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christenpress: *GIVEAWAY!* Fueling my body with the right kind of food, like açai, is a huge part of my life and career. That’s why I’m excited to team up with @Sambazon to help you do the same! Three lucky winners are going to get an autographed soccer ball from me plus a supply of Sambazon’s Organic Superfruit Packs — Original, Pure Unsweetened, Supergreens and Performance Protein. 

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Just like the post babys  ☆ ★ ☆   credit automatic 

  • {português}

parece que temos um xeroque romes aqui não é  mesmo

nois eh timido,nao santo

nao escolhi ser piranha,a piranhagem me escolheu

como eu durmo a noite ? pergunte ao seu namorado

profissional na piranhagem 

anti(nome do seu shipper) nao passara

bem-vindos ao sapabonde

britney sem playback sou eu assim sem voce

voce nao usa calcinha,usa porta-joias

chegou a que fala top

enaltecendo eu mesma

o oceano é  pacifico mas nós é  locão mermo

nao gostou ? manda virus

isso é  tão blackmirror

aceita ticket de alimentação?

se ta dificil pra mim imagina pra mim que sou eu


comprometida com a viadagem 

nao confio em gente que nao shippa casal gay

me chama de mágica e deixa eu fazer magia com meus dedos

eu não sou pavê…reflita

se to aqui é  pra divulgar meus ídolos

só  posto putaria 

é  tanto fandom que nao cabe aqui 

nao fala top é  suicidiosocial

eu sei lá  mano eu to só  aqui

na faculdade de piranha eu me formei 69 vezes

psicologicamente instável pelas minhas séries

viciada em porno gay

sem autografos minha mao ta cansada 

  • {english}

i need money, not feelings bitch

sarcasm is my only defense

i do not follow rules, i follow the flow

thank you for saying something that no one cares

i’m fucking crazy, but i’m free

not today satan


yeah I smoke pot, yeah I love peace

no autographs bitch

suck my balls

peace muthafuckers

but,my dear,this is not wonderland

i don’t like to feel feelings,i like to feel orgasm

life is better when you are bitch

i wanna be a powerpuff girl

welcome to twitter rainbow

i’ll expose her on the internet

fuck you,i’m beautiful

what’s up bitches

it’s so fandom that it does not fit here

how do I sleep at night? ask your boyfriend


I’m finally on my way home from a weekend at comic con! I had a really good time but it’s going to take a while now for me to recover. I’ve only been MIA from Tumblr for a couple of days but I missed you guys a lot, lol.

Check out these autographs I got from some voice actors. I got Ichigo for me, and Goku & Vegeta / Piccalo for my little brother Dalton. Oh, and Vegeta told me I looked beautiful. ☺

I’m excited to post some picks soon of myself representing Kagome in my kimono dress. (I decided to save the female Inuyasha cosplay I’ve gotten ready for the professional photoshoot I’ve booked.)

stovepipehat  asked:

Hey. I've been playing Revelations: Persona 5 and I wanna know if I can both unlock Dodger Stadium as a hangout spot and get the autographed foul ball before hitting Rank 6 with Marie. Thanks.

I think the only other possible way to unlock Dodger Stadium as a hangout spot during Rick Simpson’s rank 10 event, so I’d go with that.

hello! i’m 17 and this is part of my current bedroom. this dresser was my grandma’s and is one of my favorite things in my room. on it i have a bunch of random things: my fisheye camera in a hand bowl, another camera, makeup, a zebra figurine i got at a garage sale, an autographed tennis ball, a french slang book, my favorite interpol record, etc. if you have questions about anything just ask!

christenpress: *GIVEAWAY!* Fueling my body with the right kind of food, like açai, is a huge part of my life and career. That’s why I’m excited to team up with @Sambazon to help you do the same! Three lucky winners are going to get an autographed soccer ball from me plus a supply of Sambazon’s Organic Superfruit Packs — Original, Pure Unsweetened, Supergreens and Performance Protein.
To enter, follow @Sambazon and tag a friend on their most recent post. It’s easy to enter and I’ll pick the winners by May 5, 2017 #sambazon #acai #sharesambazon #giveaway

Sterek Fic: With the City Below - T, 2k words

With the City Below (2062 words) by frek
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Lawyers, Alternate Universe, First Kiss, Drinking, sterek, Suits and Ties
Summary: Okay so maybe it’s a post case celebration. It’s the first case Derek let Stiles take the lead on and he had won and Derek couldn’t be more proud. (Suits inspired lawyer AU)
Notes: Written for the incredible aeveenien for her birthday. <3

- - -
As always, you can read below, or click the link above to read it on AO3

And don’t forget to check out the lovely art geeky-sova drew to go with this fic. <3
- - -

Derek led Stiles through the office after they arrived back from the courthouse. The smiles seemingly plastered on both their faces spoke volumes about the case Stiles had tried just a few short hours before. It had been the first case Derek had let him take solo and he had come out on top. Stiles was ecstatic, riding the high of his first win, and Derek couldn’t have been more proud of his protégé. They had stayed after court had been adjourned, discussing the details with their client before taking their leave and heading back to the office, intending to finish up the paperwork before calling it a weekend.

