So the World Spins

Jack is dead, and Kara isn’t. In the split second it takes to make that decision, Lena thinks she’s prepared to live with the consequences. 

(She isn’t.)

Life goes on.

(It doesn’t.)

Crimes are stopped, lives are saved, everything goes back to normal.


The first time Winn notices the alert from the evidence room he thinks nothing of it. He checks the camera, looks at the spot with the flashing marker, and checks the records. A crate moved to another section without an updated file. He checks the location (he’s not an idiot), sees the crate, updates the log, and continues on with his day.

(He would have gone down to the room to check the contents, but a giant lizard trashing its way downtown takes priority. How was he suppose to know it was empty, how was he suppose to know something was missing?)

Because things go missing from evidence all the time. But things normally aren’t nano robot mind control devices.

(Cadmus has been in the DEO for months. The DEO only found out after the Kryptonite incident, and eliminated Marcus, but this is Cadmus. This is Lillian Luthor. In what world would Lillian only have one inside man?)

A month and a half after Jack, Lena wakes up with a bug bite on the inside of her left elbow. Lena thinks nothing of it. Puts some Neosporin on it, a band-aid to keep from scratching as a voice in her head reminds her that scratching leads to scars.

(She doesn’t think about how that voice sounds like Lillian, doesn’t think about the influence Lillian still has in her actions, her life. Doesn’t think about how some scars aren’t even visible.)

The first time Lena loses time, she doesn’t notice it. 

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