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“Everybody who’s ever read a Little House book or everybody who’s ever seen the TV show Little House on the Prairie really has been fascinated by Laura Ingalls Wilder and her life," Nancy Tystad Koupal, director of the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, says. "And [the annotated autobiography] offers an opportunity to get behind the scenes and see what that life was really like.”

‘Little House,’ Big Demand: Never Underestimate Laura Ingalls Wilder

Photo credit: Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum

Caption: Laura Ingalls (right), with her sisters Carrie (left) and Mary Ingalls.


‘I used to joke that Josh Radnor was on the wrong show, I mean that in the best way. […] But ultimately he was on exactly the right show. Because none of HIMYM’s lunacy and farce would have worked if it hadn’t been playing against something or someone authentically based in reality, and that was Josh.

‘I think Alyson was the heart of the show, whereas Josh was the brains, Jason the spirit, Cobie the soul, and I was the cock.’

- Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

“If one loves stories, then one would naturally love the story of the story. Or the story behind the story, pick your preposition. It does seem to me to be a kind of animal impulse almost, a mammalian curiosity. For a reader to wonder about the autobiography in a fiction may be completely unavoidable and in fact may speak to the success of a particular narrative, though it may also speak to its failure.” –Lorrie Moore, born on this day in 1957


a 20 year-old girl, from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She’s not your typical girl; she’s your fat-assed latina, full of pride and with a lot on her mind. 

She used to be the best, the all-A’s student, until she started college. There, the adventurous life drag her down, and since that moment, she never came back.

After being raised in a christian home, she became another person… addicted to marijuana, cigarettes (Marlboro Red 100’s being her favorites), and men. 

Since a little girl, she loved to write, and now, she tries to study Journalism (yes, tries, ‘cause let’s be real, she’s not doing much to help), a profession that she enjoys very much, and maybe one day will write more about.  Her passion for writing and her creative mind join their forces, and together they create inspiration moments, where she writes.

She writes about herself, him💘 and them.

She’s in love, as you can see… with a few. But there are two specifically that drive her crazy: her two impossible loves. About these two, she will write a lot, but she will also talk about the others.

In conclusion, Laliique is a girl who believes in God and loves him, but enjoys the lust and the mundane things too much to stay in the right path.


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Never Underestimate Laura Ingalls Wilder: In 2014, the South Dakota State Historical Society published the annotated autobiography of Wilder, author of the Little House books. Her memoir, titled Pioneer Girl, sold like hotcakes: The initial print run of 15,000 was snapped up in just a few weeks, and so was an additional run of 15,000. Now, the historical society is waiting on a third run of 45,000 books — enough to fill current demand and have some leftovers.

Nancy Tystad Koupal, director of the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, tells NPR’s Melissa Block, “Every time we guess … the number just gets bigger for us. It’s been pretty exciting.“

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Image: Laura Ingalls Wilder (South Dakota State Historical Society)