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Can you do TFP PTA autobots please?

Optimus Prime has totally got this. He’s polite and good at steering the conversation to only focus on important issues. The teachers love when he comes to the meetings because he pays no mind to any petty BS; he’s here to get business done in a timely and professional manner, and he’s such a natural leader that most people automatically listen to him. Bring him to PTA meetings.

Ratchet is gonna fight someone. Get your freaking kids vaccinated, Helen! His main concerns have to do with crappy school nurses (does anyone else have problems with just… really bad nurses??) bullying, and cafeteria food. Also, shouldn’t the kids be able to go outside more often? Cooping them up for seven hours a day isn’t good for their health. He’s the reason PTA meetings go for so late.

Bulkhead wants to know why Miko gets so much detention. These teachers obviously have it out for her! His little girl would never do the thing! “Psst Miko, did you do the thing?” Anyway, how is she doing in her classes? 

Bumblebee brags about Raf the whole time. ::Yes, he skipped grades and won the science fair two years in a row- did you know he can hack into the decepticon database? He’s a very smart boy!:: It doesn’t matter no one can understand him, he’s just so proud of his child.

Arcee sits uncomfortably the whole time. She lets June handle the meeting and tries very hard not to kill someone. The whole way home she’s having a salt-fest with Nurse Darby.

Wheeljack is getting hit on by all of the single ladies. He hangs awkwardly by the snack table, stuffing his face because Bulkhead said to let him handle this. Then someone makes a comment about Miko being a delinquent and he McFreaking Loses It. “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY GIRL?”

Ultra Magnus is concerned. These textbooks are horribly outdated and some even include misinformation. He has a whole long list of flaws in the public school system and he and Ratchet have put together a POWER POINT PRESENTATION. All the students in attendance get up and clap at the end of it.

Smokescreen jumps onto the table and sings “Another Brick In The Wall.”

A playlist for schizo + psychosis feels.

listen here


semi automatic // twenty one pilots

spaceman // the killers

schizophrenia // the sonic youth

unwell // matchbox twenty

schizophrenia // blue october

psychotic girl // the black keys

flagpole sitta // harvey danger 

psychosis // poets of the fall

girl anachronism // the dresden dolls

spiderhead // cage the elephant

gasoline // halsey 

I think that it’s important to direct your anger at your abusers and the core of abuse and your pain, because mostly people are too scared to be angry at directly what’s hurting them, and then simply redirect that anger at someone more vulnerable, someone more easy to be angry at, someone they can easily hurt and get away with. It’s something I’m scared that I myself might do, because I get massively furious at minor offenses and I have to keep myself in isolation until I calm down because I don’t want to be taking out my anger at someone who didn’t deserve it (or maybe they deserved just a little bit and I want to pull their guts out).

Abusers often manage to seem invincible, terrifying and generally like someone you can’t afford to be angry at, or like it’s unreasonable and hopeless to be angry at them. Most often you can’t really express your anger directly at them, it’s too risky and they would take it as an excuse to torture/kill you, so it can be very tempting to just take out your anger at someone who isn’t nearly as scary or dangerous to be angry at, and sometimes this can happen even without you realizing because your anger gets re-directed automatically, but listen, you need to be aware of where you’re directing your anger and why, and I know it’s hard to handle anger, especially if it’s pent up and you can’t really process it properly or control what it does. You’ll get better at it the more you keep processing it.

 All of the anger you have inside you is there for a reason, and the only way to actually get rid of it is to direct it straight at your abusers. You don’t have to express it directly at them if it’s too dangerous or impossible, but when you’re too angry, be angry at them, rant about them, write revenge stories with them inside, stab their picture, stab anything pretending it’s them, punch shit pretending it’s them, but have them in your mind and rage until your anger is set free. That is how you hold an abuser responsible. And that is the way your guilt is going to melt and you’ll be left with clarity over what was done to you, and who is responsible for it.

On the Line (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A request fill for anon who wanted angst with a fluffy ending. Spoilers for 11x11 “Entropy” if you aren’t caught up. Everything italicized is from the show, not my words. Hope you all enjoy it. xx 

“I don’t understand why you keep asking me, Y/N! There’s nothing to tell!” Spencer was raising his voice, darting around the bedroom grabbing his coat, gun holster, and pistol, placing them on his person with over-exaggerated movements. 

“There clearly is and you’re hiding it from me!” You said from your spot on the bed, watching him helplessly. Ever since he got back from visiting his mom, Spencer was slowly distancing himself from you. The phone calls on his trip were short spoken. The fights you’d been having were more frequent. Instead of spending the rest of his time off together, he had hid away at his desk and ignored you. When you spoke up about it the first few times it happened he’d deny it, but then he started leaving abruptly without any reason, taking phone calls outside, and become increasingly more suspicious. Every time you pressed him about the situation, it’d escalate into a screaming match.

