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Gate (Final Effect AU?)

When a large gate appeared in the middle of an Imperial mining settlement, most of the residents waved it off as another bizarre Dia-Farron experiment. After all, several of the Empire’s resident mad scientists happened to live in the settlement, and a strange gate appearing in the middle of it was hardly the strangest thing they’d ever done.

It was only when soldiers armed with swords and other ancient forms of weaponry began to pour out of the gate that people began to worry. Thankfully, the Empire had insisted on all of its citizens not only keeping weaponry on hand but also knowing how to use it. It was common sense, given the ability of the Grimm to strike quickly and without warning, especially along the Empire’s borders.

The settlement also possessed automated defences of its own, many of which had been designed by the aforementioned Dia-Farron. Once the soldiers actually began swinging their weapons around, the defence system designated them as threats and began to act accordingly.

X     X     X

Once upon a time, a steel sword would have been a good weapon. Likewise, steel armour and shields would also have provided adequate defences. Once upon a time.

That time was long gone.

The enemy soldiers were greeted by a swarm of flying spheres, each no bigger than the fist of a grown man. They looked innocuous enough, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Each sphere had the ability to fire several lasers at a time, and each laser was capable of melting through steel like it was butter. The result was predictable. It was a massacre. As the spheres drifted down the street, they left dismembered soldiers in their wake.

The spheres gave the local populace the time it needed to arm itself and, in some cases, don power armour.

Bows and arrows were great once.

They were useless against people wearing Standard Imperial-Alliance Power Armour which had been designed to stand up to the horrors of the Grimm. Even those not in power armour had access to Aura-based shielding devices, as well as portable personal shields.

The would-be raiders were soon in full retreat, hounded by the roar of machine guns and the hiss of plasma cannons. If that wasn’t bad enough, the resident Dia-Farrons had deployed their war hamsters. 

It was amazing what a flame thrower designed to melt heavily armoured Grimm could do to humans wearing steel armour.

X     X     X

Her Imperial Majesty Averia IX of the Grand Empire Alliance scowled.

“Are you telling me that someone launched an attack on one of our outlying mining worlds from another dimension?” Her eyes narrowed ominously. “How?”

The Dia-Farron advisor shrugged. “Well, to be honest, we’ve only recently started mining there. We haven’t had time to set up a full spectrum dimensional-transfer shielding device. Oh, we’ve got one, but it’s for the most common methods. The gate appears to have been established by a higher-dimensional being.”

“I see.” The empress frowned. “Do we possess weaponry sufficient to kill this being if necessary?”

“Indeed we do. Remember what happened to the last higher-dimensional being who tried to invade?”

Averia did. That entity had been a hive mind that had already seized control of its entire universe. After research had revealed that everything in that universe was indeed out to kill them, the Empire-Alliance had launched its counterattack. They had blown up that entire universe, including all of the associated higher dimensions.

“Good. I would prefer to avoid repeating that particular course of action, but we will if necessary. In the meantime, I will be establishing an expeditionary force.” Her lips curled. “If they want to invade our territory and harm our citizens, we’ll show them the error of their ways.” 

X     X     X

Pina Co Lada realised how bad a mistake her father had made sending soldiers through the gate when several things happened in quick succession:

  • Enemy soldiers came through the gate, obliterating the forces her father had stationed around it. 
  • Massive… ships had appeared in the sky, raining fire down on their armies and shooting down any wyverns they sent out.
  • Their magic began to fail.

Their enemy finally deigned to send a representative forward to meet with them after taking all of the territory around the gate and laying siege to the capital itself. Every army her father had sent against them had been annihilated. On one occasion, there had been nothing left save a vast ocean of land scorched into glass.

The emissary of the enemy was a young woman with fox ears and red hair. She seemed to speak their language easily enough.

“Hello,” the woman said. “I’m here to accept your surrender on behalf of the Grand Empire Alliance.”

“Our surrender?” her father asked. 

“Yes.” The woman shrugged. “If you refuse, I will order my forces to open fire. Every single soldier and member of the nobility currently in this city will be dead in less than five seconds after I give the order.”

Her brother, Zozal, roared. “Lies, father!” he drew his sword. “We should fight -”

The woman smiled and pointed. A beam of light lanced down from the sky. Her brother disintegrated.

“Please, don’t misunderstand. This isn’t a negotiation. Oh, we could hold back, you know, fight you on more even terms, but that would only prolong the fighting and increase the casualties. Allow me to be perfectly clear. You cannot win. You can either surrender, or I can kill you and ask the next leader if they’re willing to surrender.”

Her father remained silent.

“You sent your soldiers through the gate. I imagine you were out to plunder, pillage, and who knows what else. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot.” She smiled. “The Grand Empire Alliance has a principle in warfare. It’s called reciprocal conduct. If our enemy refuses to fight in a civilised manner, then they cannot expect, nor shall they receive, quarter or mercy. Your attack on our mining settlement was an act of war, made worse by the fact that you sent no declaration of war, nor did you attempt to establish diplomatic relations or anything of the sort. Instead, you came simply to take what you could by killing anyone who stood in your way.”

