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  • Mom: So we're paying 485.00 for you to meet a person..
  • Me: He's not jus-
  • Tom: Shut your face,I'm Spider-Man
  • Me: yeah what he said..

This is why female representation in movies matter

I forgot to mention i went to Phoenix Comic Con on Friday (my first con) but it was all so i can meet All Might’s voice actor Christopher Sabat XD
I was freaking out too much but it was the best experiance in my life!
My friend record my freaking out/ fangirling like crazy XD
It was also so cool how he told me that when he saw my limited edition book it reminded him of when he first started for Dragon Ball Z. That fans would go up to him and show him merchandise he’s never seen before. But now its been years and he’s seen it all. But looking at my book brought back that feeling and memory. Heheh he was just so awesome!!!

He asked how to pronounce my name, then said it and smiled and said it was gorgeous.
I asked him to write something in Romanian, and he stopped to think and my friend said “He’s probably just insulting you.” And I said “Its probably because I made him think” and he fUCKING GIGGLED

He did say it was a bit difficult because he never gets to write in Romanian, so I advise you ask him if you want it yourself!

10/10 would go see him again VIP is worth it because you get moments like these!

When I went in for my photo op I wanted to make sure I had gotten the correct translation. When I asked him what he wrote, he kind of chuckled, blushed, and looked away.
“I’m kissing you and can’t wait to see you later.”

Does anyone know of someone that works with audio software that can single out something in a voice recording? I went in for my photo op with Sebastian and asked him what my autograph said. I know the exact times when he speaks in the recording, it’s just that it’s so muffled by surrounding noise, I was hoping someone could help me single it out?

This gorgeous, wonderful, amazing person made my day and I encourage you, if you’re thinking of going in October to Tulsa - do it.