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I was watching a YouTube video yesterday they said anyone who ships Gon and Killua are pedophiles who shouldn't be part of the fandom. I was triggered and sad at the same time.

Oh gosh….

Okay I’m just going to say that I honestly don’t think shipping Killua and Gon makes someone a pedophile /: it’s pretty much canon that Killua and Gon care and love each other in the manga/anime so it’s kind of hard not to ship them- I’m pretty sure over half the people in the hxh fandom ship them together at this point

On the other hand, everyone has different opinion on ships. Just because someone says killugon is bad does not mean that’s the case across the board. Please don’t take what that person said to heart!!!! Shipping killugon does not make you a pedophile it just means that you love Killua and Gon’s love for each other ^-^

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I am so touched by last episodes from SVFTOE and it is mostly done thanks to your music. Your music is very deep and beautiful, I am listening to it almost everyday because it is so great. I can't wait what have you prepared for the penultimate episode of season 2 "Face the music". I would like to ask, do you also get touched by the music you created?

Thank you so much! The show has allowed for a much wider range of emotions in season 2, and it’s a joy to write music for it.

I wouldn’t say I am “touched” by the things that I write, because it’s hard for me to listen to my stuff without thinking about the process that went behind making it, which automatically makes listening more technical than emotional for me. And, after some time has passed, I listen to old stuff to kind of study it, trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work for me, and making notes so I can improve.

I hope you enjoy “Face the Music!” I worked really hard on that one. :)

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I'm trying to ransom you stop escaping AU pls. Thank you!!! I love your blog! ♡♡

If you don’t want to see your brother rotting in jail, we suggest you to cooperate with us.

Director of Magical Security of MACUSA,

Percival Graves

Theseus crumpled the paper and angrily threw it in the flames of fireplace in his office at the Ministry of Magic. Just what these Americans thought they were doing? How they dare trying to intimidate him? Him, Theseus Scamander, the war hero and the head of DMLE? And on top of that, using his little brother Newt?

No one dared to play cat and mouse with Theseus Scamander. Even Grindelwald.

Newt clutched the niffler close to his chest and watched Percival with big teary eyes. No, he had enough of Scamander’s shit, he won’t ever again get deceived by that innocent look.

“What have I told you, Newt?“ Percival said, trying to appear angry.

“To stay put,“ Newt replied, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth and distracting Percival by doing so “to not cause any catastrophes-“

“Exactly, Scamander!“ Percival exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exasperation “Exactly! And what you do? The complete opposite.“

“Uh, I’m sorry?“ Newt tried, a little smile at the corners of his mouth. Percival was weak to those bright blue eyes, to that smile, to that melodious voice, which whispered promises in his ears as Newt backed him up against the door of his office-

Percival coughed. Now, that was completely the wrong turn of thoughts.

“No, Scamander, I’m trying to ransom you and you fucking keep escaping and causing shit,“ Percival inhaled and exhaled to calm a bit down “which, I must add, my aurors take care of every damned time!“

“Wait.“ Scamander stood normally for once, and there was a seriousness in his voice that Graves couldn’t quite place. Percival stopped and raised a brow at him questioningly. “Ransom me?“

“Well…“ Percival forgot to mention a little thing here. Seraphina told him they needed strong allies against Grindelwald, so he had to lure somehow Theseus Scamander on their side. The single way was to use his younger brother.

“You what?“ Newt shrieked and Percival pulled a face. “You just had to ask me, for Merlin’s sake. Now we’re all doomed thanks to your brilliant plan. Great work, director Graves.“ Sarcasm was dripping from Newt’s words and Percival’s shoulders slumped a bit.

“That bad?“ He asked running a hand over his face.

That bad.“ Newt nodded, serious. “I’ll send a letter to let him know that I am fine and no one wants to make me rot in jail.“

Percival waved a hand and a piece of paper as well as a quill appeared in front of Newt. That took them and smiled softly.

“Thank you, Percy.“

Percival was fucking weak.

They sat at his office desk and as Newt started scribbling on paper, there was a series of loud crashes heard through the entire department. Percival drew his wand automatically, listening and waiting, concentrated. Newt, on the other hand, groaned and dropped his head in his hands and shook it, exasperated.

“Late…“ He murmured. “Too late… He’s here…“

“Who’s here Newt?“ Percival looked warily between Newt and the door of his office.

“Me.“ A voice said behind his back and Percival spun around in time to see a cruel grin on a freckled face and ginger hair and blue eyes sparkling dangerously-

“Surprise, motherfucker.“ Theseus said and knocked Percival out.

“Theseus, holy mother of unicorns, stop that right now.“ Newt growled and rushed to Percival.

