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pls keep roasting dream daddy dads

well the thing is, all of the other characters look perfectly fine. my only beef is with Cracker Barrel here

this is the kind of dude calls his wife “mother”, asshole throws a fucking tantrum if you touch the thermostat cuz he’s not paying to heat the whole house but he’s got plenty of cash for his custom bocce ball set, this guy says he’s got a fun family activity planned and pulls out his limited edition Three’s Company Monopoly set, this dude’s skin is so dry he can sandpaper wood using his fucking palms, motherfucker doesn’t tip because he thinks you need to earn it, shithead pulls up to his daughter’s Catholic School coir recital and thinks the Latino principal is the valet, “Dessert is for people who clean their plate, Scorpius-Jeremiah, now finish your olive loaf”, motherfucker waits ten minutes for his unseasoned chicken strips and starts asking to see the manager, this dude has a concave ass, he gets his wife a Scripture-Quote-a-Day calendar for her birthday every year and a miniature desk version for Valentine’s Day, asshole chaperones his kid’s sixth grade spring dance and hijacks the playlist to blast nothing but Pat Boone, he won’t let his kids watch Star Wars or Avatar because they “promote Eastern religions”, this guy’s favorite TV show was Dragnet, it’s where he learned about pot, motherfucker follows Tyler Oakley on Twitter, he joined the PTA in trying to get Harry Potter banned from the school library but secretly read all the books, this dickhead drags his family to Sears to buy cardigans and leaves his wife and kids in the dressing room for 45 minutes while he talks to the cute sales clerk, this motherfucker makes fun of people for having gluten allergies, “Salt is a spice!”, this idiot borrow’s his neighbor’s pruning sheers and breaks them while trimming his magnolias and buys a cheaper one from Home Depot and tries to pretend nothing happened, this guy has an autographed photograph of Kirk Cameron that he bought on eBay where he crossed out the former owner’s name and scribbled in his own, motherfucker like this owns a rhino statue decoration he says is made of real ivory but it’s actually just a plastic piece he got from Ikea, this piece of shit’s Bichon Frise will piss on your shoes and he’ll laugh it off and refuse to even offer you a paper towel, “Maximilian left the company last year and I had to pick up his workload so I didn’t have time to take the boat out this month, life’s been really hard”, asshole believes spanking your kids isn’t abuse cuz he got spanked and he turned out fine, this asshole brought his kids to Avenue Q and demanded a refund when he found out it wasn’t a Sesame Street play, this guy smells like a combination of cucumber juice and diesel fuel, he made his daughter sign up for arts and crafts just so he could come along and make potholders, this guy anonymously leaves long messages on forums where he replies to himself and complains about the new Ghostbusters movie, this motherfucker’s idea of kinky is renting Body of Evidence and 37 minutes of missionary with the lights off

Media Literacy and Fandom

I’ve been reading a lot of misinformation that speaks to lack of understanding of the media and how it works which leads to unnecessary outrage or premature outrage.  I’m just going to try and shed a little light on some of the problem areas I have witnessed lately and hopefully challenge some of the outrage discourse surrounding these.

First, regular, recurring and guest star.  The definition of these are a little different than they used to be, but here’s the general gist.

  • Regular The star is contracted for a set number of episodes, not necessarily every episode, and is in the title sequence.  Title sequence =‘s regular.
  • Recurring Recurring characters often start as guest stars, but sometimes can be a former regular.  They play major characters that often return periodically in order to further the story.  They usually reappear when both story and schedule permit. 
    • They’re billed as guest star or special guest star.  Special guest star billing incurs a greater fee and is usually reserved for well known actors.  It can also be negotiated or given to other actors who have played an important role in the series.
  • Guest Star Someone that appears usually for an episode or 2.

Recurring has become the new regular in some cases.  They don’t get the benefits (or pay) of the regulars, but the story gets the benefit of their character.  Additionally it works for the actor too because they get the freedom to pursue other interests/jobs when not at work.

