Leo and I were diggin’ the Brooklyn streets with his two cousins, when I get a call from Mags, a friend from my European travels who’s just got back her self. I suggest we all meet for a drink, but this is America and no matter how much she drank in Italy, doesn’t make you 21 here!
She does however have a roof top terrace in Brooklyn (not the Brooklyn we’re in but the ‘grown up’ Brooklyn) so we pick up a few beers (possibly a few too many after the ones today) and head over.
The best damn view of the city I’ve seen, the scale of the place, the endless number of buildings, they go on forever, I try to count the floors but always mess up. I think about every window, and everybody at every window, and every computer everybody is working on and every key on every computer and begin to feel awfully insignificant. Better stop.
Leo and Will of course couldn’t just have a nice visit and out, Leo needs the bathroom so heads to Mags’ flat, unfortunately he picks the wrong door, so it needs a bit more of a push, And again, last push and it bursts open and Leo has barged into Mags’ 18 year old sister.

Time to leave.


‘I used to joke that Josh Radnor was on the wrong show, I mean that in the best way. […] But ultimately he was on exactly the right show. Because none of HIMYM’s lunacy and farce would have worked if it hadn’t been playing against something or someone authentically based in reality, and that was Josh.

‘I think Alyson was the heart of the show, whereas Josh was the brains, Jason the spirit, Cobie the soul, and I was the cock.’

- Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography