automatic calendar

i can’t deal with how jake who wouldn’t be caught dead checking the calendar knew automatically where amy was just from the DATE of the case file kylie pulled up. this means that he actually consciously checked the date that his heart was completely stolen by amy santiago within twenty seconds- the rooftop mattered so much to the both of them…. and maybe jake memorized the date because he plans on making january 14 another important day by proposing to amy… so that she can keep the heart she stole forever

Right of Way || four

Summary: Your friendship with Jungkook unfolds and unravels.

Story Summary: Things were simple: your best friend was Jungkook’s girlfriend while your boyfriend, Jimin, was Jungkook’s best friend. In reality, things weren’t always that simple. And mutually exclusive.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Part: 4 of ? || Prologue || One || Two || Three

Music: Fire Meets Gasoline by Sia

Words: 8,800

Chapter Four: Coalesce

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Hit Wizards and Aurors Don’t Mix... Or Do They?

Finally adding my own contribution to Sanvers Week (today being the first day I finally had inspiration for a fic). Thanks to @iamdeltas for helping me come up with the bar name and being willing to dissect Hogwarts Houses. :) I also messed around with the age gaps a little here, Kara is 5 years younger than Alex rather than the 2ish she is in canon.

Also cross-posted this in Heartlines over on Ao3.

Alex frowned thoughtfully down at the mess in front of her. Head Auror J’onzz had sent her to investigate as soon as reports of unforgivables being thrown around had come in. Unfortunately, by the time she arrived, no one was around except a couple dead bodies. A quick glance didn’t show obvious signs of unforgivable curses but she’d take a better look later. On the surface, though, it appeared that cause of death was the giant gashes cutting through both victims’ chests. The rest of her team, two more Aurors, prowled the far side of the crime scene using spells to examine the area.

A slight noise had her spinning, wand dropping neatly into her hand from the sheath on her arm as she did so. The witch who had apparently just apparated onto the scene with a small group of witches and wizards looked startled to find herself facing the glowing end of a wand.

“Hey, whoa, easy!”

Alex frowned slightly, taking in the other woman’s appearance. The robes marked her as Magical Law Enforcement Squad, Hit Wizards to be exact. But those could be faked. Not lowering her wand, Alex growled out, “Who the hell are you and why are you at my crime scene?”

The woman arched an eyebrow. “Your crime scene? I was sent by the Head of the MLES; who the hell are you?”

“I asked you first.”

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@fireflyfish replied to your post “Vader: [text] u fool  Vader: SERIOUSLY???? Obi-Wan: Ah. The package…”


I am very sorry. See, this is the great struggle of writing the Vader texts – the Anakin ones can mostly just be ridiculous and involve Anakin whining about pancakes while Obi-Wan pretends he hates it and scrolls through his secret stash of Anakin pictures, but Vader and Obi-Wan? Those two can only play “fuck/marry/kill” with Imperials and Jedi they knew for so long while Vader’s bored in meetings before one of them is just like I LOVE YOU WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME

I’m assuming Obi-Wan had a few too many one night and ordered the blanket off the HoloNet for Anakin in a fit of Longing after his phone popped up the automatic calendar reminder (”ANAKIN’S BIRTHDAY – DO NOT FORGET!!!!”). 

Anakin programmed said reminder into Obi-Wan’s phone himself ages ago. Obi-Wan never could bring himself to delete it. (As if he could ever forget Anakin’s birthday even if he tried.)


AN: Fluff and silliness abound. Enjoy!

Sherlock shifted uncomfortably in the chair. ‘Not even a tiny hint?’

Behind him, Molly gave an indignant sniff.

‘Molly,’ he sighed, bordering on whinging. ‘Please.’

‘Oh, good God!’ One of the men, dubbed by Sherlock as “Smelly” for obvious, unpleasant reasons, at the nearby table slammed his hand down and glowered at them. ‘Don’t make me gag you!’

Sherlock ignored the threat and wiggled his bound hands until they brushed against Molly’s. ‘Please, Molly. Tell me why you’re angry with me.’ Damn the kidnappers for putting them back to back!

