Rare look as it drives away from assembly line: the ghostly spectre of a now-virtually- extinct prototype, originally earmarked by Chevrolet to become a “1983 Chevrolet Corvette” (with specs that included: L83 350 ci, 205 bhp V8, and 4-speed automatic transmission), however as shipping delays and other production issues that year halted manufacture of the line, only one of these 43-total prototype vehicles retained the ‘83 Vette title - all the rest were refitted and reserialized later and sold alongside the next-gen., 1984 make.

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Tu autohistoria is not carved in stone but drawn on sand and subject to shifting winds. Forced to rework your story, you invent new notions of yourself and reality – increasingly multidimensional versions where body, mind, and spirit interpenetrate in more complex ways

Gloria Anzaldua (2002) This Bridge We Call Home: Radical Visions for Transformation. p.562 

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