Is it because you’re a BretchBot, still believing her bullshit lies?

Because past that, I can’t possibly imagine why this would matter to ANYONE….and why you’d EVER put this much energy into trying to change a complete stranger’s mind

Lightning Bolt Soulmate! Barry Allen x Reader Part Three

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, OC

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Barry Allen being a little creep in a sort of good way? idk just read it and find out

A/N: So this is essentially Part Two from Barry’s POV with a little more information added to it and what Barry does afterwards. This is probably so shitty but I wanted to get it out because it was taking way too long. Enjoy!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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I was out running through the city, when I heard the shouts. I couldn’t make out the words, but the owner of the voice was obviously a woman. Automatically assuming the worst, I sped off in the direction of the sound. Instead of finding a mugger attacking an unsuspecting woman in an alleyway, I found a couple, arguing on the steps of a crappy apartment building. The guy was attempting to stand higher than the girl, puffing out his chest with every word.

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Looking at JJ’s commentary on the Interrogation Scene

(I wanted to post this apart from the original ant/s post that it was attached to. I’m too proud of this work to let it sit cold on an ant/s blog to be made fun of, so I thought I’d share it with people who might appreciate it more.

Of course, if you disagree with me I am open to talking about that!! I don’t mind at all if you have a different interpretation. I just love talking about analysis, and the only way we learn more is through conversation. Unfortunately, ants don’t want a real conversation, so it’s tough…

There are a lot of accusations about it being manipulative/abusive. Actually, as an abuse survivor, I don’t identify with that interpretation at all. I don’t mind if others interpret it as such, but it’s a bit jarring to have the “abuse apologist” label thrust upon you for interpreting a fictional scene differently…

Anyway, I hope you find JJ’s words interesting, and maybe my interpretations, too? Feel free to share your thoughts!)

First, I just want to say, in regard to how one interprets a scene like the interrogation scene… it’s also important to remember that mind reading isn’t real. It doesn’t exist in the real world, so we shouldn’t be making some real world equivalent necessarily. That’s just not how fantasy worlds work. Especially fairy tales of all things.

Interpretations we bring to the table are - generally speaking - speculative or personal in nature, unless the authors/writers themselves come out and SAY, explicitly, “Yes, this is the interpretation of the scene that I intended.”

Also, interpretation and analysis are DIFFERENT things. The latter involves in depth analysis of literary themes, tropes, etc. that can be directly sourced to other well-known materials (for example, Hades and Persephone or Beauty and the Beast) and are commonly repeated throughout time in stories - used in intentional ways to convey a certain symbolic meaning or something (articulate, I am), whereas the former is more speculative. Speculation is fine! But that’s what it is - speculation. It can be challenged, debated, and shouldn’t necessarily be imposed on other members of the audience, unless we can clearly parse things out through analysis or the author’s own comments.

At least, that’s my feeling on it?


Let’s look at what JJ actually says about the interrogation scene, then, in his commentary. You know. The evidence that we have from the guy that wrote and directed it?

“But when his mask comes off, you see Adam Driver, and he just looks like a sort of prince.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

“But the question of why he wears the mask was answered in his insecurity. That he was involved with the Knights of Ren, which we have a whole backstory for. But the idea that he was using that mask for intimidation, that he, like many terrorists, is a coward, and he’s someone who’s hiding, who’s trying to scare you. And he knows that what you don’t see is more frightening.

One of the big arguments I hear about the this scene is that Kylo is using these intentional “interrogation tactics” to unsettle and freak out Rey - and that, specifically, taking off the mask was a way to further intimidate/unsettle her.

But that’s not what JJ is saying at all here. He is saying the opposite - that Kylo knew his mask was a way to protect himself, and yet he removed it in front of Rey anyway.  Interestingly, this was exactly how I interpreted the scene when I read it out of the novelization - a guy who is pretending to be something he isn’t, and who is slowly unraveling in front of this girl for some reason.

It’s a foolish, stupid move, and makes no sense in the context of trying to appear more intimidating or even to be manipulative as many have suggested. In fact, JJ is insinuating that Kylo has a lot of trouble hiding who he is without the mask - which is the opposite of being manipulative. Taking the mask off means he is letting down his guard down - as I have argued before myself (and suffered attempts to be shut down over) - and it is actually a sign that he isn’t thinking straight in Rey’s presence. He’s willing to be open and vulnerable in front of her -

how is that not significant to the interpretation of this scene??

It is certainly not to be overlooked, and insinuating he was in total control and masterfully manipulating her throughout this scene is shut down by JJ himself.

“He’s talking about this ocean, this island. This thing that she imagines when she’s back at home on Jakku. And this is a setup, this island is the thing that she arrives at the end of the movie. The notion being this wish fulfillment was always in her, that she always knew this inevitability. So the two of them, working together in this scene…”

So, Kylo Ren pulls out this image, and JJ starts going on about “inevitiability” and the “two of them, working together in this scene” - and then the SW databank updates that the two have “intertwined destinies” and “mysterious connections.
It’s almost as if the two of them were fated to meet on Takodana and eventually end up on this island in the future on Ahch-To together in TLJ, in order to explore this “”””mysterious connection”””” and “FIND THE FORCE” or whatever.

