Auto Union Beginnings:

In succession: Auto Union Type A, Type B, Type C, Type C Streamliner, Type C Rekordwagen Avus, and Type D.

The cars were heavily influenced by the Benz Tropfenwagen Grand Prix cars of the early ‘30s but destroyed other cars because of their sheer power even though they handled terribly. The cars ranged from 370hp to almost 550hp which was unheard of at the time.

Bottom photo: Type B (front and center), Rekordwagen (right), Mercedes-Benz W25B behind and Alfa Romeo Bimotore shortly behind the Benz.


Racing The Silver Arrows

After Adolf Hitler came into power in 1933 as the new Chancellor of Germany, the Reich engineering supremacy changed the rule books of modern Grand Prix history through the creation of some of the most dominant and extremely powerful race cars under the emblem; Auto Union. These car’s known as the Silver Arrows were Germany’s finest and became the most powerful gladiators on ….