“Wait,” Pina said quickly. “Surely, we can -”

“You can surrender.” The fox-eared woman’s voice was flat. “And don’t bother appealing to those gods of yours. We’ve dealt with them already.”

“What?” her father blurted.

“Yes, we have. One of them was the one responsible for opening the gate. They’ve been dealt with. They are currently in custody in a hyper-dimensional prison cube while we work out a fitting punishment. The rest have been sealed off in their home dimension. They can neither reach this world, nor influence it in any way. Depending on how they respond to our queries, they may or may not be around after tomorrow.” She smiled. “Now, about your surrender…”

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War badgers????? That's a new one......

Essentially, one of the problems facing the Empire is that they have thousands of worlds in border regions and along the frontier. In these areas, planets tend to be more sparsely populated, which can make maintaining a permanent military presence prohibitively expensive.

To help fend off Grimm, space pirates, and other threats, the Empire makes heavy use of drones and other automated defences. Their objective is to hold the line until reinforcements arrive. Usually, this won’t take more than a few hours, less in the event of a true emergency.

However, many of these worlds are also fairly dangerous and rugged. To help patrol settlements and provide a more discerning eye, the Empire often uses war badgers to protect settlements and other important locations.

War badgers are uplifted animals that can trace their descent back to the ferocious and utterly fearless Yun badgers of Remnant. These vicious creatures were renowned for being completely unwilling to backdown from a fight against anything, even Great Yun eagles and the dreaded Mega Bears (a massive species of bear that occupies the forest and lower slopes of the mountains near Oerba).

Centuries of genetic modification and training have led to the development of war badgers that can transform to be similar in size to the Dia-Farron war hamsters and Imperial hedgehogs. Although they retain their solitary and grumpy nature, they are now almost maniacally loyal to the Empire. 

Once a war badger has been told to defend a settlement and its people, it will do so against any and all threats, regardless of the injuries it may receive or the danger it must face. They are so fanatically determined that a war badger will only stop fighting once it has been killed. The loss of limbs, sensory organs, or even being cut in half will not stop a war badger from continuing to fight until it succumbs to its injuries. Even then, it will do its best to take as many of its enemies with it as possible.

War badgers were chosen because they are solitary creatures, completely happy with no one’s company but their own. They are thus perfectly content to spends days, even weeks, patrolling the area around a remote settlement without any social contact. This is in stark contrast to hamsters and hedgehogs, both of whom require much more social interaction.

Each war badger is typically provided with a nest, usually on the outskirts of the settlement it is tasked with protecting. This nest (which is actually closer to an underground fortified bunker) has everything the badger requires, including medical assistance, technological aid, and so on. A badger will return to its nest periodically but will be perfectly happy to spend time in the field sleeping rough.

The inhabitants of a settlement under badger protection are usually introduced to the badger when it first arrives, and the badger will take care to keep updated as to whom the inhabitants of the settlement are. Although badgers are often grumpy and aloof, they will do their best to assist those under their protection, provided such assistance does not conflict or interfere with their duties. For instance, a war badger might serve as an escort when settlers venture into the surrounding area to secure supplies. Badgers also hold scheduled meetings with those under their protection to allow for the airing of concerns and the giving of reports and relevant information.

Technically speaking, war badgers belong to the Guardian Corps (the Empire’s police force) although they regularly serve alongside the Empire’s armed forces, typically as part of the infantry. As members of the Guardian Corps, badgers also possess the ability to arrest and detain those suspected of wrongdoing although they preferred method of dealing with criminals caught committing serious offences (e.g., space pirates caught raiding a settlement) is somewhat more permanent and lethal than mere arrest.

The Guardian Corps maintains a special unit (the Badger Oversight Unit) that is tasked with ensuring the welfare and success of badgers in the field. This means periodic visits, along with the submission of regular reports. 


Name - 9th Legion A.I Protectorate of the Berossus System (Fallen)

Bio - Also simply known as ‘The Ninth’, it was one of the artificially constructed commanders for the systems automated defence force. An unknown calamity within the substrate matrix turned the legions and their commanders against each other in one massive battle royale, which is currently being televised throughout the galactic arm.

Height - 9 feet

Weapons - Twin rotar cannons with incendiary-cluster slugs and a cyber eagle named 'Halve’


This was for a project my pal Cris was running, which fell through in the end unfortunately. I’m hoping he’ll get round to posting the other work submitted, purely so I can be nosey and see what everyone else submitted.

Part of the package was to make up a bio for the character which I quite enjoyed, hooray for sci-fi jargon. (I think it was an imaginary character roster sheet for a beat 'em up game).