“And if you listen to what Gary Rydstrom and Matt Wood did for this scene, the kind of sounds of the Force power between the two of them…There’s kind of this war going on.This battle.

I just want to show this because he LITERALLY USES THE WORD WAR. War. They are at WAR. It is not an abusive “relationship” when there is no relationship yet.

The subtext people read into this - when they say it’s some allusion to sexual assault or something else just as sinister - it makes me cringe a bit. Not because you aren’t free to that interpretation - you are. But that because subtext and literal text are different things. Subtext can be interpreted a number of ways, and no interpretation necessarily trumps over another, unless the author explicitly states so, or if somewhere in the literal text it is made clear.
Here JJ is telling us these are people who are at war, but that this “seemingly vulnerable war lord” (from the novelization) is letting his guard down around her, at a time of war. He never says that Kylo Ren is being creepy or crossing lines and barriers to intentionally make Rey uncomfortable. He never says Kylo is a masterful manipulator. He certainly never hints at sexual assault.

No, sorry, but that is an interpretation (which you are free to make for your own sake), but it’s not the literal reading. The literal reading is clearly an interrogation in a universe where reading minds is a means to that end, and a it’s practice done by Light and Dark Side users alike, including our own protagonist IN THIS SCENE. Some of the most beloved “good guys” use mind tricks and mind probes to mess with people. I see no difference here, other than you are coding the male/female dynamic to automatically mean powerless woman, dominating man. However, that trope is subverted immediately, so that reading doesn’t really stand.

“Her theme starts to come in here pushing back. Not only is she not allowing him to get into her head but she gets into his. And, of course, she hits his insecurity right on the head. And not only is he completely freaked out that she is so strong with the Force, but she realises that thing that Maz Kanata talked about is strong in her too.

First of all, lol @ kylo. SHE GOT U, man. She kicked ur ass, good for Rey.

But the main reason I wanted to talk about this was because I find it interesting he brought up the Maz conversation at this moment, especially considering that Maz makes comments such as, “Rey is where she needs to be right now,” and where that is, is being captured by Kylo Ren? … and before that, directly to Rey she talks of someone who “still can” come back (most assume this is Luke - but the way the dialogue is written here seems a little tricky and misleading - does she mean Luke? Or someone else?). It’s interesting that he is bringing her up right here, as she is connecting in the Force with and through Kylo…

One of the many things I appreciate about Magnus Bane is that they portray him as sassy and more decked out than any of the women, with the makeup and glitter and fancy clothes, but not as effeminate. Now don’t get me wrong, effeminate men are also great, but I don’t often see media making room for anything that breaks the stereotype. What I’m especially sick of is that particular anime style trope of “he’s technically male enough for it to be gay, but basically a woman so it’s heteronormative enough to be tolerated” that they use to spoon feed straight people.
In Shadowhunters there’s none of that, there also isn’t that typical butch-fem dynamic where the smaller or more flamboyant one automatically has the “woman role” in the relationship, and he’s not shown as submissive to Alec in any way. Hell he’s not even the gayer one in the relationship.
Basically I love that he consistently wears colorful glittery makeup and is never treated as less of a man for it, it’s never even remarked on as a feminine trait.

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So my question is, how does that seem like admirable behavior from a feminist role model? Maybe Katy betrayed her first and maybe the whole thing got out of hand, but Taylor was the person who brought this whole thing to the press. And if she can criticize the media for constantly calling her a maneater bc that's unfeminist, why can't she do it when they won't let the katy catfght go? I just feel like this whole thing won't go away unless someone stops it, and Katy's clearly not going to

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile today, because I can’t quite figure out how to respond. But here goes: 

Firstly, I think that we all need to get rid of the idea that anytime a woman criticizes another woman, it’s automatically anti-feminist. Just because I am a proud feminist doesn’t mean I can’t be mad at a woman, disagree or dislike a woman, or feel upset or hurt by one who wronged me. The difference is when these speculations are BASELESS — when accusations are lobbed at a woman simply for the sake of pitting her against another woman. Taylor never said Katy was a bad person or a bad feminist, nor did she wish her ill will. She said that Katy did something specifically, which followed years of confusing and and distasteful interactions, and that particular thing and the realizations that came alongside it were hurtful and impactful to her. Not the same as comparing Taylor to Ivanka, or calling her a slut, or saying she’s a bad person or evil or deserves no good things for the myriad of reasons people like to attack her. 

Secondly, her calling out the media for calling a maneater was (1) largely ineffective - it just led to the ‘playing the victim” narrative that seems to have stuck right now and (2) talking about HERSELF. When the media talks about the Katy/Taylor fight, it’s generally beneficial to Katy, not Taylor. And she can’t really call them out for sayinf that the song is about her, because well….it is. So it’s not like a “leave Katy alone” situation, especially since Katy is the one that perpetuates it. Awhile back, Vogue asked Taylor about Kanye and she said, “I think the world is so bored with the saga. I don’t want to add anything to it, because then there’s just more.” I think it’s more of the same. If she pays it dust, eventually, they’ll drop it. Katy would be wise to do the same.