auto shot


I’ve... lied


待ち時間 by yorozuna

my sister just came storming into the room and was like “i want to cry i hate men so much” and i was like oh my GOD michelle what happened and her voice was literally shaking when she explained that in grand theft auto a man shot her character and she lost 5 million dollars

Mbti types according to tumblr

INFP: aw you soulful cinnamon roll you 

ENFP: excuse me while i vomit rainbows

INFJ: all hail the second coming of psychic mbti jesus snowflake

ENFJ: brb smothered by hugs & emotional manipulation

ISFJ: smells like warm milk & knitting

ESFJ: Hi, Mom!

ISTJ: Hi, Dad!

ESTJ: that angry authority figure. you know the one.

INTP: robot

ENTP: sexy robot

INTJ: stroking cat in evil lair being smarter than you

ENTJ: asshole. but in like a cool visionary way

ISFP: nature????????? or something throw in some art while you’re at it 


ISTP: auto grease & chill

ESTP: anyone who was mean to you in high school