‘You’re the genius detective, you figure it out!’ She snapped.

All three kidnappers groaned with Sherlock.

‘Oh, that is the rottenest!’ “Grumpy” declared hotly and threw his cards down. ‘Carla uses that on me every time I screw up, biggest cop-out in the world of women!’

“Sir Burps-a-lot” nodded emphatically, before letting out a huge belch. ‘S’like women ‘spect us to be so perfect and then gets angry wit’ us when we ain’t!’

Sherlock, despite being repulsed by the amateur criminals, found himself nodding and agreeing. ‘Exactly!’ Unaware of how deeply he was digging his already very deep hole, he blundered on. ‘Everything was fine this morning; we had a bit of a lie-in, then shared a very pleasant shower…’

The kidnappers chuckled wickedly and one had the audacity to wink at Molly.

‘…after which, we went about our usual day. She made breakfast, waffles and sausage with melons and berries…’

The men licked their lips at the description.

‘…I took a case and then before I knew it, everything went to Hell in a handbasket!’

The men shook their heads in sympathy, throwing out a ‘been there, mate’ somewhere in the midst.

Behind Sherlock, Molly huffed indignantly.

‘So, tell me gentleman,’ Sherlock looked upon his fellow men, ‘how do I get out of this?’

Grumpy snorted and took a swig of beer. ‘Ain’t no way out of it, mate. You just gotta ride it through until she either tells ya and you can get to grovelling or she lets it go.’

Considering how angry and hurt Molly was, Sherlock estimated the likelihood of her letting whatever this was go to be less than 1%.

Well, he still had seven minutes before Lestrade arrived to arrest the kidnappers and free him and Molly. Plenty of time to wear down her resilience.

‘Molly, love,’ he purred, letting his deep voice rumble in the dank room. ‘Please, tell me what I did wrong, so I can make it up to you.’

The kidnappers watched in rapt attention as Molly shook her head, her ponytail swinging. Sherlock felt the movement and rolled his eyes. This might be harder than he thought.

‘Come on, luv, give your lad a teeny hint,’ Smelly encouraged. ‘He’s tryin’ to do right by ya.’

‘Was it the experiment on Toby?’

Molly whipped her head to the side. ‘What experiment on Toby?’

Rapidly backtracking, Sherlock forced a laugh. ‘No experiment! J-just wanted to make sure you were actually listening to me.’

She hummed noncommittally. At least all the organic green dye had washed out of the cat’s fur, so no evidence could be linked back to him.

He tried again. ‘Did you run into Janine?’

Molly huffed and struggled against the bonds briefly.

‘Ex-girlfriend?’ Sir Burps-a-lot leaned forward, his elbows on the table. ‘Crazies, the lot of ‘em! But it ain’t his fault, luv. Unless he’s been seeing her on the sly…’ He looked at Sherlock with a narrowed glare.

‘Of course not!’ Sherlock bit out. ‘And she can hardly be considered an ‘ex-girlfriend’, as I was simply using her to-’

A chorus of indignant shouts came from the table.

‘You don’t use women, you slime-ball!’ Smelly waved his bottle threateningly at Sherlock. ‘And you certainly don’t admit it to ya current lady-luv!’

‘It’s not-, oh, forget it,’ Sherlock waved off their scoldings. He had three minutes left and was no closer to an answer than when they’d been taken.

‘Molly, please,’ he said tiredly. ‘Please tell me what I did wrong.’

Twenty-seconds of heart-pounding silence passed before Molly said through clenched teeth,‘What’s the date, Sherlock?’

‘October 27th,’ he replied automatically, bringing up the calendar in his Mind Palace. There was an expectant silence following and he furrowed his brow. Was she expecting another date?

‘And what occurred on October 27th exactly one year ago?’ She prompted with an icy tone.

Immediately, all three kidnappers grimaced with deep groans.

‘Oh, mate, you’re completely screwed!’ Smelly said in sympathy.

‘Brought this on yourself,’ Grumpy grumbled.