“B-But!“ Theseus babbled, pouting at the look Newt gave him.

“Congratulations, brother, you just knocked out my boyfriend.“

“Is he your boyfriend?“ Theseus said, blinking owlishly at Newt. “Then,“ Theseus was pouting again, his arms crossed on his chest in a childish gesture “I should’ve ended him on spot.“


The Marauders - Band AU

A/N: So I saw a post by @siriusblackfoot ​ about a Marauders band au that wasn’t them in a rock/punk group, and I got to thinking, which means I also got to writing. So here, have a Marauders band au in which our boys are in a country rock group called (wait for it)…The Marauders. I imagine their sound (and look) is something akin to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lynyrd Skynyrd. (Each band has a lot of really great songs, I’ve just linked a couple of my favorites. Go give them a listen - you might actually like it.)

As usual with our boys, there will be shenanigans.

You have been warned.


- Addie out


Their dynamic:

Sirius would be on guitar, with James as the lead singer, as we all know they’re the front-men of The Marauders, regardless of the universe. Remus would be on bass, since he tends to be a voice of reason and tries to keep the peace among the boys, so it stands to reason that he’d keep the rhythm in their music. Peter would round out the group as the drummer.

James would be fantastic at writing lyrics, and Sirius would be the best at creating melodies. Remus, however, always blows them all away because he seems to have the natural ability to do both.

James doesn’t necessarily play an instrument, but will occasionally pick up a tambourine or the odd cowbell (although the rest of the band members argue that it’s really not necessary for the execution of the song) while singing. He’s actually pretty good at it, despite his constant running around on stage and trying to interact with the audience as much as possible.

Quite a few songs are duets with James and Sirius, as Pads loves to sing, too, and the two have a great chemistry everywhere else in their lives that translates well when performing. Moony usually does backup vocals, though he can occasionally be persuaded into singing lead. Peter also usually does backup, and is perfectly fine doing so (“You’ve heard me in the shower, mates. Best I’d just stick to the backups, yeah?”).

A lot of the arguments had amongst the band are because Sirius is the biggest showman/drama queen to ever live and would insist on more guitar solos, or songs where he’d be allowed to sing lead. (“But lads, I’ve got to show my skills off!”/”Right, but a five-minute solo is not the way to do it, Pads.”/”LET ME LIVE MY LIFE, REMUS.”)


Flash forward to their first six years of being an official band. 

They’ve practiced night and day, written song after song, and finally released a couple of albums, and to Remus and Lily’s great surprise, have gained quite a bit of popularity. The two would think it a miracle, as James and Sirius seemed to make it their mission to confuse the audience. Each show, they’d spend at least half an hour bantering back and forth, telling jokes, and asking for “audience participation” (“What do you need that for? You’re supposed to be playing instruments, not telling crude jokes!”/”First of all, they’re not crude, Lils. You wound us. Second of all, people don’t care whether we actually play or not. They love us.”/”Prongs is right. They come for the experience.”/*Oscar-worthy eye roll*).

When they finally started getting into magazines, Lily nearly strangled them - of those surveyed, a good portion of readers had thought “The Marauders” was a comedy act, and not a band. But, as the years went by and they accumulated fans, the audience became used to the pair’s antics, and it became part of what they were remembered for. (By the time “The Marauders” had been around for nearly a decade, you could pull anyone off the street and ask them to tell you who “The Marauders” were, and they’d be able to tell you (“Oh, them? They’re that really awesome band that puts on a comedy bit before every show! Really talented, those lads.”)).

In the beginning, however, some fans swore they only came for the half hour or so banter before the show (“Better than any comedy on cable at the moment!), to Lily’s great displeasure. She’d continuously remind them of what they’d originally set out to do (“James for fuck’s sake! You’re a BAND. You need to PLAY.”/“But Sirius is talking, too!”/“Shut up and sing, Potter!”/“That doesn’t make sense!”/*Death glare*/“Uh, right – shutting up – singing!”).

James and Sirius, after noticing their newfound notoriety, would take great pleasure in upping their antics on stage. (Remus reasons that it’s most likely physically impossible for them to not…well, maraud.) Once they finally get merchandise out (delayed by the many hours spent by Sirius and James arguing over the designs), they’d start pulling the prototype t-shirts out from backstage and throwing them into the crowd with Lily and security screaming at them (“What are you doing?! We need to sell those, not bloody give them away like it’s Christmas!”).

The pair would also take great pleasure in giving long-winded and banter-filled introductions as the band enters the stage.

“And here he is, folks…” Sirius starts, turning towards Remus, who just walked onto the stage.

“…26, single and all-man, ladies - and gents!” James supplies with a cheeky grin, his arm slung around Sirius’ shoulder.

“…Highly skilled with his hands…” Sirius responds with a roguish wink.

