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So I recently went to SPN Vegas Con, and decided to get the Dr Seuss Supernatural book I made signed by J2M2.

I couldn’t decide what page I wanted Misha to sign, so I asked him which he would prefer: Cas in the barn, or beating up Dean.

“Oh! Definitely beating up Jensen, please!”

So that’s the one he signed!

Positive response from everyone who saw it. Jared told me it was great and he was a huge Theodore Geisel fan and it was very his style. My poor starstruck brain didn’t connect that’s Dr Seuss’ real name until he pointed it out!

Amazing feeling having my work seen by the people who inspired it. So going to have others sign it when I get to AHBL in May. Shame I didn’t think to put more characters in it!

In my fanon canon (the canon of my fanon) I believe Helena Wayne would be the last child and Bruce would have met his MATCH in stubbornness.
Why do I say this? Well, it may have something to do with three year old Helena staging a protest against naps. She disagrees with them, and thus performs a sit-in.
Bruce tries to convince her to stick with routine…until Selina joins the sit-in.
“What? I was born a rebel. Here, baby, I made a sign. Stick it to the man!”
“Thank you, mommy!”
The older siblings would eventually get home and join the protest, all sitting in the hallway outside her bedroom. Tim makes up chants and rallying cries. Barbara pretends to be a news anchor interviewing Helena for ‘Newz 4 Tots.’ Dick insists on an autograph and Helena draws a butterfly on the back of a receipt. Damian pretends to be a lawyer and 'argues’ with Bruce, shouting “The U.S. Constitution!” each and every time Bruce asks “Who said you could do this?” Jason insists on a speech from their fearless leader, and Cassandra sets up all the stuffed animals to be Helena’s audience.
There’s a roar of applause when Bruce relents and they all shake the toddler’s hand in congratulations. Helena and the pets parade around the house in victory.
Besides being a fun day, Helena has won the right to refuse naps and grows up to be a lawyer.

Witnessed at ECCC: The most adorable thing in the history of things

@enigma731, @kristinadavidovna, and I were waiting in line for our Jeremy Renner autographs. A few people ahead of us in line, there was a little boy, maybe 6 or 7, dressed in an AoU Hawkeye cosplay. When they got up to the table, Renner grinned hugely and gave the kid a high five for his “awesome costume”. The family passed their picture over for Renner to sign.

But then! The little kid shyly passed over a drawing he had made of Hawkeye. “Is this for me?” Renner asked. When the kid nodded, Renner grinned again and told him how awesome it was.

And then! Then he passed over his pen, and he asked the kid if he would autograph his drawing for him.

The 3 of us are now dead from the cuteness.

Here’s a Jensen Ackles portrait I drew last year and the story behind it. 

I am a fan of Supernatural ever since the series began and meeting Jensen is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. When I went to JIBCon6 last year, my dream of meeting him finally came true. With an Angel Pass you don’t have to wait in line very long and I didn’t even have time to be all that nervous before I stood right in front of Jensen at the autograph session. I was with my best friend, because I’m usually a shy mess in front of people, especially if they are Jensen fucking-beautiful-human-being Ackles. I said ‘Hi’ and the girl next to him gave him my drawing. He greeted me and was just about to sign it, when I said ‘Be careful you don’t get pencil on your hands’. With a confused look on his face he looked at me and then at my friend, who was right beside me. ‘It’s a drawing’, she said. At first he laughed and I didn’t know what to do with that, but it turns out he didn’t believe it before he touched it carefully and had some pencil on his fingers. ‘Holy crap, this is amazing’, was his reaction. He was touched I made it for him and I was so incredibly touched that he actually liked it. I figured they see so much absolutely amazing fan art, mine must be pretty ordinary. But he made me feel so special and good. Long story short: Jensen is such a sweet, caring person who deserves all the love. 


Daddy Jongin: Moodboard 3/?? 