Sir Burps-a-lot simply shook his head.

‘What? What happened today?’ Sherlock looked at them in complete befuddlement. How could three strangers know the importance of a date between himself and his significant other and yet he have no idea?!

‘Think about it, Sherlock,’ Molly replied in a dangerously sweet voice. ‘One year ago today, what were we doing?’

Sherlock frowned in thought and rewound his memories to 365 days previous. He’d solved a case the day before and had promptly collapsed in bed, exhausted. He’d woken up alone and for the first time, it had felt empty and wrong. So he’d gone to the one place he always felt alive and whole, despite being surrounded by death: the morgue. With Molly. He’d swept in, found her just finishing up her shift, and announced he was taking her to dinner. It was on the walk there, that he made the connection, that he loved her. And he wasn’t going to waste any time. Over dinner, he’d wooed her and, despite her initial doubts, convinced her of his sincerity and his love.

‘Oh, god,’ he murmured.

‘And there it is,’ Molly grumbled.

‘I forgot our anniversary,’ he said in complete astonishment. ‘How could I have forgotten? It’s inconceivable! It’s supposed to be marked in my mind on the calendar, I set warnings and alarms for the weeks leading up to it! How could I have forgotten?!’

‘Sherlock, look, it’s done now,’ Molly tried to calm him down, but he kept on, his panic growing.

‘I knew I’d cock this up, but I thought I’d last longer than a year! Oh, god,’ he shouted. ‘How do you put up with me? I’m selfish and forgetful, I’ve messed up so many times, like the time I forgot to meet you for dinner, or when I took a case right in the middle of sex-’

‘Dude!’ One of the kidnappers, Sherlock didn’t care by now which one, shouted.

‘-or when I dyed your cat green-’

‘You what?!’ Molly shrieked.

‘I think that’ll be enough, Sherlock,’ a familiar voice spoke from the doorway. All three kidnappers turned in surprise and before they could even stand, Lestrade and his men had them cuffed and under arrest. As they were led outside to the waiting cop cars, Lestrade strolled over to the bound couple and smirked. ‘I was planning to let you go, but if there’s more you need to get off your chest, Sherlock…’

‘Untie us, Gustavo,’ Sherlock snapped, flushing red in embarrassment. Lestrade cut the ties around their legs and hands and helped Molly to her feet. She thanked him with a smile.

‘Mycroft has a car outside to take you home when you’re ready,’ Lestrade said. ‘I’ll get your statements in the morning.’ With that, he left the room, leaving Molly and Sherlock alone.

Rubbing the feeling back into her wrists, Molly looked over at Sherlock. His pale face was uncommonly red and he was purposefully avoiding her gaze.

‘You think I put up with you?’ She asked softly.

Sherlock cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably.

Heart aching, Molly walked over and stood directly in front of him, so he had no choice but to look at her. Cupping his cheeks, she glared at him fiercely. ‘You complete moron.’

His mouth gaped open in surprise, but before he could say anything, she yanked his face down and crashed her lips to his. He eagerly wrapped his arms around her and sank into the passion of her kiss.

‘If you ever think for one moment that I put up with you, I’ll-I’ll…!’ Molly trailed off angrily, when they’d broken apart to breathe. She took a deep breath and clutched the lapels of his jacket, shaking him slightly. ‘I was angry with you, yes, but I still love you. I always will. Every part of you, even when you’re the most infuriating man on the Earth!’

Sherlock chuckled softly and braced his forehead against hers. ‘And I love you, even when you’re the most infuriating woman on the Earth!’

Punching his chest lightly, Molly smiled. ‘Fair enough.’

‘Now, we have exactly three hours remaining of our anniversary,’ Sherlock declared and slipped her arm through his, leading her to the door. ‘I can think of seven different ways to make this up to you in that time, once we get back to Baker Street.’

‘Only seven?’ Molly teased, with a wicked gleam in her eye. ‘I can think of at least one more.’

Sherlock raised his eyebrows in question.

Pulling her arm from his slowly, she stepped away. ‘You forget that Mycroft has sent a car.’