“…Good friend of ours for, oh, 15 or 16 years now…” James continues with mock contemplation on his face, turning to Sirius, who shakes his head in fake reassurance.

“…On bass guitar…” Sirius leads.

“…Our own song-writing prodigy…” James continues.

“…Mister…” Sirius asks.

“…Remus…” James answers.

“…’’Moony’…” Sirius responds.

“…John…” James sets it up.

LUPIN!” They knock it out of the park together, as the crowd goes wild.

It’s always great fun, but when they get to each other, it takes almost a full 10 minutes.

“No, dear, you’re the talented one!” Sirius would say, shaking his head.

“Please, I just sing, you play!” James would cry, hand at his breast.

“Well you, good sir, are a lyrical genius!” Sirius would insist, hand on James’ shoulder with a somber expression everyone present knew was only skin-deep.

“You, my love, are a melody fiend!” James would declare with a toss of the head and flourish of the hand.


The start of the band would be the most ridiculous thing.

They were all sitting around one day, not really up to anything (for once), and James began to hum a tune they all knew while absentmindedly tossing around a ball with Sirius, who joined him after a minute or two. Soon Peter joined in from his position on the floor (where he was trying to create the “perfect” paper airplane), and finally Remus timidly joined in from behind his book.

Once they’d finished, Sirius immediately dropped the ball in his hand and declared “I have a marvelous idea, lads!” James was automatically listening (of course), and Peter seemed interested, as well (always eager for the next big prank), while Remus half-listened, not looking up from his book (He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know where this was going, as they were still recovering from Sirius’ last great “idea”. He shuddered..the pudding may never come out of the walls). Never one deterred from putting on a show, Sirius dramatically leaped into the air and landed on Remus on the couch with a great flourish, declaring rather loudly “We were brilliant! We should start a band!”

“Start a band?” Remus and James asked simultaneously, although in different manners.

“Can any of us even play an instrument?” Peter asked.

“Yes, us, start, a band. And I know a few chords on the guitar, and I’m sure we can learn.” Sirius replied.

“And I can sing! Pads, mate, I love this idea! Let’s get to work on songs!” James said enthusiastically.

“I-I could maybe be a roadie? You know, help you lot with your equipment? So I can still be with you guys, I mean…” Peter trailed off.

Sirius looked up from where he and James were already discussing possible names. “What do you mean ‘Still be with you guys’, Pete? You think you’re not included?”

“Well, I uh…I just thought…” Peter started.

“Wormtail, it’s the four of us, or nothing. Always has been, always will be. If we’re going to start a band, that’s the way it’s got to be.” Sirius said in a rather critical manner.

Despite his friend’s change in tone, Peter seemed to relax. “Let’s get some ideas together. What will be play? What will our sound be? What shall we be called?” He started. “Moony? You alright?”

Remus, who had been silent the entire time, finally seemed to snap back into reality. “Hmm? Oh, yes, I’m alright, Wormtail.” He had been thinking rather extensively on the idea of a band since Sirius had mentioned it. At first he scoffed at the idea. They didn’t play any instruments. Even if they did, who would want to pay to see a group of mischievous 20-somethings make a lot of noise? The more he meditated on it, though, the more the idea had started to make sense. If they applied themselves as enthusiastically as they did pranks to learning instruments, then they might have a chance at being successful. After all, they were a stubborn group. Yes, this might not be a horrible idea after all. He sighed. Telling Sirius his ideas were good only encouraged him, and if there’s one thing he didn’t need, it was to have a very excited Sirius plunge headfirst into a grand scheme without so much as a minute of background research done. Now or never, he thought. “Well…we’ll need a manager. And we’ll have to practice, a lot. And a name. We’re going to need a name.”

You’d have thought he was just told his mother was kissed by a rogue Muggle with the way Sirius yelped and carried on in victory. It was rare that Moony agreed to one of his ideas (without a large amount of persuasion on his part). “Brilliant, Moony! So glad to have you aboard! I think you’ll do nicely on bass. Now, about getting instruments…” And with that, he was off. (Instruments were never really a problem as Sirius was so keen on spending his uncle’s fortune on anything he thought his parents would disapprove of).

After about five minutes of Sirius talking excitedly (and rather quickly) with James and the pair discussing a “look” with Peter, Remus cleared his throat. “Like I said,” He began, “We’re going to need to practice. This isn’t going to be some fun ride where you jump on stage, make fools of yourselves, crowd surf, then go off to party until dawn and sleep the day away. This is going to be hard work, spending hours upon hours with each other, practicing non-stop until we have our songs down pat.” He paused. Sirius and James had stopped pelting each other with paper balls over the band’s name long enough to give them their full attention. “And like I said. We’ll need a name, and, we’ll need a manager.”

“But, you’re still in though? You still want to be in the band?” Sirius asked.