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Tainted love / Neymar Jr


A year has passed since we got married still enjoying the married life, and still enjoying each other’s company. It’s been a year since I applied to Barca to be one of their junior physical therapist. And today we’re celebrating our First wedding anniversary, and we’re also heading to the Ballon’dOr awarding ceremonies which I’m excited for, because I know Neymar’s time is now.

“Neymar, love. Are you all set?” I said, while I spray my favorite scent on my wrist, and on my neck, and grabbed my purse.

I went at the bathroom of our hotel room finding Neymar struggling to put his bowtie on his neck. “Oh the good old days, my baby still struggling to put his bow tie on.” I said, and started tying his bow tie on his neck. “You look stunning.” Neymar said, while he was looking me in the eyes.

“I know.” I jokingly said and giggled. “You look hot too. But you could be hotter if you just know how to tie your bow.” I said, and he laughed. After seconds of tying his bow, I fixed his colar, and made him wear his suit.

“Thank you so much, meu amore. I couldn’t have done everything without you.” He said, and smiled. I looked at him, as I knew that this is the right time to say what I have been hiding for weeks now, I know that he will be surprised, knowing that we all have been waiting for this. “Of course, I couldn’t have done this without you too.” I said, showing the picture of me holding the pregnancy test with two red lines on it.

Neymar looked dazed and confused, while he was looking at the photo of me, and zoomed it in the pregnancy test. “2 lines is for…positive? You’re p-pregnant?!” He said, as tears started to form on the brim of his beautiful eyes, and a smile broke into his mouth.

“Yes baby, I am.” I said, while he was hugging me, and kissed me on my forehead. “Oh! I’m going to be father, since when were you pregnant? That explains the crave for pizza, ice cream and cuddles, eh?” He said, as we started walking down the hotel’s lounge area where a car was waiting for us to bring us to the awarding.

“Because we were all so busy these past few weeks, and I don’t want to distract you during your games and trainings. Well we’re about 8 weeks.” I said after we’ve settled down on the car. I rested my hands on his thigh as I know he’s still nervous about the awarding ceremony. “Love, I’m never too busy or distracted for those kinds of news. Did you already have your check up?” He asked.

“Yes, everything’s fine, it’s normally growing.” I said, as we’ve already arrived at the red carpet. “This is it Neymar, I’m wishing you all the best, and I’m just here for you.” I said, as I kissed his cheeks before we went out.

The camers flashed, a lot of people shouting Neymar’s name, shouting in excitement to see their idol. “Go I’ll wait.” I said, as he started signing jereseys, balls, and autograph books, and took some photos too. I can’t hide my smiles knowing how they love Neymar.

After some minutes Neymar and I entered the Ballon D’Or’s venue, and found our seats in the front of the big golden stage. “This is it, it’s about to start.” I said, and smiled trying to calm him down.

May it be Cristiano, Lionel, or Neymar I know everything will be fine, they all deserve the award. But I do believe it’s Neymar’s time right now. “Good evening everyone, welcome to 26th Ballon D’Or awarding ceremonies.” The host said.

Later on after wating for all the awardings to finish, it was time for the Men’s Ballon D’Or award. “Are you ready to know who the winner of the 2016 Ballon D’Or award is, well, here we go.” The host said. The projector revealed, Neymar as the new winner. I looked at Neymar in shock, even I can’t not believe that it’s him.

The crowd clapped, and Lio hugged him, and Cristiano shook his hand. Before going to the stage, Neymar smacked a kiss on my lips, and whispered. “Obrigada, meu amor.” And went straight ahead the stage to receive the award, and to have his speech at the podium.

“Good-good evening everybody, first of all I want to thank God the almight for giving me this opportunity to win the prestigious award, for always looking after me during the games and the training. I want to thank FC Barcelona, and Brazil NT, and the entire FIFA. My family for the support, and for the happiness you’re all giving me, I couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your suport. And lastly my wife, Y/N. Thank you for keeping up with me, thank you for waking up early just for you to wake me up in the early trainings. Thank you for the love, and thank you for carrying our little bundle of joy inside you. The dream isn’t over just because I received this prestigious award, but it just gave me clearer view of what’s ahead of me. Obrigado!” Neymar said, and raised the award, and had a picture with all of the awardees, and they all went down the stage.

