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Can you do an analysis on Yuzuru's autograph/signature and how it evolved throughout the years?

Oh well, this is actually quite interesting, cause I realized how extra Yuzuru is even with his signature (why did I even expect otherwise XP)

So far, we only know of two Yuzuru’s signatures, the mushroom one when he was younger, and the one he uses until now. I don’t really know the specific time that he changed his signature, but he used the mushroom one as far as 2009-2010 season, so I suppose he changed it when he went senior.

On the signatures themselves, let’s take a look at the mushroom signature:

He put lots of stuffs in there. We can all see the his Yuzu-shenko self here with the bowl cut. I think as people called him Mushroom-kun when he was small so it gradually became a thing for him (though he hated it lol). The body of Mushroom-kun is the Japanese flag and he smartly drew it so that we can see JPN, which stands for the country he represents, Japan. And at the end of his name, he put the drawing of a skate boot there, and I’m like “Dude, that’s so extra for just a signature!!! XD”

Onto the second and his present signature, this is how it started out, quite neat and readable.

The idea is quite simple. It’s just “Yuzuru”, and he adds some strokes at the end to make it become HN, which stands for Hanyu, at the end of the signature. [edit: according to @kichessarjilian (thanks dear :D), it looks like JPN rather than HN, especially in those he did earlier in 2012, which makes a lot of sense given the JPN in the mushroom signature]. And of course he had to make the ‘Y’ letter into a wing symbol *extra*. Some may say that the curve and the 2 dots at the bottom of both of his signatures is the drawing of a skating boot, but I’m not sure about this, cause it’s quite common where I live to add those strokes to end your signature (I have no idea why lol). [edit: now that I closely look at the signature above, it seems like those last strokes are a part of the wing symbol? That might be it!]

But as he uses it more and get comfortable with it, he kinda cut short his signature after letter z and his ‘Y’ stroke is also larger now, but the wing symbol looks so bad now also for that reason :)))

Yuzuru’s signature varies, cause sometimes he has to do lots of them. Here’s one example when I feel like he just got lazy after the letter ‘z’, and like “whatever!!” XD

Bonus: Ok his signatures are packed with stuffs, but did you know he got his own cute stamp??? With a wing and a mushroom beside his name!!! LOL this is beyond me, I bow to you Mr. Yuzuru Extra Hanyu XD

(As a CCS fan, I would like to spend a moment to appreciate how he draws the wings the exact way that I love <3)

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