“As long as you promise to work hard and take this seriously.” Remus said, groaning internally at the opportunity for another joke at the expense of his friend’s name.

To his surprise, Sirius let it slip. “Oh, I solemnly swear it, dear Moony. Now, I think I’ve got a name in store, but I’ll wait until we’ve decided on a manager. Now, who can we think of that has some spare time and enjoys harassing us?”

“Lily!” James cried. “Lily would be perfect! Oh, stop groaning, you lot. C’mon! She’s always bustling about whenever she’s over, telling us to tuck in our shirts and clean up the kitchen and rot like that. She loves bossing us around!”

He did have a point. Lily Evans was forever trying to get the Marauders to “straighten up their act” a bit, since “You’re 20 and almost 20 for Merlin’s sake! You’re not in school anymore!”

After a vote, it was decided that Lily must be owled at once to see if she’d do it.

“My Dearest Lily,

How are you? I’m fine, but I’m sure you already knew that. I could tell by the way you were looking at me when we ran into each other last week in Diagon Alley. Did you get your hair trimmed? It looked nice. Anyways, the lads are here, and we’ve written to ask if you’d like to be the manager of our new band. Name and sound yet to be determined, but you’ll be the first to know when they are.

Anxiously awaiting your reply,

James F. Potter (Mr. Right)

P.S. Are you busy this Saturday? Would you like to go to Hogsmeade? With me, I mean?”

While nervously waiting her reply (“Why won’t you let us read it, Prongs?”/”Shut up and give me the envelope!”), Sirius decided to reveal the name he’d come up with. “Lads, I think it’s quite possibly the best name out there. No, really, Moons - don’t give me that look - really, I mean it. Are you ready?” He gave a dramatic pause for maximum effect. “We shall be known as…The Marauders!” He held out his arms, as if waiting for applause. When none came, he let his arms drop, frown plastered on his face. “What? You don’t like it?”

“No, no, we do, Pads, it’s just that–” James starts.

“We’re already called that!” Peter said. “It’s not exactly original, then, is it?”

“Peter, please, that’s hardly supportive. I, for one, also like the name, Padfoot.” Remus replied.

“Oh, I see Peter. But, then, how many other Marauders in the Wizarding World, no, in the entire world do you know of?” Sirius answered. “Sure, we’re already known as The Marauders for our pranks, but that doesn’t mean the name won’t be just as good for a band! Besides, there won’t be any confusion that way! Fans of our pranks can just follow us and become fans of our music!”

The other three thought on this. His points were valid, they had to admit.

Never one to let his brother feel left out, James was the first to jump in with a “I agree, Pads. It’s settled. We’ll henceforth be known as The Marauders!”

“Right, right.” Peter grumbled. (He was disgruntled after all of his names had been rejected by the others. Some of the highlights being “Candy Dream”, “The Pranksters”, and, worst of all, “Peachy Sunday”.)

Remus was the last to give his consent. “I always have liked that name. Good idea, Pads.”

“Alright! Oh, there’s the owl! Let’s see what Lily said!” Sirius said as he spotted James’ owl returning, letter clamped in its beak.

“My Aggravating James,

A band?! Are you crazy?! Do any of you even play any instruments? Does Peter even know what a key is? I cannot believe you lot, always gallivanting off into one half-baked scheme or another. Have you even properly thought this out? Is this a commitment the four of you can make? Or, three of you, I should say. I know Remus can handle it, but the rest of you I’m not so sure about. Speaking of Remus, where does he stand in all of this? Surely he’s not agreed to go make a fool of himself in front of thousands of people because you and Sirius got bored during practice and decided to go throw dung bombs out your window onto the street below?

As a matter of fact, I did get my hair trimmed. I was worried it was too short, but Dorcas insists it looks fine. If you, of all people, noticed (and liked it…), then perhaps she wasn’t wrong. I was staring at you that day because your hair was sticking up even more than usual (I didn’t even know that was possible), and I was trying to decipher why (and how). As for the date, of course I’d like to go. I’m your girlfriend, you prat.

Cursing the day I met you and your infuriatingly adorable face,

L. Evans (Mrs. Yeah, Right)

P.S. Of course I’ll do it, you idiots.”

“Wonderful! Lily’s on board!” Sirius cried. “And no wonder you wouldn’t let us read the letter. She really does love you, mate.”

“Yeah, and she hates every second of it.” Peter laughed.

“Thanks, Pads. Stuff it, Pete.” James said. “And give me that!” He snatched the letter out of Peter’s hands.

“Right then, let’s get to work!” Sirius said, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

At the look on his face, Remus sighed. He might live to regret this.

