Things that suck about RHD in the states:
•Drive thrus
•Trying to leave a parellel parking spot
•Unable to overtake on a two lane road because you can’t see oncoming traffic from left window side

•Checking your mailbox like the mailman
•that’s it.. (at Garage Autohero)

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Hot tanked
ABS Delete
Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder
Wilwood Brake Proportioning valve
AEM V2 Stand alone - Conservatively tuned @ 364hp/301tq
HKS Step 2 camshafts: 264 intake/exhaust
HKS Step 2 head system kit
HKS 87mm forged pistons
HKS Side feed injectors 740cc
HKS Spark plugs
HKS Oil cap
Touge Factory valve bolts
Tomei forged con rods
Tomei Turbo elbow
Tomei metal head gasket 87.0 x 1.2mm
Tomei M7960 ARMS turbo kit
Tomei High flow 248 LPH Fuel Pump
Tomei Oversize oil pan
Tomei Spark plug cover
Tomei Reinforced head studs
Tomei intake & exhaust valve guide kit
Tomei Fuel Pressure gage
Tomei N2 Oil Block
Koyo N-Flow radiator
Nismo Thermostat
Samco hoses
Greddy intake manifold plenum
Greddy pulley kit
Greddy intercooler
Greddy/GREX oil cooler kit & relocation kit
URAS Engine torque damper
Circuit Sport Engine torque damper
Circuit Sport / Garage Autohero modified fuel rail
Garage Autohero custom intake / hot pipe / intercooler piping
Garage Autohero custom throttle body

Garage Autohero custom Z33 trans w/ custom bell housing adapter / trans mount
Shaft masters driveshaft
OS Giken Super Lock LSD
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch Kit
Greddy oversized rear diff cover

PDM Racing stainless brake line kit
Nissan R33 E-Brake lines
Project Mu Club Racer rotors
Project Mu Type NS pads
Z32 TT calipers FRONT/REAR

Garage Autohero custom reinforced LCA’s
Stance XR coilovers / Swift springs
SPL Rear toe rods
SPL Titanium rear traction rods
SPL Tension rods
SPL Eccentric lockout kit
SPL Brake Air cooling panels
SPL Front steering rack bushings
Energy Suspension master bushing kit
Kazama rear subframe spacers
Kazama Inner/outer Tie Rods
Cusco lower front bracing bar
Cusco front strut bar
Cusco front sway bar
Cusco rear strut bar
Cusco rear sway bar
Nismo power brace

Nismo Reinforced clutch pedal
Nismo shift knob
Bride Zeta III Type L Gradation (FRP) Driver / Passenger w/ Bride Rails
Takata Race 4 snap harness
NRG 2.5 hub/quick release
Keiichi Mode steering wheel
AS-CSX3-B Air Freshener CSX3 Blue Squash Scent (MMMMM)

Work Meister S1 18x9+10 FR/ 18x10+5 REAR w/ Toyo Proxes 245/35(rear) forgot front (at Mount Haruna)

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This is another favorite part and it probably gets the most attention. It’s an early Formula Atlantic 4ag cover. At the time the engine was being built Autohero Ray was also working at a shop called Racecraft. Working there he would take trips for them to another shop in Oregon called Loynings. They used to be a Formula Atlantic builder and had a stock of parts. I really wanted a cover but they were pretty expensive, tho this one has a blemish on the casting of the numbers on top so I got it at a discount. To put one of these on is a commitment. The only way they are mounted is with screws on the edge. That means the stock studs have to be removed from the head and you have to drill and tap the edge of the head. Also the FA engines use different cam caps, they are slimmer and fit tight into the cover, so my cam caps had to be machined down to fit the cover. All this and it’s purely an aesthetic piece lol it has no real oil cap other than the screw on plug on the driver side. But, it does make the engine for me. Couldn’t imagine my 4ag without it.