Auto Fresh in Corona July 28, 2012

This will be my most ambitious car weekend yet.  Prior to this meet, I was at Cars and Coffee in Irvine.  Tomorrow, I will be visiting Extreme Autofest.

Going from an event in Irvine to this one can cause any one to experience culture shock.  After all, you will go from high-end, idealistic, timeless cars to a raw and individualistic culture.  These cars are not completely down-to-earth either as many of them have wings.

– The Avian Class –

– The Mammalian Class –

When I first heard this guy roll in, I thought he has a typical SR20 or KA-T swap but he is actually running a RB20.  Well done.

Personally, I am not an overzealous fan of Lamborghini doors but I am glad they added some diversity to my events.  So whether you are of an avian, mammalian, or even an amphibious variety, I bid you a job well done.


Perch on good sir.

Turbo Tuesdays! Shout out to @boostlab for this beast! Check out their page they are definitely your one stop shop for turbo repair/ service.
Pictured here is a 950 whp supra running the boost lab bl375r turbo. Aem v2, hks 272 and many more mods!! #automints #autofresh #minty #supra #2j #toyota

@squidcam_cha kept the theme simple for his mr2, build a quick car with only the necessary components.
Mods: work equips
17x9 and 16x8 high +32, 255 and 225 tires
Ohlins coilovers with swift springs
Forged internals
Hks 264 cams
Apexi power fc
Garrett gt30r turbo
E85 at 21 psi
94+ exterior parts
#automints #minty #autofresh #mr2 #sw20 #becauseracecar