Amnesia (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: So I got a song request to do amnesia by five seconds of summer, took a while and I lost the request in my inbox, but here it is xox

An unhideable feeling of sadness looms over Bellamy as he lays in the bed you used to share with him. Now you spend your nights in the drop ship, your eyes never opening as you lay in a peaceful coma. The sun began to rise, he could see the light hitting the outside of the tent. He hasn’t slept yet, how could he? Guilt plagues his thoughts. He blames himself for what happened. If only he had tried better to keep you safe, that grounder never would have attacked you and hit your head. You would still be here with him and he wouldn’t be losing his mind. Sighing, Bellamy stood up and made his way to where you are.

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BTS reaction to their crush saying “I love you”

It’s rare that BTS has time off, time to chill, time to see friends, but whenever they did, he would always go and see you. Of course you’d welcome him with open arms, glad to finally have some alone time with your bud without watching the hands of the clock. No matter what you were supposed to be doing that day, you’d blow it off. Got chores? They can wait. Got an assignment? Eh it’s not due until next week, there’s plenty of time. Got work? Pull a sickie. No matter what, you would cancel it to have just one day with him. 

You had been chilling together all day at your place, reminiscing, eating all your food, catching up, ordering take out, making him tell you all about the world of k-pop and all that jazz. 

It was getting late and you were getting so tired, you were literally fighting sleep so you curled up against his side, resting your head on his shoulder. He smiled and put his arm around you, his eyes still on the movie playing so you didn’t see the way his cheeks pinkened at the affection. 

“I love you, you know…” You mumbled sleepily, allowing your eyes to finally close.

Hoseok (aka J-Hope aka Hobi hobi aka sunshine aka J-HOOOPEEEEEEE)

He would freeze at your words, trying desperately to respond but the words wouldn’t form. He was too shocked. He never once thought you’d feel such a way about him. That you’d return his feelings. But you did and he his heart was pounding. Eventually, he found his voice.

“I-I love you too.” He stammered licking his lips. He had expected an instant response but got nothing. Feeling confused, he looked at you to see your eeys closed, lips parted slightly as you breathed deeply. He smiled not being able to feel anything but completely in love as he amdired your peaceful features.


Jimin had been mentally preparing to confess to you himself, it’s all he had been thinking about on the way to your place but the second he saw you, his mind went fuzzy and he couldn’t think straight. It happened everytime he looked at you which is why despite practically falling head over heels the first time you looked his way, he hadn’t managed to confess his intense addiction to you. You were his own special brand of heroine…

Those three simple words that he had been trying to express for months and months to you but you said them so easily as if telling him the time. So simple were your words but his stomach errupted in butterflies and he wanted to hear you say those words for the rest of his life.

He turned to you, ready to spill his guts but found you asleep. His lips curled up into that beautiful, loving smile of his and he kissed you on the head before pulling you closer, planning a romantic date to take you out on the next day so he could return the confession in a way you were sure to never forget.

Seokjin (aka Jin aka puppy aka mama bear)

Jin was always coddling you, making sure you were eating well, sleeping well, healthy, getting enough fresh air and you ALWAYS showed your gratitude. It wasn’t unusual for these words to slip from your mouth as a sign of appreciation. So, at first he didn’t respond. It took him a few minutes to realise that he didn’t feel the same that time. His heart was racing and his face hotter than ususal. He put his hand overhis chest in confusion. St first he was worried he had caught a bug from somewhere and didn’t want you to get it so he moved away. It was only when he was at the other end of the sofa and you had followed him in your sleep to lay your head on his lap that it struck him that the way you said those words wasn’t the same as usual. He looked down at your sleeping features, your words playing through his mind and he realised that you meant them in a different way than usual. His heart raced all over again and he couldn’t deny the fact he felt the same for you.

Jungkook (aka bunny aka STOP THAT WITH YOUR HIPS YOU ARE A CHILD aka why u so young boi u make me feel gross stop)

The second his mind caught up with your words having been preoccupied with the movie he transformed(not so majestically) into JungSHOOK and bolted away with wide eyed, falling onto the floor. Of course this woke you up as you face planted the sofa cushions and you looked at him like he had lost his mind. Which, he had. He had only dreamed of you saying those words(and more but lets keep it PG for tonight kids) for a long time and thought that’s the only way he’d hear them but, no more dream. 

“Did you just, say you love me?” He finally spoke and you nodded slowly. Somehow his eyes widened and you wanted to take a photo, he was such a great face for memes but decided it was not the right time but later though for sure. “Really?” You nodded again. “You love me?” 

“Why would I joke about that?” You asked incredulously. He stared for a moment longer before shuffling over and kneeling up in fornt of you. 

“I love you too.” He replied and it was your turn to grow wide eyed. He smiled at your reaction then mocked your expression by exaggerating it on his own face.

