“Will you still listen to my wish and fear when rumbles are becoming my voice?

Will you still call for my name when I have lost identity to insanity?

Will you still see who I was when I have already sunken…drowning in my own power?

Will you still serve me?

Will you still stay by my side? 

Will you still love me…when I know nothing but anger and hate?”

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Commission time!

A piece featuring my favorite pokemon Pidgeot, and… me! (yes, I AM the trainer. and yes, I’m fully aware that I’m 26 years old..) 

Thank you for the awesomeness @autobottesla! Couldn’t be happier about how it turned out!


Cloyster Nicknames:

  • Crushell / Shellster / Bomb Shell
    (Powerful, durable, and intimidating. Cloyster is a tank-like Pokemon whose power and durability allow it to effortlessly sweep through teams. The former nickname is made up of the words Crush, and Shell)
  • Pearl / Black Pearl / Shyshell
    (Cloyster’s design holds a strong similarity to clams. Its black head resembles a pearl; which are objects that are often found in clams. The latter nickname not only sounds like seashell, but it references the metaphor of staying in one’s shell i.e. to be shy. Its Pokedex entry states that Cloyster often spends its time hiding inside its shell)
  • Shelly/ Sheldon
    (Giving a human touch to a Pokemon. The following nicknames were based off from Cloyster’s shell exterior. The former nickname is intended for a female, whilst the latter is intended for a male)

Cloyster Facts:

  1. It occasionally only opens its shell to attack opponents. However, it is capable of fighting off an enemy even with its shell shut tight.
  2. Once it has shut itself in, it is impossible to open its shell from the outside. This impressive defense allows it to withstand anything from a bomb blast to even a missile strike.


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Day 332 - Lugia | ルギア

Lugia has control over the ocean waves. Using its mental prowess, gigantic tidal waves and whirlpools are manipulated with ease. Truly worthy of being the guardian of the seas.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single week.)

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Day 603 - The Monster that Tore the Heavens

Rayquaza | レックウザ

Mega Rayquaza | メガレックウザ (Shiny)

Rayquaza was created to quell natural disasters that went too far. It lives above the ozone layer and circles the planet as it pleases. It controls the jet stream and direction of the wind.

Mega Rayquaza was the very first Mega Evolution. Infinity Energy radiating from space was infused in the meteoroids that rocket towards the planet. Rayquaza devours these, imbuing itself with enough Infinity Energy to control Mega Evolution itself.

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Prevous day:

Day 554 - Unknown | アンノーン | Unown

Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all. Unknown has seen it all.

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Day 331 - Lunatone | ルナトーン (Shiny)

Lunatone and Solrock are otherworldly Pokémon. Possible once the symbol of our planet’s sun and moon, perhaps venerated as a link to Earth by faraway aliens. Their origin is shrouded in mystery, as they are one of few extraterrestrial Pokémon.

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Commission 66 - Double Ouroboros Tattoo

Milokaross + Habunake

Milotic + Seviper

Commissions are open! Varying prices depending on what you’d like, but full team commissions (6 Pokémon and Trainer) are typically $35, and +$7 for a glossy 8.5x11 physical print shipped to you as well as the digital files.

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Day 283 - Eifie | エーフィ | Espeon

Eifie’s psychic powers are strongest at dawn, so in the night it prowls city districts that are lit up like an artificial sun. It is not as effective.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day. Blacky (Umbreon) will be the opposite, in the sunlight.)

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Day 366 - Nutrey | ナットレイ | Ferrothorn

Swinging from vine to vine, Nutrey owns the jungle. It has great control of both organic and inorganic attacks. Don’t touch Ferrothorn without protective gloves, for it’s absolutely covered in thorns and spikes.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. Commissions open!

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