autocorrect fails series

Lost In This Moment

Part 10 in the No Place Like You Series. 

Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1430

Warnings: Language. Cavities… lots of cavities. It’s too sweet haha. 

A/N: Remember, THIS IS FICTION. There is no way hate intended to his family. For the purposes of this series, Jensen is single. 

The town in this fic is not named, but I drew from the time I spent in Athens,GA, so you will see references to places in that town, because it very much represents the kind of town I pictured for this part. *ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM GOOGLE. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE IMAGES. ALL CREDIT TO OWNER.*  

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*Unedited- Please excuse any grammar/spelling/autocorrect fails* 


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The events of today’s FaceTime incident flood my mind as I make my way out to the front door of Y/F/N and I’s apartment building. I still can’t believe she would do such a thing, well, I take that back. I can believe it, but seriously. I mean why would she think that would be a good idea. I just hope tonight’s not all awkward. 

Jensen is right on time, greeting me with a smile as I step out. “Hey Y/N!” He says quite bright and cheerfully. Okay so far so good. 

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Kaijou ft. Autocorrect fails more like kikasa autocorrect fails pfft

Kaijou dorks being victimized by the horrors of autocorrect

[Part 2 on the way]

[lots of requests for the other schools, they’ll happen eventually, sorry not sorry]