anonymous asked:

i'm not currently working in my field (adulting is stupid), but i have a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis on interpersonal communication, leadership, and social media! through my courses studied body language, digital/new age media, public relations, advertising, etc. i'm currently applying to be a social media marketing analyst for a few companies in the area. (:

ADULTING (see look my phone autocaps’ it) is very stupid but you are very cool!

irlmysterion asked:

for like the what do u call it,,, the fucking internet style typing shit how abt butters??? come on don't leave out m'boy :-(

oh fucc!! i tend to leave butters out on accident :(( sorry
Butters would type with correct capitalization, since his phone has the autocaps on and he doesn’t know how to turn it off. He would type with emojis and such, which tends to get annoying with the others. Sometimes, he would use nicknames like “hun” or “sweetie” with the occasional “oh hamburgers!!” Also, he uses exclamation points most of the time at the end of his messages. (Not using the quick brown fox) Example:
“No problem sweetie!!😊😄”
“Oh geez!! Whatre we gonna do?!?😦😦”
“Hey guys!!😀😃”
(sorry if the emojis are.. wrong. im on a samsung device and the emojis :) are :) literal :) shit :) )