God Ginrai Movie Ver. (Evasion Optimus Prime w/DX9-D04 Armor kit)

A great add on kit for an already fantastic figure. Adds a new head, new feet, new chest and wing pack, and guns as well as shoulder armor. Turns Evasion Optimus Prime in to a modern take on God Ginrai from Transformers Masterforce!


Body Pillow Giveaway!

Here at Nostalgia Bomb studios we are excited for the holiday season, and while we’re busy manufacturing stock we have decided to host a Body Pillow Giveaway! Check out our cool prizes below, and follow, like, or reblog to enter!

You will receive two entries each for following nostalgiabombstudios, following marsmaggie, or following orgxiiiorg.
You can also receive an entry by liking this post, or reblogging this post! You may reblog once a day for additional entries.
(Those already following the above tumblrs will receive their extra two points upon liking/reblogging this post.)

Grand Prize: Custom Transformers Body Pillow! (100$ value)
You pick the character, and you direct the pose*. It can be any transformer from any canon, as popular or obscure as you like! You will receive one free pillowcase with this custom body pillow art printed on the front, backed by soft flannel in a color of your choice and hand-sewn by Nostalgia Bomb Studios.

1st Prize: Free Body Pillowcase! (50$ value)
Select any one Body Pillow in our Nostalgia Bomb Studios shop, and we’ll send it to you for free!

2nd Prize: Free Soundwave pillowcase or Cassette pillow! (25$ value)
Made for a standard sized pillow, Soundwave comes in his tape-deck form and is awesome for a retro-look in your room. OR chose from one of eight cassettes, which come already stuffed and make excellent throw pillows or travel pillows.

4th Prize: Pencil case or Change purse! (12$ value) (two awarded!)
Available with the same characters we offer on our body pillows, pencil-cases make handy pouches to hold supplies. OR chose a cassette change purse!

Prizes can be swapped for Nostalgia Bomb studios store credit in the amounts listed above.
All prizes (except Grand Prize) will be mailed out as soon as mailing address confirmation is received—or, in the case of out-of-stock items will be mailed as soon as they are made. Grand Prize picture will be started immediately, mailing date may vary depending on complexity of character drawn and time available.
*Caveat to Grand Prize: Pose cannot be graphic or explicit, and we reserve the right to print and sell any design created as a result of this contest.

Secret hint: When reblogging, mention which character you’d like to see next as a body pillow. The character with the most mentions will become one of the next pillows featured in our shop!

Contest ends December 1st, drawing will be on December 2nd!

TF_MTMTE: Magnus Rage by BlueIke

I dunno if this was already done, but I whipped up a little follow up based on this comment from Tumblr.

I wanted to reblog and incorporate it into the original comment, but my browser’s too outmoded to do that, so I just copypasta’d the comment to keep the context.

I had a lot of fun trying to draw Ultra (angry) Magnus.