When Floriana was announced as a recurring for season 3, for many reasons a lot of fans assumed that would mean she would be a regular presence within the series.  Speculation based on interviews, or other various sources (many of which were questionable) lent itself to this too.  Unfortunately the truth is when someone wants to move on a recurring role is a great way of keeping their foot in the door, but ultimately they intend to pursue other opportunities.

Ratings Ploy

This is a term I have seen thrown around a lot recently, specifically in relation to information that the fandom has been fed by paparazzi.  Events that occur for ratings lets be honest that’s actually the point of television are promoted through official sources.  This is either through official promotions, or interviews, it is not through the paparazzi.  I’ll address the issue of the paparazzi later in the piece.

This leads into the issue of -


Queerbaiting is intentionally luring queer fans to a show on a promise of a queer relationship they don’t intend to have.  Or, like the 100, it was a concerted and continued effort to go into fan spaces and promote a relationship they they knew they were going to kill off.  Literally.

Supergirl did not enter fan spaces with the promise that Sanvers was a forever relationship.  Nor did they lure people into the show on the promise of a relationship that wont happen.

The ship sailed.

What I see as the issue here is there is a misunderstanding between fan and exec.  For example, the exec will state that the coming episodes will “honour the love” of these characters - this leads the fan to believing that the only way to honour that love is through a long term committed relationship.  Just because fan expectation of that phrase seems counter to what we may get (we don’t know anything until we see the episodes, in context), it doesn’t mean the execs have lied or that they are queerbaiting - it just means that there is a different reading of the same phrase.  Speaking solely for myself, it’s actually possible to honour a relationship and have it end.  They are not mutually exclusive.

To that end I also want to quickly address the fandoms catch cry of -

CW is trash

There is this general idea that because the show is on the CW that the show suddenly became shit (I think this is majorly from people who didn’t watch first season as it aired) and a more poorly represented on than we would have on CBS.  It’s important to note that if the show was still in CBS that Alex would not be gay, that Lord and Alex would be baited like hell even though Maxwell Lord was a sociopath, and the show would not have been written better.

From episode one the show has used a sledge hammer for it’s social commentary, it’s writing has been all over the shop.  It has never been a good tight show, but it had heart.  It had the Danvers Sisters, Cat and Space Dad. Season 2 just built on the problems and inconsistancies of season 1, and created some new ones by isolating the characters into relationships.  Same thing would have happened if it stayed on CBS. 

Ali Adler leaving the show didn’t instantly make it a worse show either… There is zero evidence her continued presence of show runner would have changed anything unfortunately.

Yes, I am aware of the history of CW in killing of gay characters and their mistreatment of POC - but the reason why we attribute it more to CW is because they have more of both in the first place.  Every other network have the same problems, but their level of representation is far lower so is sneaks under the radar in a way the CW doesn’t.

Additionally, CW don’t own the show they broadcast it.  It’s a WB and Berlanti Production, so while CW can gives notes, ultimately they aren’t responsible for the decisions.

Lastly I want to address the issue of -


The paparazzi’s job is to stalk people for money, literally.  Think about it for a moment, the people that are spreading the rumours on what may happen in future episodes is stalking your fave.  Is cornering them at airports, on the street

and outside their homes

. So why are they being listened too?  Why are we, as a fandom who brags about how much we love our fav still have the gumption to apply such cognitive dissonance?

It confuses me.

The particular paps who are promoting the upcoming episode narrative are also on selling to fans.  This means that if they are actively hooking fans into their sphere in order to continue to make money from them through the sale of photographs and autographs.  Many of which were obtained by violating the privacy of your fave.

Now even if the rumour mongering is true, it lacks context and it also is highly preedited information.  We do not know what we are going to ultimately see, neither do they.  But really, they don’t even care.

One of the paps likes to report that Melissa was seen at the airport, but she was suffering from anxiety so we respected her and didn’t take photos.  Really?!?