Giggling, Molly ran for the door, an eager Sherlock on her heels.

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I love your work!! Since It's my birthday, I would like to kindly ask if you could write me a scenario where the boys plan a surprise party for you. Then Jinyoung takes you aside and confesses to you after acting nervous all night. Thanks so much!

Stretching in your bed, your eyes slowly opened from the crack of light that shined through your window. Rising up, you automatically sprinted to your calendar on your desk and cheered at the sight of the date. Finally, it was your birthday. 

You checked your phone at your bedside to see if you had any morning birthday texts, and of course you did. Your parents and a few relatives sent their wishes and blessings to you, as well as a few friends who texted you at exactly midnight, one of them being Park Jinyoung.

Park Jinyoung has always been a mystery to you. One minute, he twirls you around in the park as if you’re a princess, the next minute he won’t sit anywhere near you on the park bench. A real strange one, you thought.

Happy birthday, beautiful! Hope this is the first text you’ve gotten from someone on your birthday since it’s midnight. I’ll pick you up at noon to treat you out on your special day <3

Jinyoung was certainly a charmer. And even as charming as he was, he wouldn’t send cheesy messages or act corny with anyone else but you. That means he’s devoted to you, right? That means he likes you and only you, right? Then why didn’t he ever admit to it?

Making a small breakfast, taking a quick shower, and finding the perfect outfit for your day with Jinyoung, you mind was polluted with thoughts. Did he like you or was he just being a good friend? Did he have something big planned out or is this just a small birthday treat? 

As you put on your favourite necklace as a finishing touch for your outfit, the doorbell rang. Perfect timing.

Rushing to the door, you opened it and were greeted by a bouquet of flowers. Jinyoung popped his head out behind the huge bouquet and walked in. “Happy birthday!” he smiled handing the flowers to you. “This is for you~ A pretty bouquet for a pretty girl~”

You couldn’t help but smile at his compliment. You graciously thanked him as you set the bouquet on the coffee table in the living room. After putting your shoes on and grabbing your bag, you were on your way for your special day.

This wasn’t the first time you have been on a ‘date’ with Jinyoung, but this certainly was the first time you felt your heart beat practically jump out of your chest when you walked next to him. You shyly let your feet walk in front of another as Jinyoung let out a cough to interrupt the awkward silence that’s been on for a few minutes.

“So—” you began, “—how are the boys doing?”

“Oh, they’re still sleeping at the dorm,” he chuckled. “On our free days we usually catch up on sleep. But they told me to wish you a happy birthday last night.”

You smiled. “Aww, well tell them that I said thanks!” You continued walking until Jinyoung’s tracks stopped in front of a playground. “Oh hey, this is where I used to play as a kid.”

“I know!” he turned around with a grin. “I thought— we could stay here for a bit and then go back to my dorm?”

You nodded enthusastically as you followed him to the swing set. You froze on the swings when your mind processed what he said. Go back to his dorm? On your birthday? The girl-forbidden dorm? Your birthday? He wasn’t planning anything was he?

You were shaken back to reality as you heard Jinyoung humming next to you as he pushed himself off the ground and began swinging into the sky. It’s been a while since you had some nice quiet time with him. Joining him, you pushed yourself on the swings as you were in sync with him.

Looking over, you smiled at him. He responded by sticking his tongue at you and wrinkled his nose at you. Laughing in response, you tried to reach over and grab the chain of his swing. “Yah! You’re so weird!” you yelled at him.

He smiled. “And you’re so pretty!” he yelled back. “Thank you for stating the obvious!”

After about half an hour on the swing set together, you walked around a bit more. It was getting late, but the sky was still brightly lit up. Perhaps this was a sign from the heavens that something good was going to come about?

A few more minutes into the walk and you noticed he was leading you back to his dorm room. That’s when your heart began to beat at its nervous rhythm. He held the door open for you as he took you by the hand to lead you up the stairs.

Walking up the stairs, you realized how your day with Jinyoung was— normal. Very normal. Too normal. These are things that you would do with your friend on a normal day, not with a girl you like on her birthday. Maybe he wasn’t planning anything at all.

