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All the While, Part 5

You were not the most graceful girl at Hogwarts. You had been known to stub your toe, burn yourself brewing potions or simply trip over your own feet and fall. You were the only 6th year that still regularly had skinned knees. You were a klutz.

So when Sirius heard you squeak behind him on the stairs, he automatically reached for you to grab your hand, but it was too late. You tumbled down a rather long and very hard flight of marble stairs, landing in an inelegant pile at the bottom of the steps.

Sirius rushed to your side and attempted to wake you, gently tapping your cheeks and calling your name. When your eyes didn’t even flutter, Sirius picked you up bridal style and rushed you to the hospital wing.

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Insane driver

Here’s a fluffy Jimin scenario requested by anon. (1 094 words)

I hope you will enjoy it as mush as I enjoyed to write it for you! Please let me know!



 You felt something poking and squeezing your thigh. You opened your sleepy eyes and remembered you were in a night car ride, going back from your holidays with Jimin. You turned your head and meet Jimin’s smirk and smiling eyes.

“Why did you wake me up?” You growled.

“I was bored.” He pouted.

“And I was sleeping.”

“If I wouldn’t have woke you up I would probably have fallen asleep too and cause an accident. Is that what you would have preferred?” He seriously defended himself.

“No… I’m sorry.”

“Now that you are awake too, would you have fun with me?” He shifted his smirking eyes from you to the highway.

“W-what kind of fun are you talking about?”

 He pressed his foot on the accelerator, moving up to the maximal gear. He screamed as the speedometer advertised 190 hm/h. Your heart dropped as the speed stuck you on your seat. You slapped Jimin’s thigh, begging him to stop saying this isn’t the right definition of ‘fun’ but he only laughed at you.

“You’re on the highway, why won’t you stick to the speed limits. It’s dangerous!” You screamed as the engine threatened to explode.

“It’s not dangerous, the highway is nearly empty!” He laughed as he overtook a car.

“I’m serious Jimin, stop now!” You shoot him a death glare.

“Come on, relax and just enjoy!”

You felt your blood boiling underneath your face. Tears threatened to be shed because of how angry you were at him. 

“How can you tell me that?”

“Look I’m braking!” He teased as he exited the highway.

Your adrenaline was evacuated with your deep sigh when the car entered your city.

Jimin shoot you a dare glare before squeezing his hands on the steering wheel and speeding up again.

“Seriously? Stop the car Jimin, now!” You shouted.

“In your wildest dreams!” He went through a red light.

~Jimin’s POV~

 The thing is, she pushes me too continue when she scowl me or whenever she hits me. I don’t know why but I really find her cute and so attractive when she’s mad at me. May it be a contrary-attracting trick? It must be.

 She thinks I do it on purpose, to test her limits. But I don’t; I just do it, because I love when she’s slightly mad at me. Well mad at me in a right way, it’s not like it’s a big deal.

 Her death glares, her frowns, her cheeks becoming red with angriness. Her adrenaline I could nearly feel; everything is so attractive, you don’t have any idea.

“Are you crazy? Jimin stop!” She screamed, hitting my thigh once again.

“I may be!” I stuck out my tongue, shuffling between the cars.

I’m only crazy for her.

~Your POV~

 He nearly hit three cars. Three stupid cars. How can he be so reckless? He could have cause an accident and damage his car or, worst of all, he could have dammaged both of you: at this speed you could have been dead. Just the thought of that dive you in an intense wrath. 

 He finally parked in the driveway of your house and you grabbed the knob of your door as he turned off the engine. But he locked you up by pressing the specific button.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I’m going to sleep so I can find the Jimin that would have listened to me in my ’wildest dreams’.”

“Open the door.” You coldly continued.

“Oh my baby is mad at me!” He cutely said, decreasing the gap between your faces.

You turned your face away as he tried to kiss you.

“I won’t let you go before you kiss me!”

You immediately kissed him.

“Unlock my door.”

“Yes madam!” He obeyed.

You got out off the car after grabbing your keys. You went straightly to the entrance door but Jimin ran in front of you and blocked you the entry.

“Go away!” You growled.

“Don’t be mad at me baby.” His husky voice begged as he kissed your neck.

“Why wouldn’t I? You left me scared as f*ck without any possibility of controlling the situation.” You pushed him, giving up on the shivers going from your head down to your toes.

“Listen, I’m sorry.”

“I know you aren’t. You were enjoying it too much to regret it now.” You passed over him and finally enter the house; automatically walking up the stairs to step into your bed and being able to eventually rest. But Jimin followed you and leant on the bed before you cast him a pillow, telling him to leave you alone.

“Sorry madam! I will leave you now.” He bowed and you struggled to contain your laugh.

 You fell asleep and woke up the next morning, food’s smell invading your nostrils. You rubbed your eyes while yawning and got off of your empty couple bed. As you entered the kitchen you saw Jimin cooking your breakfast and you stood still because it was a shock. You have never seen him cooking, even for himself. He always order food or buy it all prepared in stores.

“Morning baby! Did you sleep well?” He widely grinned as he set up the table.

“Won’t you give me my good morning kiss?” He pouted.

“I don’t know about it… I’m still mad at you though I’m pretty impressed.” You took a seat.

“I tidied our luggage and I also hovered the floor. Have you noticed?”

“You what?”

“Is that enough?” He asked insecure.

“It would be enough for me to accept your apologizes if you help me to iron our clothes.” You grinned.

“I will help you I promise! Do you want me to massage you after you’re done with my delicious homemade breakfast?”

“Delicious?” You giggled. “I won’t be that confident if I were you!” You teased as he gave you a back hug while you were eating his really yummy breakfast.

“What about the massage I suggested you?” He kissed your neck a thousand times, making your steady heartbeat going crazy.

“You’ve done enough. Your apologizes are accepted.” You stood up and turned around to face him.

“So you don’t want to feel my hands working on your body?”

“I’m fine; you don’t have to do this for me.”

“Who said it was for you?”

You hit him in his belly because of his pervy stare. But he leaned on to give you a passionate kiss, before carrying you to your bed and giving you the greatest massage you could only have dreamed of in your wildest dreams.


I hope you all have enjoyed it!

your love is my turning page; cs oneshot

Pure fluff set sometime in the future. Domestic!CS. Inspired by “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last. Lyrics are in italics. I don’t own OUAT, the characters, or the song lyrics included in this. 

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

Emma awoke with a start at the sound of the door to the apartment closing suddenly, realizing she had fallen asleep on the couch. A small smile curled on her lips as she heard heavy footsteps padding down the hallway to the living room, and opened her eyes a fraction to see Killian standing in the doorway, looking at her with an adoring smile on his face.

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