  1. You don’t get a prize for being a decent human being.
  2. You were there to stalk her, so still no prize.
  3. You have camped out outside of her house, any option of anything that resembles a prize is withdrawn in perpetuity.

Yet fans thanked him for being respectful.  Thanked him.  And hey, it totally worked for him long term because he himself now has a fanbase.  The stalker who is making money of our faves private moments is getting rewarded both financially and with a virtual pat on the back.

And that’s why they spread the outrage.  That’s also why logically you should take everything with a grain of salt.


This is my part video from a meeting with Tessa and Scott.

I want to thank them for taking the time to meet. And even when they first said that they do not have time, they could still go down and talk to us for 15 minutes.

About them I want to say that they are very beautiful, such as in all photos and videos. Tessa’s eyes are amazing. They are very nice, sincerely happy with gifts and thanked, ready to answer questions, give autographs and be photographed. It is unfortunate that we had so little time.

A nice moment, which I really liked. Tesse was presented with hand-made earrings with maple leaves. As soon as she got them and examined them, she immediately showed them to Scott.

P.S. I’m not very good with English, sorry for the translation through Google. And I am ready to answer any questions.

(I fangirl about starkid part 2)

Ok so today was so amazing! I missed a few chances to talk to starkid over the two days bc of being shy and scared of coming across as harassing but today totally made up for it XD

So this morning I achieved peak happiness and heartbreak bc Joey and Lauren passed through the room where my family was a few times (special guests like starkid had their own reserved guest rooms so I really hadn’t been expecting that). The heartbreak was that Joey passed right by my table and Lauren was at one point standing RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I WAS SITTING while I was fixing my lipstick and my brother didn’t think to alert me to this until they’d both gone elsewhere. Then again if I’d noticed Lauren standing a couple feet away I probably would’ve died on the spot.
I know it’s weird af to be obsessing over just being near them but it was so surreal sharing a room with these incredible people.

I got my pic taken with Lauren and Joey at the photograph/autograph event!! It was so amazing to talk to them and they were so cheerful and friendly. Got a pic with them both and I ended up kind of half-hugging Joey which was rad and Lauren leaned on my bro’s shoulder and I died of jealousy. They were both so sweet through the whole thing and I must’ve said a million times how much it meant to me and they had the brightest smiles and just seemed genuinely happy to see my excitement. I couldn’t figure out what to say first and I nearly blurted out “I LOVE YOU” at Lauren but I saved it at the last minute and was like “I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH”. Which isn’t any less true XD And I told them how I’d come just to see them perform :D They were both so wonderful to be around and I can hardly believe it happened tbh :’) Joey has such a pure smile and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it :’)

At one point I was like “k I’m gonna get out of your way now” bc the pic was over and Lauren was like “ oh no it’s fine!!” and I was just struck by how she’s a wonderful person and I wish I’d had it together enough to say that :p

Found out an hour later via Lauren’s instagram that Brian had filmed the whole thing and added his own commentary. I literally cannot believe any of that happened and I feel so, so lucky that I’ve got a record of that experience. What were the odds?! It was so ridiculously lucky!! I don’t even care that he was p much mocking us bc THERE’S A VID ON LAUREN’S INSTAGRAM WITH ME IN IT I CAN’T

Lauren signed the pic for us later and I got to talk to her a bit more which was a blessing. I can hardly remember what I said bc it all felt so rushed and unreal but I’m pretty sure “it’s wonderful to meet you” and “you were amazing in the show” made it into it somewhere. She seemed pretty cheerful so hopefully I wasn’t too overwhelmed by her being there that I said anything weird. According to my brother I said “a lot of flattering things” so…who knows :p She is an absolute angel and she looked so pretty when I saw her,, I still can’t believe that happened :’)

There are so many things I wish I’d said but Starkid’s overall kindness and patience has been such a blessing and made this experience beyond wonderful. Experiencing their show in real life and seeing these amazing people, even talking to them and getting pictures, has been so so incredible and I’m so grateful to them for making that happen.