“Congratulations Neymar, I know it’s you.” I said, and hugged him, and kissed me on my lips. “Well, it’s because of you. I love you.” He replied, and held my hand, kissing it after.

This night has been so good, Neymar won the Ballon D’Or award, which was a childhood dream for him, and I know that he very happy right at this moment, as his smile won’t fade on his face. And especially I’ve already told him that we’re expecting.

Welcome to the Club

On the twenty-third of November, the Chat Noir Fan Club officially met for the first time. It was an incredibly prestigious and important event, where to get in, one had to sign their name – print was acceptable; few had actually perfected cursive at this time - take a pledge – “Chat Noir is my hero and has a purr-etty face” - and memorize the secret codeword – cataclysm, so secret that no one outside the club could possibly guess it. Seven girls and four boys showed up, as well as Patch the neighborhood cat (after being convinced to come inside the small shed the club was held in with a bit of catnip Martin brought from home), so twelve members total were recorded, all age six save for Samantha (a proud seven year old) and Patch (whose real age the world might never know). It was impressive, to say the least.

The meeting started once everyone was inside and signed up, proudly wearing homemade cat ears or tails in honor of their hero. The first order of business was to scrawl whiskers on each other’s faces with a permanent black marker. It was messy, crude, and a few members ended up with beards or mustaches, but overall a success. That complete, the club members then began creating letters and pictures with two sixty-four packs of crayons (the ones with sharpeners in them because of course this was a very elite club) to send to Chat Noir to tell him how much they loved him. Some drew his stick-figure image proudly, others drew sketched hearts and wrote I love you’s, and a few doodled pawprints and ladybugs and let him know they were rooting for him in his pursuit of Ladybug’s heart.

It doesn’t last very long; most members had naps to take and snacks to munch, so they wave and say goodbye and promise to meet the next weekend. Overall it was considered a success, and they all couldn’t wait for the next week.

In the next meeting, the members were buzzing with excitement after a recent akuma attack. They had crowded inside Samantha’s house around the computer, constantly refreshing the Ladyblog to watch their hero in his battle against evil. At last, the video is uploaded, and they quickly press play.

Ten minutes later, their happy, excited faces were replaced with disappointed frowns, grumpy scowls, and the threat of oncoming tears. Chat Noir had appeared in the video a single time, when using his cataclysm, and even that was cut off to watch Ladybug do her thing. The report beneath the video was full of nothing but praise for Ladybug (Samantha read while her mother corrected her pronunciations), without a single sentence about their beloved hero.

Obviously, this meant war.

The meeting after they went to work, using bits of cardboard Cody had snatched from his recycling to write how they felt. “We want Chat Noir!” one proclaimed. “Chat Noir’s our hero!” another declared. Cries for Chat Noir were scrawled down on the cardboard in neon green marker, the words spell-checked by Samantha, and though there were a few backwards r’s and smudged n’s, the members believed they got their point across.

Miss Alya, founder of the Ladyblog, was Tina’s babysitter, so she led the Chat Noir Fan Club members (including Patch, held struggling in Martin’s arms) to her house. Once they arrived, the held up their signs and shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Where’s Chat Noir?!”

“We want Chat Noir!”

“Chat Noir’s our hero!”

“Chat Noir’s the best!”

“You forgot Chat Noir!”

It took some time, but eventually Miss Alya opened the door and, after snapping a few pictures of her protesters, tried to make peace with the Fan Club. She apologized for not having so many shots of Chat, and promised to make more of an effort to include him in future reports. Satisfied that they had succeeded in their first club protest, the members went home happy and content.

At the next meeting, they were surprised and delighted to find themselves on the Ladyblog, holding up their cardboard signs. “Chat Noir fans stand up for their hero,” Samantha read, and the members cheered and high-fived. They had done it! They won!

Their cheering stopped at a knock on the door, and they crowded around to see who it was. Martin had the deepest voice, so he asked the intruder, “What’s the secret codeword?”

There was a pause, a soft chuckle, and then, “Would it happen to be… cataclysm?”

The members gasped and threw open the door, in wide-eyed amazement when there stood Chat Noir himself, grinning down at them. He waved, tail curling slightly as he looked them over. A moment passed, then two, and then there was a scream.

“You’re Chat Noir!”

