autofactory realize

lol, that article made by autofactory realize is so fucking retarded

“grorious nippon drifting is the best drifting!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Most people at any given Formula D event today do not know who Yasuyuki Kazama is. They don’t know what Dart Izumi is. But they sure do know what Sikky and Hoonigan are.”

LOL, just because people dont know m-muh japanese drifter celebs doesnt mean that they dont have a true passion for drifting, or dont deserve to be into drifting. so what if america has its own drifting subculture? does every culture have to cookie cut japan? 

you guys are being pretentious narcissistic weeaboos, thinking that just because you were into something longer than someone else, it automatically makes you better than them. you were the same way once, and there are some people that were into drifting even longer than you have been 

and those people who have been into drifting longer than you know not to act like bigots and think theyre better than you, because they know that only children cry about who started it first.