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Web Series Masterlist : Complete, Currently Running, and Upcoming Series

So for mostly my convenience, I made a master list of all vlog shows I could think of. I linked in each title either the “main” website with all information, or the YouTube page.

*If I forgot one, please tell me through either a re-blog or a message~.

Why do we get confused about "you and me"?

Diana: If you need anything, just let Mary or me know. Mary: It’s “Mary or I” 
Diana: It’s “Mary or me”
Mary: No, it’s “Mary or I”
Jane: Actually, I think it’s “Mary or me”
Mary: You’re right! Cause if I wasn’t here you wouldn’t say “let I know” because that wouldn’t make any grammatical sense.
Diana: Anyways, if you need anything just let me know, and I’ll make Mary over here get it for you. (laughs)

The logic that Mary uses to pick between “I” and “me” is fairly standard grammarian advice (drop the “Mary” or the “you” and then use whichever one sounds right when left alone), but this leaves us with an important question: given that picking between “I” and “me” is intuitive in every other context, why do our intuitions abandon us as soon as you add an “and”?

Or in other words, *waggles eyebrows* if “you and me” is wrong, baby, why does it sound so right?

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The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.  By Taylor Conlin

 have been drawing this for fun in my spare time.  Inspired by the wonderful web series that is the Autobiography of Jane Eyre.  I will probably make more adjustments as time goes by and may even do a series… all the possibilities!  I was contemplating posting it later in the series but I am far too impatient! Enjoy!


I said “you’re holding back”

she said “shut up and dance with me”

Jane literally called Rochester out on every crappy thing he’s done.

To every woman on this show.

Not just Jane - in fact, she left herself out almost entirely.

But Adele. And Grace. And his wife. And BLANCHE.


They didn’t demonize Blanche at all, and that is one of the greatest things in the history of ever. We’re calling Rochester out for his ridiculously cruel treatment of her, and we’re not treating her as though she’s just an obstacle in Jane’s way.

I just.


All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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We’re happy to announce we’re officially launching the AoJE Indiegogo Campaign!

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