In an excited wave of tiny arms and legs, the children launched themselves at him, to hug him or touch his tail or hold out one of their pictures for him to see. Chat laughed and kneeled down to their level, making sure to gift everyone (even Patch) an official Chat Noir hug and let them touch his suit as they pleased. He looked at each and every letter and picture, gathering them up and promising to put them all over his walls at home. He signed autographs on balls or favorite toys, on random pieces of paper and even on cheeks. Throughout it Chat was laughing and grinning, happy to see that he had fans who actually liked him for him and not for Ladybug.

Eventually they dragged him inside the shed, explaining that today’s game was Duck Duck Goose and insisting he be first. The members sat in a circle on the floor, and slowly Chat touched the top of each person’s head before selecting a “goose” and dancing around the circle. They played several rounds – he made sure other children were picked and not just himself – and Chat let them catch him every time.

The day slowly came to a close and Chat said he had to get going, but he asked when the next meeting would be and promised he would be there again since it was so much fun. Each member hugged him goodbye, sniffling slightly but he brushed away every tear with a wink and a grin. After giving them a salute, Chat took off for the Parisian rooftops.

Chat Noir always came to every meeting after, sometimes bringing gifts or snacks for his fan club to enjoy. They in turn would give him more drawings and advice on how to get Ladybug to like him. He let them “patrol” with him sometimes, and slowly Paris got used to the sight of Chat Noir being followed by a pack of children with whiskers on their faces while Ladybug stared, unsure whether to find it adorable or concerning (adorable, of course, and soon the club received an anonymous gift box of handmade Chat Noir hoodies with cat ears on top). She’s happy for her partner, and the grin on his face as he parades them around proudly is worth every extra pun from the Kitten Noirs.

Not many know this, but Chat Noir carries around three pictures in his pocket at all times. They are there to remind him why he fights, why he continues to do what he does, who he’s protecting. The first is of his classmates, their first class photo, with each new friend he had slowly and awkwardly made. The second is of Ladybug, a Ladyblog photo that he had decided did some justice to her radiance. The third and final, though, is of a group of children in cat-eared hoodies and a cat held in the middle, grinning up at the camera. They are the Chat Noir Fan Club, they are his Kitten Noirs, and they are why he fights.

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One of my followers asked me if I took photos of what I brought from Japan, so here they are!

The first photo is the display where I keep my Sebastian’s figures & I got the new Sega figure so that’s new XD, also I put the autographed ball I got from the event.

the things I didnt photographed were the event’s book, clearfile, postcard, & blanket. I forgot to buy the artworks >____> 

Sebastian… damn that man, he’s very expensive; I went to K-Books & many other second-hand stores and he wasnt anywhere to be found and if he was, the prices were high. I dont know why the characters I love the most are the most expensive (example: Midorima Shintarou, Tachibana Makoto & Asahina Fuuto ) well actually I know…. they’re pretty popular.. but still… &so I got the chance to see the rubber keychains from the Youme Cafe and Sebastian was 10,000yen.. yep, almoSt 100 USD sorry but it wasnt that pretty and the price was crazy.

Whenever I bought kuroshitsuji merch, my friend robbed me all the Ciels & grells, she was a meanie lol

I went crazy on Kuroko no Basuke merch because it was everywhere, I got lots of my favorite carrot; as for Mako-chan, he was nowhere to be found until I went to the arcade and won one of the cushions >3>! 

anyways, the photos includes items from the seiyuu event, the animate cafe & from retail stores! Oh I also saw lots of doujinshi on toranoana, K-books, Mandarake too bad I’m not into sebaciel or I would bought some!



151010 Shinhwa at Japan 10x10 Party Fanmeet: The Pumpkin Basket Story

This was during the 6PM show.  After Shinhwa members finished throwing autographed balls to the audience, Eric was saying he tried to throw an autographed ball twice at this man who was spotted holding up a place card at both 2PM & the 6PM show but the man couldn’t catch it (being a male fan or accompanies some one to the fanmeet does stand out in the sea of female fans XD).   Eric wished they had prepared more balls and some one said there’s the pumpkin basket left.  Eric picked up the basket and made his way down the stage to give it to the man.  He didn’t need to do so and the man probably would not even mind but Eric did any way.  Little things like that but it shows how genuinely appreciative he is to the fans.

Love how Eric greeted the man.  Always looks very well-mannered and proper.

Sharing a couple extra preview versions in the mean time (yep, couldn’t wait for the HD version XD).

Fanaccount by Annie & Nigoric + Eric Mun.tumblr
All credit to owners as on photos