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Domicile conjugal (1970) by François Truffaut

Christine Darbon Doinel (Claude Jade) reads Nureyev, Autobiography with Pictures (1963), while Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) reads Les femmes japonaises (1969) by Elisabeth B. Dufourcq.




Cover reveal! We’re excited to share this exclusive first look at the new jacket for Lois Lowry’s autobiography, Looking Back. Originally published in 1998, this new edition has been updated with writing, photos, books, and memories that have taken place since Looking Back was first released.

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Imagine this scenario... TRONNOR

(Okay, so I’m about to dump a word vomit here, I just couldn’t stop thinking about this once I started imagining this scenario so here goes)

Imagine this: Connor is in his fifties, he finally releases a sequel to AWIP and it tells us his life story about all that has happened after the events in AWIP and also the full story about how he first knew, met, befriended, and fell in love with a certain gay-pop-star-in-the-making (which he didn’t realize at the time) from half-way accross the world and also with whom he eventually settled down together. This book is once again written in his own pure unadulterated first person point of view (and includes cute little tidbits he knew from Troye’s later in life). Then the book gets adapted into a movie played by young openly gay actors who get Oscar nominations after the movie comes out accompanied with rave reviews from critics and it will forever be rememberred as a legendary masterpiece just like Titanic or Brokeback Mountain, and will be shown on TV over and over again to the next generation and the next after that. And to make it more bittersweet, by the time they make that movie adaptation, Troye has left the world first, leaving Connor behind. At the end of the movie, we hear the actual young Connor narrating in the background and then it cuts off to show an older Connor will full-on grey hair, silently tearing up, watching the whole movie for the first time alone in a cozy cinema, remembering the love of his life who may not be in this world anymore yet has never left his heart this whole time.