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What sports would the exwires play

This is really interesting, I actually suck at sports and all psychical actives so google will be my off for spots shit. Thank you for requesting :))


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Rin really likes baseball, he has ever since he was child. He was pretty good at playing it in gym class and enjoys playing it on occasion with his friends. Mephisto even tries to encourage him to try out for the school team, with his demonic abilities and natural talent for it, he’d do well Him and his dad used to watch it on TV together and sometimes attend games when he was younger. He has an autographed ball signed by his favourite player that he keeps on is desk.


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Renzou does judo, he went to classes when he was a child because he wanted to defend himself against his brothers. Sadly’s for him they also took it and could still beat the crap outta him. He stuck with it and still attends regular classes, he also thinks it improves his skills for the Illuminati as well


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He does karate, being a monk and all was a somewhat peaceful life and with all his pent up anger he needed a safe way to let it all out. His father suggested karate lessons when he was a child, and Ryuji is top of his class.


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Koneko plays curling, they played it at school as a child and enjoyed playing it ever since. When he found out True Cross has a team, he immediately signed up. 


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Surprisingly, Shiemi is really good at darts, she was never good at sports but she used to play with her grandmother in her childhood and got good at it. 


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Izumo enjoys horse back riding, her and Paku used to ride together as children and she still occasionally goes riding sometimes, she even competed in a few local amateur competitions and always came either second or first, she also loves horses.


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Nemu does kendo, he’s done many sports as extra circular activities since he came from a good background, however kendo was his favourite and he’s stuck by it.


151010 Shinhwa at Japan 10x10 Party Fanmeet: The Pumpkin Basket Story

This was during the 6PM show.  After Shinhwa members finished throwing autographed balls to the audience, Eric was saying he tried to throw an autographed ball twice at this man who was spotted holding up a place card at both 2PM & the 6PM show but the man couldn’t catch it (being a male fan or accompanies some one to the fanmeet does stand out in the sea of female fans XD).   Eric wished they had prepared more balls and some one said there’s the pumpkin basket left.  Eric picked up the basket and made his way down the stage to give it to the man.  He didn’t need to do so and the man probably would not even mind but Eric did any way.  Little things like that but it shows how genuinely appreciative he is to the fans.

Love how Eric greeted the man.  Always looks very well-mannered and proper.

Sharing a couple extra preview versions in the mean time (yep, couldn’t wait for the HD version XD).

Fanaccount by Annie & Nigoric + Eric Mun.tumblr
All credit to owners as on photos


One of my followers asked me if I took photos of what I brought from Japan, so here they are!

The first photo is the display where I keep my Sebastian’s figures & I got the new Sega figure so that’s new XD, also I put the autographed ball I got from the event.

the things I didnt photographed were the event’s book, clearfile, postcard, & blanket. I forgot to buy the artworks >____> 

Sebastian… damn that man, he’s very expensive; I went to K-Books & many other second-hand stores and he wasnt anywhere to be found and if he was, the prices were high. I dont know why the characters I love the most are the most expensive (example: Midorima Shintarou, Tachibana Makoto & Asahina Fuuto ) well actually I know…. they’re pretty popular.. but still… &so I got the chance to see the rubber keychains from the Youme Cafe and Sebastian was 10,000yen.. yep, almoSt 100 USD sorry but it wasnt that pretty and the price was crazy.

Whenever I bought kuroshitsuji merch, my friend robbed me all the Ciels & grells, she was a meanie lol

I went crazy on Kuroko no Basuke merch because it was everywhere, I got lots of my favorite carrot; as for Mako-chan, he was nowhere to be found until I went to the arcade and won one of the cushions >3>! 

anyways, the photos includes items from the seiyuu event, the animate cafe & from retail stores! Oh I also saw lots of doujinshi on toranoana, K-books, Mandarake too bad I’m not into sebaciel or I would bought some!



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This is not so much “merch” as it’s the exact opposite of mass produced for consumption. But, it’s definitely awesome. This is a production cel (meaning it was used in making the show) signed by both the original Japanese voice actor (Toshio Furukawa) on the lower left and the first English voice voice actor (Scott McNeil) on the lower right.

I still haven’t been able to identify the scene it was used in though. If anyone recognizes that, I’d love to finally place where it was used!

This is a follow up to the previous submission. This is the pencil drawing (the douga) for the related cel. There’s nothing exceptional about this one, other than it’s a good companion picture to the actual cel it’s self.