“I know you’re taking the mick but that is literally what you looked like a second ago.” You stated. He tried to slap on a pout and pretend to sulk but was too damn happy and you could see it. So you both smiled widely at eachother before settling down in cute cuddle form his arms wrapping around your body.

Namjoon (aka Rap Monster aka Joonie-kins aka papa bear)

Namjoon was so excited and happy the second he really registered that you confessed to him that he started a cute little speech about how much you meant to him and how he had wanted to be with you for so long and when he was done he wanted to take a photo to capture the moment of your new love life together. So, he picked up his phone and put it on selfie mode, he held it up but he was so overjoyed and shakey that he dropped the device, right onto your sleeping face. You awoke with a shriek, hearing him swearing and apologising profusely. 

“What the hell?” You grumbled straighting up to hold your hand over the sore spot, almost galring at him. “What did you just do?” 

“I was trying to take a photo and dropped my phone.” He confessed with a frown. “Does it hurt?” 

“Of course it hurts!” You moved when he tried to reach out to move your hand so he could see. “Why the hell were you trying to take a photo while I was sleeping?” 

“I’m so sorry, I just wanted to…wait, you were asleep?” 

“Well yeah.” 

“So you didn’t hear any of what I just said?” You shook your head confused. “Okay, I’ll just say it again.” He shuffled to face you better, giving him a second to collect his thoughts before spilling his heart to you in a much more fully formed and articulate way than before. At some point your hand fell to your lap and he could then see the swelling already forming under your eye. 

“Okay, that makes up for the black eye.” You mumbled and he chuckled.

“We should get some ice on that before it does actually turn black.” 

“i hope this isn’t how you always confess your love.” You teased and he rolled his eyes before fetching you some ice so you could cuddle back up and finish watching the rest of the film together.

Taehyung (aka V aka precious boy with the sinful tongue and hands and face and everything aka he kills me)

This little shit wouldn’t let you sleep after that. Not a single chance of it buddy so you can think again. He’d shake you awake and hold you by your shoulders, staring intently into your eyes until you focused on him. 

“I knew I’m your bias.” He finally spoke, the serious look vanishing to be replaced with a teasing grin. You’d roll our eyes and whine trying to curl up to return to sleep. “Ah don’t do that Y/N, tell me how much you love me.” 

“I don’t, it was a joke.” You’d grumble, gasping in shock as his grip suddenly loosened and you fell against the sofa. You’d look at him to see the most heartbroken you had even seen a person. He didn’t even try to hide the hurt.

“You don’t really love me?” He mumbled not giving you the chance to respond. “Because I love you.” 


“I love you.” Your eyes searched his face for a hint of a joke but he was more serious than you had ever seen him. 

“It wasn’t a joke.” You’d confess. “I just thought you were going to tease me.” 

“I was.” He grinned scooting next to you and if you weren’t already in deep with him, it’d probably be uncomfortably close. “But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” 

Yoongi (aka Suga aka Agust D aka precious bby aka what a shit aka bias wrecker right here)

He was close to sleep himself when he heard your words. He thought he had just imagined them but he felt them sink into his skin and he looked at you shocked. You were already deep asleep, you couldn’t help but let sleep take you when so close to Yoongi’s warm body. He was just always so relaxed and chill that a comfortable warm feeling enveloped you and your eyes closed automatically so you could listen to his breathing and block out the rest of the world.

A fond smile lifted his lips and he stroked your hair out of your face to press a gentle kiss to your forehead. He settled back down, taking one of your hands into your own and lacing your fingers together. He hoped that if you woke first and felt your fingers intertwined, you’d understand that he felt the same way for you and when he woke he could use his words to convey his feelings too.

As he drifted to sleep, he was already forming lyrics about you and how he wants your future to be together.

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it’s actually insane that my brother can talk to my parents so disrespectfully to the point where it repulse’s me, yet he doesn’t get in any type of trouble

but god forbid i open my mouth ever and i get in trouble just for talking because, Apparently, it’s mean

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Eric would've been more clingier in a relationship ? I would of thought that Dylan would've been.