As he opened the door, the dorm room was completely dark. Jinyoung turned on the lights and, to your surprise, the members screamed happy birthday to you as they held a banner and threw confetti all over the place.

“What— what is this?” you asked in shock.

Jinyoung giggled next to you as he squeezed your hand. “It’s for you, birthday girl!”

“I’m surprised Jinyoung-ah was able to keep his mouth shut about this— ” Mark said. “especially since she’s—”

Jinyoung quickly covered his hyung’s mouth before he could continue. “Anyway,” Jinyoung interrupted as he turned back to you. “Yes, this was all planned out for your birthday. I hope you like it!”

“Oh, I love it!” you proclaimed as you ran over to give him a hug. He slowly wrapped his arms around you as he pulled you in a bit closer.

“Alright enough with the lovey dovey—” Jackson sighed as he tried to break you two apart. “Let’s go and eat!”

The boys cheered as you followed them to the kitchen. Your eyes twinkled as you noticed that Jinyoung cooked your favourite dish for you. You looked up at him and gave him the biggest smile. He responded with a small smile but quickly focused back down on the dish as he served each member.

Throughout the night, you enjoyed talking to the other members and catching up with them, but you noticed that Jinyoung seemed to distant himself from you. Whenever you tried to strike a conversation, he wouldn’t add his usual cheesy comments. There he goes again, making you confused as to what he thinks of you. But you decided to let this slide until Jackson asked if you could open presents.

Settling down in the living room with the boys as Jinyoung took this time to clean up dishes and utensils, each of the boys handed you a box. You were flattered at all the gifts you received: a mixtape of your favourite songs from Jaebum; a pair of headphones from Mark, Youngjae, and Jackson; a golden necklace from Bam Bam, and a matching pair of golden earrings from Yoogyeom.

“How did you guys manage to get all of these?” you gasped as you realized they must have spent a fortune.

“We are high class when it comes to presents,” Bam Bam commented as he was high-fived by Jackson.

“Where’s Jinyoung-hyung with his present?” Yoogyeom asked as he was quickly hit by Jaebum.

“Ah,” Jaebum coughed. “Jinyoung-ah mentioned that his present was so large he couldn’t possibly bring it out so he left it in his room.” Jaebum stood up and glared at Jinyoung who looked in his direction at the sound of his name. “Isn’t that right?”

Jinyoung threw a coughing fit. “Yes, yes, that’s true. Here, follow me, beautiful, I’ll give you your present.”

A bit nervous as to what his gift was, you followed him to the maknae’s room and then to his portion as the members let out ‘ooh’s from the living room.

“Jinyoung?” you asked as he turned on the light in his room. Looking around, you didn’t find any present from him. What was his present for you?

Before you could comment, Jinyoung turned around and quickly pulled you in for a kiss. Your eyes grew wide at the sudden action and you pushed him away from such a shock.

“Sorry.. was that bad?” he asked nervously.

“No no no! Not at all!” you answered as you touched your lips still in awe. “It’s just— whoa.”

He let out a laugh as he pulled single rose from his back. “Hopefully this will make it clearer.” He knelt down on one knee in front of you as he bowed his head and handed the rose to you. “I know I may be hard to decipher sometimes, especially when it comes to moments with you, but hear me out.” He lifted his head and shared eye contact with you. “I’ve always only looked at you. From the first time we met, I was just instantly drawn in by you.” He stood up and placed the rose head in your palm. “And I just knew that you’d be— different.”

“Different?” you asked not breaking your eye contact with him.

“Different!” Jinyoung beamed. “Different as in I wanted to get to know you. I wanted to know so much about you. I wanted to go places with you and spend time with you. I just— wanted to be with you.” You couldn’t help that growing grin on your face at his words. “So, this is a rose is a symbol of how I feel.” He grabbed your other hand and kissed the back of it. “I like you,” he confessed. You gasped as he took a step back and placed a bow on his head. “I hope you don’t mind but— I’m your birthday present!”

