1942 GMC AFKWX-353 COE by Greg Gjerdingen
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Auburn Spring RM Sotheby’s Auctions America Auburn Auction Park Auburn, Indiana May 2017 ******************************************************************************* Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Or here for my Car Crazy Tumblr site. Or on Twitter @DVS1mn.

Sunday Smut Spotlight: Interrogation

Hello all…  I’m really just inordinately pleased with the number of stories we received for this week’s SSS.   Nine stories!

The prompt this week was for fic that would put Tom (or his characters) under some questioning.  “Interrogation” - this could mean hard or soft questions, and I’m happy with the mix represented here.

As today is Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day (for real… look it up!) I hope that you’ll make an extra effort to like, reblog and comment on your favorites stories and authors.  We’re so lucky to have these writers. Some are returning after  hiatus/getting their grooves back.  And what grooves!

18+ , Rated “M for Mature” Stories below the cut!

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1968 Datsun 2000

This beautiful Datsun 2000 is totally awesome and might be the coolest car the Automobilist has seen all year. We would happily own this over any of the countless Cameros, Corvettes and sundry late sixties Detriot muscle behemoths that dominate parades, meet-ups and auto auctions across these (aging) United States.

On being asked by a passerby if the Datsun was his your correspondent answered: “If it were my car, I’d be driving it right now.”


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