autobots! roll out!

What if it’s common for the bots to hear Optimus mumbling ‘Autobots roll out’ in his sleep followed by a crash because he rolls right off the berth

Okay so like a year ago I had this really weird thought while sick that isn’t really viable but I still liked it. It was this weird idea about a Transformers Broadway show? And at the time I thought, well, we could have a few songs for different characters, we could have an Autobot group song called Roll Out, and we definitely need a Megatron and Starscream duet. But I couldn’t figure out anything like a plot so it’s just been something I’ve been giggling about every so often. 

So tonight I had this idea that’s still not a viable thing, but it makes me smile and I feel the need to share it.

More than Meets the Eye: The Musical

Can you imagine? Like, it starts with everyone on Cybertron singing this song that’s really quiet and kind of somber about rebuilding and trying to get along post-war, maybe we even get a couple lines from like, Bumblebee or one of the other leftover faction leaders. Suddenly, record scratch, here comes Rodimus with his upbeat and bouncy song about his quest! And it gathers everyone up and gets them on board the ship and ends with a bang as the bomb goes off. We could even get a couple verses from Whirl and Cyclonus, or Tailgate and his rescuers. 

Can you imagine the Pharma song(s)? What about Overlord singing his way through the murder spree, only to get cut off when he’s knocked into the cell and Rewind and Chromedome take over with a love song to each other…

The Scavengers could have a couple songs…actually, they could have their own musical, let’s be real. I would watch a Scavengers musical. 

There’s just so much potential here it could be so funny or so awesome and I just…

MTMTE musical guys, it could be so beautiful