When you spend forever watching someone on a screen, it’s so magical to meet them in real life and for them to be so friendly towards you. I sincerely hope starkid enjoyed leakycon at least as much as I did because they made me happier than anything and gave me some wonderful memories. I love them so much <3

SamSteve (stam) headcanons

these are basically marriage headcanons cuz i picture them as married in all of these

anyway hope yall enjoy this check out my blog for more headcanons 

L - Lounging around on a lazy day

-after civil war and infinity war sam and steve retire

-they have enough money to do so comfortably 

-everyday is lazyday honestly 

-their ‘laz day’ doesnt necessarily mean being on the couch all day

-their lazy day is going to the museum or taking a walk, watching sunsets, doing stuff they couldnt do all the time when they were in the avengers

-occasionally they will stay in all day

-steve will cook

-sam will cook

-and they will eat their food while scrolling through their respective tumblrs and making making fans go crazy when they upload fanfiction

-sometimes they’ll invite thor and bruce to do stuff (they are sooo a couple in my head. thanks @thenomadsbeard u have caused this)

-sometimes its bucky 

-they get to relax after years and years of fighting

-of course they still do stuff to help the country and shit

-but theyve done their thing (read: saving the world and putting millions of peop,les needs before their own) and now theyre done

-u naw mean

N - Netflix and chilling

-steve is almost always the instigator of sexual stuff (if there is any)

-sam just wants to watch house of cards but someone seems to think he has to eat sams ass all times of the day

-”no steve, u just ate me out 30 minutes ago leave me alone i wanna watch moana”

-steve is so thirsty

-borky burnes is always at their house watching netflix because his broke ass doesnt want to pay for a netflix subscription

-bucky is that one person who makes like a million different emails just to sign up for a bunch of free trials

-steve heard about netflix and chill from tumbr and insists every time he and sam watch netflix it has to be more than just netflix

-sam of course is fine with it but itd be great if he could watch the get down all the way through jut for one day

-(idk i dont watch netflix all that much anymore so idk what to put hope this was enough for yall)

O - Overcoming a fear [include a fear]

-steve is deathly afraid of subways/public transportation

-obviously this is a new fear because little steve used to always ride public transportation

-he feels uncomfortable because hes so buff now

-before he could just blend into the backround and not be approached

-and now since hes a public figure and also really BIG he gets noticed all the time

-sam helps ease steve into subways by giving incentive 

-”i’ll let you eat me out if you buy a metro card babe”

-eventually ,with the help of sam and bucky and occasionally natasha, steve  feels somewhat okay 

-people often ask him for autographs and photographs but hes learned to like it

-i dont think he’ll ever feel fully comfortable 

-but his loved ones have helped a lot

-sam on the other hand is afraid of cats

-ever wonder why he confornts t’challa about being a cat persosn/liking cats

-he needed to see if t’challa was worthy

-sam guesses that panther dont really count as cats per say (sams more afraid of domestic cats)

-domestic cats are the devils servants

-steve learned about sams debillitating fear a whole two years into their relatonship (around the time after civil war)

-steve tries to help him

-”steve grant rogers why the FUCK would you bring a MOTHERFUCKING cat in my house! actually you know what I DONT CARE do you like the couch i thinnk we should get a new one because it might start stinking FROM ALL THE NIGHTS YOU WILL BE SLEEPING ON IT! DO YOU THINK YOUR FANS WOULD BE PrOUD OF SOMEONE WHO USES THEIR FEAR against them!?!

-they break up for one hour then have makeup cuddles and thats the end of that

love y’all ;)

Jay-Z, photographed signing autographs at the infamous Rucker Park basketball courts in Harlem on July 8, 2003.