You let out a loud laugh as he hopped back to you and wrapped you in his arms once more. You hugged him back as you continued laughing in his embrace. “Park Jinyoung, you are such a confusing boy.”

“Well, now that you know how I feel, I hope it’s less confusing.”

“It is,” you giggled, “because the feeling is mutual.”

As his eyes grew wider, he embraced you again and lifted you off the floor, spinning you around. Once he let you back on the ground, you could hear a six boys outside of the room cheering and saw them throw more confetti around the room.

“Yah!” Jinyoung screamed at them as he came out of his room with his arms around your waist. “Don’t expect me to pick up every single piece of confetti off of the floor!”

You all laughed as you looked up at Jinyoung and he kissed the top of your head. A birthday in which you spent it with great friends who gave you great presents, including the boy who gave you his heart. Best birthday ever.


Then I’m here to recommend an app that i discovered recently called Lychee

If all you need is an app that’ll track and predict what days you have blood coming out of your nethers, and you don’t want all the extra fertility predictions, weight tracking, mood diaries, and all the extra weird crap that most period trackers have, then this app is perfect for you.

The layout is really simple. No pink and flowers here (unless you want it to be pink. if you buy the full version you can change the layout color). Just pure and simple tracking.

you can also set reminders, both for when your period is coming up and if you happen to forget to track it.

What makes it better is that the reminder messages that come with the free version have “discreet” options. (non-binary friendly. A++)

and did i mention it’s FREE!!!

You can upgrade to the full version for $1.99 if you want. It gets you the ability to make custom reminder messages, change the layout color, sync to your phone calendar or google calendar, and automatically let your partner know when you start your period.

but imo those aren’t necessary. The free version works perfectly as a plain old tracker.

10/10 stars, would recommend.

beelyduck  asked:

Hi Lena, I wanted to ask you if you would ever consider/be interested in creating a post on how you took notes in college, how to organize notes, studying tips, etc? I was just thinking about it, and you were the first person I thought of. I know you have a lot of other projects going on, so no pressure. Just a thought for the future. Thank you so much for all you do already, and for being a lovely person! :)

Okay here we go…I’m not sure if I’m the best person for this because I don’t consider myself to be particularly organized, but I’ll still share a couple of tips.

  • I take all of my notes using OneNote. It's sooo much better than Word. It keeps everything in one place so you don’t have to flip through different documents to search for stuff, it is highly customizable and also easy to use!
  • I always take notes on my laptop in class. I know some people prefer to use notebooks because laptops are distracting, but I type quicker than I write, which is why I prefer to use my laptop. When I take notes, I always try to group ideas under one big idea. I use lots of bullet points–I have bullet points within bullet points within bullet points, I kid you not. What I usually do is bold the main idea and jot down discussion points/points from my prof’s slides under the main idea. When the conversation starts deviating, I hop to another “main idea” and start jotting down the next chunk of the conversation. It’s easier for me to section off my notes than to just write down everything at random.
  • I write down EVERYTHING in class. Everything from my prof’s slides, everything that’s on the board, and relevant points from student discussions. I find it’s always better to have more information than not enough.
  • Since I’m an English student, I read a lot of books for class. When I’m reading, I like to put stickies where interesting quotes/ideas/passages are because it makes it easier for when I’m writing essays.
  • For the rare class where I’m using a textbook, I usually go through all of the relevant chapters before exams, read through everything and make notes as I go along *I ALWAYS WRITE THE NOTES IN MY OWN WORDS*. It’s just more helpful that way.
  • I also mark down assignment due dates. I used to have a desktop widget, but they got rid of those for Windows 8 so I just use the Windows calendar. I’ve got every single one of my due dates marked down: seminar presentations, essay outlines, final drafts, you name it. It helps me plan in advance so I know what I have to work on for the week and what I can work on if I’ve got nothing to do. It also helps that the calendar automatically updates on my phone so I actually get due date notifications on my phone. 
  • If you’re in a seminar and you don’t really get a chance to take notes due to presenters, I find it helpful to just jot down a few points about what the presenter discussed in class when the lecture is done so you’re not blanking on what you did throughout the semester at the end of the term. For my seminar, I have to write a class report at the end detailing what I’ve learned throughout the course, and since we haven’t been having formal lectures, I’ve just been jotting down key points from each presenter’s presentations at the end of class so I actually have stuff to write about later.
  • If you’re an English major and you happen to be reading a book that you don’t want to read, if it’s on Sparknotes, just read the chapter summaries and skim through the book. I find I read much faster when I already know what’s going on. It’s especially helpful with Victorian lit because I HATE reading Victorian lit. 

