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The Signs as Autobots from Transformers MTMTE
  • Aries: Whirl
  • Taurus: Megatron
  • Gemini: Swerve
  • Cancer: Rung
  • Leo: Rodimus
  • Virgo: Nightbeat
  • Libra: Drift
  • Scorpio: Getaway
  • Sagittarius: Nautica
  • Capricorn: Ultra Magnus
  • Aquarius: Brainstorm
  • Pisces: Tailgate

anonymous asked:

Not sure if someone requested this or not yet but you think you could do relationship headcanons for nautica or rung and bot!s/o, If you're not too busy of course

Aw ye!


  • She puts all her effort in making sure her s/o knows they’re loved. 
  • While she’s not the best at doing so openly, she always makes sure to take a pause and tell her s/o she loves them, and give them a good servo squeeze. 
  • Any time no one’s looking she gives them a soft look, and even in crowded rooms they stand next to each other. 
  • Her s/o’s presence always makes her smile. When there’s danger, she feels stronger when they’re present. 
  • As long as her s/o is there, she knows things will be okay, eventually.
  • Cuddles, servo-holding, spending time together, making gifts, helm nuzzles, anything goes and she uses multiple ways to show her affection. 
  • Cue giggling any time her s/o does something silly/foolish/slips up. 
  • Nerd sessions. All over the place. The two are always learning from each other. 
  • While she’s not extremely emotional. she does express when she’s upset, and open communication is a must in their relationship. Good thing Nautica’s not the type to keep it to herself. Some comforting and persuasion and she opens up, and trusts her s/o as much as they trust her. No matter what they’re in constant contact. 
  • Someone who can keep up with her quantum mechanics chatter! She couldn’t be more overjoyed. She knows others have a problem wrapping their head around it, so the fact that her s/o can makes her ecstatic, so poor s/o has to endure hours of babbling about theories and science.
  • The two are a team all on their own. Even on missions they are sent together, and even if they’re not, they end up going together. Even Megatron will have a tough time making them NOT do missions with each other. It’s easier to let them work together, Megs - they’re a much better team together than apart. 
  • The Power Couple, people are admiring of their strength and how they feed off each other for support so well. 


  • Finally, he found someone he doesn’t have to analyze all the time. 
  • Not that he runs into that issue nonstop - he does have chances to socialize and time to himself outside therapist appointments, but for once, he doesn’t have to be the listener. He can be the talker. 
  • While his ‘crimes’ aren’t exactly the worst anyone has committed, they’re still a big deal to him, so the fact his s/o is willing to forgive him for them, and still trust him with their life…that means so much to him. 
  • He -shockingly- puts down his ARK sets to build trinkets and build-your-own sets for his s/o. It’s actually how they bond - working together, whether it’s cleaning, making something, talking, going to Swerve’s together, all of them are a wonderful thing to him. 
  • Spending time with his s/o is the greatest gift. He’s okay with being introverted, and being alone for a while is nothing too bothersome, but he adores it when his s/o lets him hang out with them any time.
  • Calm, fun and relieving, their love isn’t full of action or complication or fast-paced; it’s not distant or touch-and-go either. It’s more like a deep friendship, a dependency that they need each other and trust each other, sharing each other’s time and attention mutually, and making each other stronger and happier from it. 
  • Some people on the Lost Light had a feeling Rung would fall for his s/o the second they walked on the ship. Just the vibe they gave off…from there it was just waiting until Rung really fell. They’re so in sync even people outside the Lost Light can see the chemistry between the two. 
  • Rung can’t imagine how he ever got through life without his s/o. Life seems…smoother, more alive, and more enjoyable. It wasn’t unpleasant or awful before, but somehow, his s/o makes it all…makes everything…better. 
  • He knows who he can definitely count on when it comes down to the wire. He’s not defenseless at all, and definitely not a coward, but it helps to know someone’s at his back and willing to share the fight with him. 

Nautica cosplay and WIndblade cosplay me and my friend did from Transformers MTMTE and RID (formely RID) series. We rushed it a little to get it to the con but I still wanted to post pictures. Thanks again to B.I.T.S photography for amazing photos! 

Nautica- xemnasss

WIndblade- thescrapletdingus