autobiography of an execution

But just because you believe in black-and-white doesn’t mean that you can’t also believe in gray, because even though something that is true cannot be a lie, and even though a lie can never be true, not everything that is true is equally true.

David R. Dow - p. 101 of The Autobiography of an Execution

There are people who commit acts of cruelty so monstrous you have to barricade your senses from contemplating them because if you don’t their images will ruin every pleasure you know. When you are petting your dog, hugging your son, kissing your wife, they will slither in between you and the object of your affection and make you ashamed to be human.

David R. Dow - p. 226 of The Autobiography of an Execution

There are some philosophers who say that we create the world we live in with our language. I am sorry to say that that is not how it works. Reality is a relentless and crushing force, and it cannot be thwarted or outrun with a lawyer’s effete semantics.
—  David R. Dow - p. 181 of The Autobiography of an Execution