Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m finally getting back to making prints. I’m down to one part time job to get ready for all my upcoming cons this summer. Here’s the first of many (hopefully), a FMA print I sketched out over a year ago, but never completed because the automail kept discouraging me X.X I now finally have a Fullmetal Alchemist print, one of my most loved anime series, which I kept putting it off for “easier” things. 

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"You were cheating on me?"

|| Seceret Romance Starters

Edward’s eyes widened as he looked at Bell, bewildered at her question. “Wh.. What? You know Winry’s my mechanic, I had to go see her to get adjustments on my automail. She’s too much like a sister to me to be in a relationship with her.” He responded, stepping closer to her. “Cheating on you? Why would you even think that?”

guro-star-queen i wanna say that Roy experiences the same thing in an upcoming comic. literally. (that’s your blood bath au spoiler for today!)

anonymous #1 hey anon! i would love to answer this for you, but i need more information on what you’re looking for. are there any pairings you are specifically looking for or don’t like? will you read anything incomplete? (the one in mind is incomplete ad from like 2008…) followers do you have any recommendations?

lil-ai-sendou oh man, this is a very cool au idea. i would very much like to expand on it. i think in the end i would still end up killing Scar’s brother, though. angst, y’know? but, also, i think that if his brother didn’t die, Scar wouldn’t be the person who he ends up as. but, to maybe see his brother die on the operating table while he’s being outfitted with automail (he’s too weak from the initial injury and war to survive) could be a good catalyst for an interesting twist. imagine Scar, who suffers from PTSD, having to relive this moment, thinking his brother is dead again, flying into a rage in which he kills Trisha who is visiting and assisting with the surgery. now, imagine the Elric brothers and how this would forever change their perception of the world. Edward has so much hate - so much pain - and the next time they meet face to face Scar is faced with the fact that he has done unto Ed what he is angry about he Amestrian military doing unto him. imagine the horror in Scar’s eyes when he sees the automail - the same model his brother was being outfitted with the moment he died. he knows then the taboo, the forbidden art, was practiced by these two children because of what he did. Scar is his own worst enemy. Ed is his own, too. they’re mirrors of each other.

fullmetal alchemist: but with curse words in the actual show 

“colonel you motherfucker” 

“I told you, a fist in his bitch ass face! ! !”

“hughes get that fucking picture out of my face or you’re not gonna know your ass from your elbow” 

“fuck him up! ! ! ! !” 

“brother why must you insist on being a little shit everywhere we go” 

“break the damn automail again ed, i fucking dare you” 

I did a FMA x Fairy Tail Crossover for Gajeel and Levy, a.k.a: “Designing your own automail is hard and idk how Hiromu Arakawa did it”

Gajeel’s the hotheaded Black Steel Alchemist who unfortunately has a habit of eating his own automail

Levy is his mechanic who unfortunately has to replace Gajeel’s automail every time he comes by b/c he doesn’t know how to just eat a granola bar or something

Winry’s hair gets caught in the automail on one of her patients and she has to cut it off to shoulder length. This really upsets her. Ed tries to tell her that it’s just hair and it’ll grow back but she’s still insecure. Ed then grabs scissors and chops his bangs super short and cuts off his ponytail, claiming that she can take solace that her hair will always  look better than his when they’re out together.

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MILDBANNERED ;) And while you're at it, AUTOMAILS and TRANSMUTING!


  1. HER FACE IS BEAUTIFUL and she’s the perfect size for hugs (that is one thing shhh)
  2. Super smart which always makes for interesting convos
  3. Actually has informed opinions/critical thinking WHICH IS A RARE THING ON THE INTERNET THESE DAYS


  1. She’s married to this really awesome guy who runs this wickedly good blog, so clearly she has great taste.
  2. Despite being sweet as pie, she’s got a really warped sense of humor that always makes me laugh.
  3. Her hair. It’s hot okay.


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