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Now there’s the theory that this is fake floating around Tumblr but let me show you this:

As @gorillaztrivia pointed out, the OkCupid account is linked to Noodle’s Instagram and you clearly need said Instagram’s password to link it.

You can’t see it on the mobile site, but switch to desktop and you’ll see her Instagram pictures, that upload automatically to OkCupid too.

And the profile picture? The original with Noodle’s was deleted, it actually spent a few hours pictureless because most dating sites don’t allow non-real life images.

Apparently she’s online right now so who knows what changes we’ll see in the next minutes/hours.


We’ll start with the cousins!

Children of Raven and Mickey: Checker, Adria, Equinox, Winter and Solstice.

If anyone wants any cousins for download, I can upload them. The spares will automatically be uploaded but cousins will be request only.

Also, aside from Checker and Adria, all the other cousins follow naming schemes. See if you can catch ‘em! (it’s not that hard)

plans for today (3/14/17)

edit/upload last week’s vlog (its rendering right now and will automatically upload from my editing software…since i just updated it..which is so freaking awesome!)

i have to write a mid-semester blogpost today about my 300a class -.-

i want to work on my CA hist paper and have at least half done or as much as i can get done with the sources that I have and then go to barnes and noble if i have to to use some other sources as well…

i also want to write the tour oneshot pt. 3 today but if writing the paper takes up too much of my time i’ll write it tomorrow since i’m not having my 300a class since we have to individually meet up with the professor to talk about the class…so i might work on it during the huge gap in my classes along with the CA hist paper and the pa #4 that i have to write up…i have to write 700-1000 words on a photo…a photo how the hell do that i do…i don’t know but i wanna get at least a c on it cause like…how…how do i write at least 700 words about a photo with barely anything to reference…?

and i need to print out articles for tomorrows classes too -.-

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Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, recently won the TED Prize, and stated that his wish was for everyone in the world to record a meaningful interview with a loved one, acquaintance, or even a stranger. StoryCorps released a free app that helps in that process. It makes it super easy to create a great interview by selecting from a list of thought-provoking questions. Some questions I recognized as ones that I also ask. Some I hadn’t thought of before, and look forward to trying in the future. The app automatically records, stores, and uploads the interview.

If you’re a parent or teacher, I think this is such a great tool to create a project around in order to expand the horizons of your children. I’d recommend adding the extra element of using the app to interview a stranger. Engaging a stranger in a meaningful conversation can be very intimidating, and the growth that comes from the exercise can be substantial.

I think Dave’s mission is a noble one, and I want to encourage everyone to download the StoryCorps app. If nothing else, it can give you ideas for prompts to make your everyday conversations more meaningful.

You can get it here:


Hey everyone! Bc people are starting to collect their bts supplies and are asking me how I take my notes in college I decided to shoe you all how I take all of my lecture notes!
**sorry about my handwriting oops
I take all of my notes initially using the Notability app on my iPad and I write using a stylus pen.
With the notability app you can change your paper, pen, highlighter, font (yes you can type using a keyboard), and most importantly for a large lecture, RECORD THE PROF.
I organize everything by subject and date as well as by section number. My notes are also set up to automatically upload to google drive also, that way I never gave to worry abt deleting a note.

Another awesome thing with the recording feature is that you can select text you write or tutor for highlight and skip to that part of the recorded lecture and listen to that section, this has saved me SO much time.

I highly rec this app, they also gave it available on your computer!!!!

So the idiots who stole my mom's phone/purse last November have been using it to take pictures

These pictures have been automatically uploaded to the cloud that is my mom’s account (not sure why Sprint didn’t change that when she replaced the phone, but whatever) and synced with her new iPhone.

Long story short we now have countless selfies and pictures of this person’s friends and family (not to mention the phone numbers that have been appearing in my mom’s contacts that she didn’t put there, including one for what appears to be a trashy online escort service).

So I’m going to track the idiots down and call the cops. I don’t even care if we get the phone (or my car key) back at this point, it’s just the principle of the thing. These people are too stupid to not take down.