  • literally right after she was born and he held her he tells you “lets have another one” and you almost choke him 
  • calls his daughter “princess” or “angel”
  • paints her little toe nails for her
  • adopts a puppy so she can grow up with it
  • shows off pictures of his daughter to everyone
  • the rest of exo are the “uncles”
  • cries when he finds out she wants to be a ballerina
  • always wants her cute little kisses
  • watch cartoons in the morning while eating cereal together in the living room
  • lets her give him “makeovers”
  • loves it when she falls asleep on him
  • attempts to make breakfast together for you
  • calls/video chats you while he’s on tour to talk to his princess and “babies”(aka the dogs)
  • cries when he has to work for long schedules because he won’t see her as much
  • always tries to do her hair but can’t even pull off one braid so her hair’s a big curly mess when you’re not around
  • puts her on his feet to dance with him
  • exo uncles always wanting to babysit her
  • laughs really hard when chanyeol or baekhyun get hit by her
  • jongdae tried singing her to sleep but went overboard on those high notes so she slapped him on the mouth 
  • his princess wants to “marry sehun” and he gets jealous
  • you take her to a fansign event once in a while to surprise him and she sits on his lap waving to people the whole time
  • sometimes people ask for her “autograph” and she draws a cute little doodle of a dog
  • uncle suho won’t stop making dad jokes and she’s not amused
  • all three of you cried when one of your dogs got a little sick and had to go to the vet
  • jongin comes home to see his “sweetheart” and his “princess” sleeping in a dog pit on the living room floor (of course he joins you two and falls asleep almost immediately)
  • she gave him her favorite little stuffed animal when he had to leave for tour so he can have something to remember her by (to which chanyeol & sehun have to drag him out of your house cus he’s sobbing and really doesn’t want to leave his little angel)
2017: year of the rooster, year of Wano, year of Zoro and Robin!

Image taken from: @jyojikichise

We know that year 2017 in Japan is the year of the rooster, symbol of change, of the arrival of light and of the courage. We can see it in Weekly Jump’s cover.

It seems that this sign concerns quite Zoro and his relationship with Robin, which appear at a decisive turning point. In fact, in the past Zoro had been associated with the roosters in various covers but, in the scene where Bartolomeo, after Dressrosa arc, asks his heroes their autographs, let’s look to Robin’s autograph: it contains the drawing of a bird, and the bird is the symbol of Robin. OK. But it is also the picture of a rooster! 

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OMG, it’s back guys. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

 I had given it up for gone.  I told myself that if I didn’t get it by the end of April it was lost somewhere in the mail.  

I walked in today and literally said out loud “Holy SHIT” when I saw it waiting for me on my kitchen table.  

Not only did he sign it, but wrote a personal note on the back of the 2x22 front page of the script.

I’m on cloud nine. (for the second time in a month because of this beautiful human being)

For those of you that can’t read his handwriting the note says;  “Dear Anika, You are tremendously talented - thank you for your kind words and thanks for noticing my “power slide”. One of my more enjoyable on screen moments.  All the best to you.  Tom

Time to spend a fortune on getting this baby framed.


#色紙途中 #ちなみに #この絵は #本編と #なんも関係ない #ただのラビです

it’s not udon, it’s a putty rubber/eraser. it’s sometimes a necessary item for drawing on shikishi*.
#in progress shikishi #by the way #this drawing is #an original version #nothing special #it’s the regular lavi

* shikishi is a special type of board used for autographs, drawings and poetry.

sorry guys, looks like this wasn’t referring to his right eye in the slightest ;v;

Loo signed my drawing, said I was very talented and gave me a hug. However, she was incredibly upset because she had been told off, saying that she was spending too much time talking with her fans.

So, just as I was about to meet her, she burst into tears and I felt awful. She took a few minutes before coming back and I comforted her, told her that we all appreciated her and that the ‘big nasty man can do one!’ She signed my drawing and told the rest of us to come back a little later for a chat.