Eric exhibited more possessive, controlling behaviors around women and he only managed casual dates.  He’d page girls constantly or call their home persistently until he got a hold of the girl.  Had he actually managed to move to a serious boyfriend/girlfriend stage, his calling and checking up on his girlfriend would’ve been incessant to the point of annoying, calling her exactly at certain times of the day.  If she’s  was not where she normally is at that specific time of the day he’d punctually call her,  it’d drive him fucking nuts so he’d compulsively feel the need to take action to control the situation: he’d page her until he got a hold of her or contact her parents to monitor her whereabouts. It wouldn’t just be that though because he’d be physically possessive in a demonstrative way. Now, you might imagine in your mind that that’s a desirable, flattering thing for a girl to be lucky to have that - that is, until it becomes claustrophobic and infringing on your own personal freedom.   Eric would have his arm around his girl in public and if it wasn’t, he’d make sure to drape it around her or hook into her some way to make it clear to other dudes that was laying his claim on her even when in reality she was merely talking to a guy she knew in class about notes for homework.   His insecurity issues would be transparent as he’d be rude, temperamental and openly jealous, accusing her of spending to much time talking to, flirting with, someone he didn’t like at all.  He’d take it as a persona affront that she was casually associating with someone he considered against him. He’d attempt to manipulate which friends were ok to keep and at his absolute worst, yes, he might actually stoop to commenting that her skirt was too short.  He’d also be clingy too in the way that he’d unload his problems on to his girlfriend using her almost like a therapist to air his complaints about certain people, how someone had hurt him or made him angry.  Overtime in the relationship, he’d feel more intimate and co-dependent on his girlfriend because of how much of a confidant she became and how much he relied on her to be over problems and whether she asked to hear about it or not.  She’d be listening to his every grudge, angry upset or slight that hurt him and probably often in connection to friend of a friend she knew. And because he laid himself bare to her more than anyone else, he’d feel stripped and vulnerable in her company and so he would be literally clingy with her. He’d be overly physically demonstrative and after the sex, he might even be reduced to being quiet and attached to her in a child-like ‘I’m never letting go’ sort of way afterward.  The bonding wouldn’t always be one to strength the two of them but something that laid him bear more of his vulnerability that he spent so much time trying to conceal with toughness. It would up-end him and he’d feel like it’d be important to not lose her at all cost.   He’d need reassurance from her constantly that she’d love only him and that they need to stay together.  He’d need to guard her and assert his will over her because to compensate for how really insecure and out of control he felt about himself. The vulnerability in the relationship would amplify those damaged inner feelings.  I do think a lot of these issues stem with his relationship with his mother. That he feels girls he dates seem to represent a kind of confidant or counselor for him almost like they’re assumed a kind of kindly maternal figure that should automatically be there to listen to his every problem, to nurture and assuage his sense that everything in his life is unjust.  

Dylan would not have that intense level of need to control his girlfriend.  He’d allow her space, he’d respect her individuality and how she spent her time. He would be more laid back and easy going without the need to control her every move.  Sure, of course, like any dude, he might get a twinge of jealousy when he saw her talking to another guy in the hall casually that she knew from class, but he wouldn’t dwell on it or distort it into something more questionable than it actually was.  He’d give her the time she needed if she told him she needed time apart.  Hell, there was plenty of times when Dylan needed to be a part himself in his bedroom ‘man cave’ and just be by himself to reflect and think things over. He’d need to decompress alone but then would have more to give her when the phone rang and she called to tell him she’d missed him.  Yes, of course Dylan would need to feel reassurance and a strong sense that she loved and cared for him but he’d also not want to crowd her out and be overbearing with his own needs. She would be spending more time with him trying to get him to confess what was on his mind and what was bothering him.  He’d keep a reign on his own problems because he wouldn’t want to be a bother to her.  He’d realize too if he was infringing on her happiness, he’d own responsibility, probably far more than he should, in any thing that upset her. He would hate to see her upset; it’d hurt him. Her upset was his own and was an imbalance that would bother him enough to want to correct anything that was not working.  Physically, he’d need to be close and as I’ve said before cuddling would be an important way for him deepen the connection and bond, a way to tune into his girl. But it would also be something positive and nourishing so that when they both pulled away from each other, they’d be more productive while being apart on their own doing separate things. But Dylan wouldn’t be paging her multiple times until he could hook his radar into where she was and what she was doing so that he could dispel creeping jealousy.   Sure, he’d have his problems of trying to minimize that nothing was wrong until things reached critical mass and an explosion would occur between them. Yes, sure, he’d reach excruciatingly personal moments of confessions about deeply personal things that bothered him and made him actually cry in front of his girl  but he’d release all of that with a deep, long hug between the two of them and then they would move on with their day together or apart.  She’d be off on a weekend trip with her friends and he’d call her when she was coming back in town so he could be sure to be there and pick her up. He’d be okay letting her do her thing and he’d trust that things could be trusted between the two of them. His love for her and her love for him would be founded on assumed mutual trust. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm fine, so please stop assuming whenever a woman says she's fine it MUST mean the opposite, because that perpetuates the notion that women are inherently dishonest and manipulative.
Things That Make Me Feel Tired


  • bricks
  • the way you say phase as though this building isn’t fractured
  • using words like building when I really mean 
  • calls may be cheaper from a BT landline
  • holding a conversation with myself
  • renaming everything that was
  • dreaming of a birth of a double of being
  • this test isn’t wrong
  • hello 
  • holding up the plateau

written using last night’s dream & an automatic listening technique.


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