This is getting really long. I’m going to stop. I hope this helps! And remember, IT IS POSSIBLE TO WRITE AN ESSAY IN ONE NIGHT, I’VE DONE IT. I mean, don’t leave it till the last night, obviously, but if you’re in a pickle, just remember that it can be done if you concentrate and write what ever–and I mean what ever–is relevant. Just don’t forget to edit after.

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I saw your apps post and I was wondering if you can recommend a flashcard and a grade tracker app for android?

Sure, no problem :)

Flashcard Android Apps

1. Ankidroid

  • Create flashcard decks
  • Can customize almost anything - font size, color, background, screen rotation, full screen, scroll bars, card repetition, etc
  • Shows graphs of studying stats
  • Adjusts repetition according to if you know them easily or not
  • Desktop versions allows you to draw on cards
  • Difficult to use interface

2. StudyDroid

  • Creates flashcard decks
  • Not customizable (except font size, color and background), kept simple and to the point
  • Easy to use interface

3. StudyBlue

  • Create flashcard decks
  • Easy to use interface
  • Pops up definitions to words you write automatically (even complex economic theory names, etc)
  • Allows superscripts and subscripts for math and chemistry
  • Some customization available for testing methods

*I recommend trying StudyBlue

Grade Tracker Android Apps

1. School Assistant

  • Allows you to track grades for assignments/tests/etc
  • Include in weighted GPA
  • Helps predict your final grade in the class
  • Syncs evaluation dates with Google calendar
  • Also automatically mutes your phone when you have class, and unmutes when your class is done!

2. Grades: Student Organizer ($0.99)

  • Keep your grades and input into weighted GPA
  • Can change the weighted method of the GPA grading system
  • Can also include marks for special tests, like MCAT, GRE, SAT, etc
  • Keep track of assignments, homework, exams, and classes
  • Manage a to-do list on it

*I recommend trying School Assistant, mostly cause it’s free.

Hope these helped! Are any of these what you were looking for?

Sherlock Imagine #01
Y/N reposts one of those “repost to meet your favorite charecter” things.
Like, 1 swear word so I guess a warning???

You walked into your room and dropped your f/c backpack on the floor then grabbed your small Apple laptop.
You opened it up, and scrolled through your tumblr dashboard.
Some good Destiel fanart and danisnotonfire gifs. That guy is cute.
Suddenly, you saw a post saying
“Repost to meet your favorite charecter from your fandom 💘💖”
You smiled softly and reposted it, knowing that Sherlock would never show up at your house.
Then, you looked down at your laptop’s automatic calendar to look when Sherlock season 4 is coming in 2050 when you saw the time. It was 3:00am. You guessed looking at fanart and fics makes time fly. Snuggled in your bed and warm, you fell into a deep sleep.
Beep beep! Oh fuck! You slept in! Wait, it was a Saturday. You pulled out your laptop to see if you got any asks, as you posted an ask meme. Instead, you see a message from someone named
“holmes” saying
“Hello, Y/N. I have been studying you for a while. It seems I have affection towards you. Meet me outside your home at 5pm?”
You doubted it was real, so you brushed it off.
(Time skip)
You just got back from your friend Dean’s house. His brother Sam was really weird. It was 4:57. You remembered the message and thought you would go outside for shits and giggles. A curly haired pale man stood on the frosty, water dripping forest green grass.
“Hello Y/N.”

How do you think of this? It’s my first fic, and I tried. Not my gif, also my division.

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