That Summer Jay, an avid basketball fan, decided to put together an all-star team to make a one-time challenge for the “Entertainers Basketball Classic” (EBC) trophy.  To achieve this he would have to unseat the defending champions: Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad” team. Joey Crack’s team boasted rugged NBA players such as Stephon Marbury and Ron Artest, both of whom had honed their skills in New York school yards. Jigga was unfazed: “I’m going to bring this team together. I’m only going to do it once, and obviously I plan to win.”

The “S. Carter” power clique would include two Rucker veterans, rebound machine John “Franchise” Strickland and sweet shooter Reggie “Hi-5” Freeman, along with NBA players Lamar Odom, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Jamal Crawford, Kenyon Martin, and Sebastian Telfair. If squad numbers were looking low, Jay had the power to make a few calls and have them on a private jet, flying to Harlem for his teams next game.

Hov’s team made it all the way to the final game of the championship, with high hopes of taking away the trophy resting on their secret weapon, Shaquille O’Neal—who was waiting in a New York City hotel for Jay’s call. On August 14 in the final game they were due to face Joey’s “Terror Squad" team; but disaster struck the day of the final: a massive blackout had engulfed New York City, leaving over 55 million citizens in the United States and Canada without electricity for nearly 24 hours. Tournament organizers planned to reschedule the game for the following week, but there was a major problem: Jay had already booked a private jet for August 15 to fly himself and Beyoncé to Europe for a two-week vacation. This was one of their first vacations together, so, as committed as he was to his basketball team, he refused to reschedule or cancel the trip and risk alienating Bey in the early stages of their relationship.

Without Hov operating as the plug to bring in the big names the “S. Carter” team would officially forfeit the match, meaning the “Terror Squad” were uncontested back-to-back champions. Putting his girlfriend over attending the game would mean that the beef between Jay and Fat Joe became stronger than ever.

During the tournament Jay had enlisted hip-hop pioneer and friend Fred “Fab Five Freddy” Brathwaite to capture behind-the-scenes footage. He planned to release it as a DVD documentary, alongside footage of the opening of The40/40 Club and the release of the first Reebok “S. Carter Collection.” When Jay got back from his European holiday he told Fab to stop working on the film, and the project was dead. Fab’s tapes contain hours of footage, from candid interactions between Jay and his players, to shots of some of the best basketball ever to grace The Rucker. Yet they will most likely forever remain filed away, destined to fall short of the public eye.

Anyways, as most of you are already aware of by now, last weekend, after nearly 5 months of planning and stressing over every little detail about, a group of us from Australia (@boothseeleybooth, @seeleybooths, @boothseeley + three of our other friends on twitter: @ohhelloarianna, @iamlladoc, @bianca_proudman and I) had the amazing opportunity to spend an entire weekend at Supanova Melbourne with David Boreanaz, a weekend that we liked to call the ‘David weekend’. And as I’m writing this, it’s been exactly one week since the last time we saw him face-to-face, and we’ve all pretty much spent the whole of last week reminiscing over every little thing that happened during those 3 days, which I’ve tried my best to recap about under the cut below:

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WFUN-AM Interview w/ Larry Kane (Excerpt, You Can't Have That On Tape)
The Beatles

September 2nd, 1964 (Convention Hall, Philadelphia): While the Beatles are having to remain indoors before their evening concert, Larry Kane talks to John and Ringo about the fans’ varying attitudes towards John’s wife Cynthia and the romantic relationships the other Beatles may be pursuing. John implies that other suspicions may arise if they weren’t seen dating around with girls anyway, and Ringo opines that their movements are observed so critically that rumours will run rampant whatever they do.

KANE: Anyhow, [the fans are] outside and they’re saying – I don’t know whether this is just a cover, what do you think – they’re saying, I said, “Why are you down here?” and they said, “We want to bring gifts because we feel so sorry for them.” And uh, also in connection with your wife, you see a lot of fan signs for your wife. Do you think that this is just a cover for the admiration, to get close, it’s just an excuse? Or do you think a lot of people really feel this way?

