auto tone

Digital art w/o a tablet

on photoshop (this works on any version)

So, before I got a tablet, this is how I did art. Lets use this as an example: 

Start with a photograph of a traditional line drawing. Clean lines work best.

open it in photoshop and go to image > adjustments > auto tone, then image > adjustments > black and white

Great! Now we get to play with filters. Go to Filters > Artistic, and find the “cutout” filter. after you play with the sliders, you should get something like this:

We’re almost done! now, make a copy of the layer you were working on (it should be the background layer) and make sure its completely white, color over everything or fill or whatever.  Now, make a new layer in between the background, and background copy layers. this is the layer you can start coloring on, although of course you can have as many layers as you need. Finally, you change the background copy layer from normal, the default setting, to multiply

Now, move to the central layer and start coloring!

Woo! If you want to be more precise, you can use the polygon tool to select very specific areas.

Thats it! 

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask! 

link to the art

anonymous asked:

I almost feel bad for Emmas self delusion. Everywhere people pointed out that her sining is auto tuned to the max and she hasnt heard anything about that? She thought Disney wouldnt like it? Why else did they fix it? Does she think they would tell her she sucks? Why piss of a star before the promo? Has Emma no one in her life that can give her honest feedback? I dont even have a problem with auto tone but then DONT PUBLICLY SAY HOW PROUD YOU ARE OF YOUR FAKE SINGING!!!!


  • hearing Jesse l Martin sing on last night's flash ep went straight to my heart. that man has a gorgeous voice and yes it did bring me right back to rent for the first few seconds .
  • Victor garber voice is epic and I'm so happy that he got to sing this ep. it's hard to find his performances in youtube.
  • john barrowman is awesome and I've loved his voice for so long finally the people who didn't know he had that voice do now. check out his music
  • love that Carlos got to sing even for a shirt bit but still
  • Grant man I love that they didn't over auto tone his voice like they did in glee , so good
  • Melissa did great I didn't really watch glee when she was on very much but her rendition of moon river was great
  • Jordan was great (I don't watch showgirl ) he's her best friend right?. I know he's a Broadway veteran so he was great
  • Darren was great and funny and I actually wanted to punch his character for being such a dick . at first though I was like it's blane and Sebastian reunion.
  • but he's was really cooks different character so rants cool
  • I'm yeah it was good ep
  • idk if it surpasses the scrubs musical episode or not
  • but baseclt here is my fave musical episodes of tv from best to ok
  • 1)buffy
  • 2)psych
  • 3)scrubs/flash
  • 4)great anatomy
  • I haven't seen any others if there are more

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Snaggin’ song! HOKA!

Angel Eyes (by nativeballerbaby)


This is what happens when you use auto-tone for someone who clearly does not need it. She sounds like she has some weird hiccup. LOL