JOHN: I think that with my wife – I hate saying that word, it sounds so formal – but with Cyn, it starts off as, “Well, he’s hooked, we’ll sort of like them both or we’ll like his wife,” but a lot of them are very genuine here. You can tell, you can see through letters, you know. The letters you get that are addressed to Cyn that say sort of, “I like you,” you know, and this and that, or it’s – oh, I don’t know, they say all sorts of things – are genuine. A lot of them are genuine. And some of them are very – you can read through them, a mile of sort of, “Hello Mrs. Lennon. May I call you Cyn? Could you get me ninety-five autographed photographs of the boys?” Then you know they’re just in it— [starts raving nonsensically]

RINGO: You can tell the genuine fans I think, you know. All these people who saw her write in saying you know, um… Like there was a big thing with Maureen Cox, my – you know, who I happened to take on holiday. She’s a nice girl, and she’s just sort of ordinary, she’s from Liverpool. And the genuine fans wrote in saying, “If you are going with her, good luck, and I hope you’re happy” and that, and then you get these – to me, they’re just half-wits who start writing these letters saying you’re a traitor and all this. But the thing is, we’re human beings and we’re allowed to go with girls, you know. If it hadn’t been Maureen, it would’ve been someone else.

KANE: You’re just like anybody else who would be going out and dating.

RINGO: The thing is, the genuine fans know we’re ordinary human beings, and we go with girls and things like that. But it’s just these people who – I don’t know what to call them, they’re not really fans, they’re just, you know, treads.

JOHN: The [inaudible] part of it is apart from me, the others, if they want to go with girls, they should be allowed to go with them. If they don’t go with girls, say they don’t go and… I mean, that holiday thing that everybody went on was built up into something awful over here. Ringo and Paul went on holiday with a couple of birds along with another old married couple who were about ninety-eight! George—

RINGO: Well. Forty-eight.

JOHN: Well, I mean, you know. Past thirty. But if they don’t, what kind of rumours would be getting around if they don’t get seen with girls, you know? You’ve got one or the other, you’ve either got to have a—

RINGO: Yeah, you either go with girls or you’re called a queer, you know. I mean, I’ve—

JOHN: [laughs] You can’t have that on tape!

RINGO: [unfazed] I’ll have it on tape, I’ve been called a queer. People have said it. If we sort of don’t go with a girlfriend people will start saying you’re queer, you know. You can’t win. That’s a drag.

Lame Nodgers

Summary: You could care less about Marvel, you’re a die hard DC girl but when your friend gets the opportunity to attend the premiere for
Captain America: Civil War, she doesn’t give you the option of not attending. At the premiere, a comment of yours is overheard by a star of the film, he sets out to prove you wrong.

Authors Note: Sex part is rushed, midway through i lost my spark… so to speak. :/

It started off as a joke, an innocent; meaningless joke but somehow it was becoming reality. Valentina ‘Val’ Swaze, she’s been your best friend for a few years now, she didn’t exactly like your personality as you were a wise cracking sarcastic woman but she’d remained your friend. It seems however that a conversation you two had a few months back became realistic. 

“Y/N, if i was able to get us to go see the Civil War Premiere would you go with me?” Val asks out of the blue

You nearly choke on your food after she finishes speaking, “To a Marvel convention? Are you serious?” 

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1966 UK Newspaper Article about Paula Boyd:

Her brother-in-law is a Beatle

SUDDENLY Paula Boyd is the most popular girl in her school.

Not because she is a brilliant pupil or tops at games - but because her brother-in-law is a Beatle.

She is the 14 year-old sister of Mrs. George Harrison. Since the Beatles guitarist married 21 year-old model Pattie Boyd, sister Paula has been idolised by the girls of Hazelhurst private school Wimbledon.

They ask for autographs, photographs and even bits of the famous Beatle mop.

But their big dream is that Paula - of Strathmore Road, Wimbledon Park - will persuade “old girl” Pattie to bring George to the next school prize giving.