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author’s note: wooo guess who watched gotg vol 2 today. i loved it. wrote my med hum essay and then wrote this immediately after. awesome mix vol 2 got me in the perfect mood for this haha.

word count: 1,358

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raikou-galaxy  asked:

How the heck does a robot get heat?

// I`m actually really glad that you asked this! It gives me a reason to explain it better.

The explanation behind Auto`s “heat” is pretty simple actually. Auto doesn`t get horny or anything when he`s in heat, due to him being a robot (as you`ve mentioned). His inner mechanisms just overheat a lot. I had to do something with the M!A, and that seemed like the best and most appropriate way to use “heat” on a mechanical character :)

I was not going to defy the laws of basic logic and give a robot sexual needs; that`s just weird.

anonymous asked:

I think if a blog gets enough "reports" tumblr flags it automatically. A lot of sfw blogs which I'm seeing were auto flagged are inclusionist blogs which probably got reported by terfs and exclusionists. Your blog may have gotten some 'nsfw' reports too and tumblr auto flagged you.

Makes sense. I do post ns.fw (rarely tho) but it’s always tagged and I mention this fact in my blog description. Can’t do more than this. I don’t see why anyone felt the need to get huffy at me.

  • I need to record my utterly strange autograph interaction with Travis Aaron Wade at Seacon for posterity's sake before I forget. Because...what a weird, zen little dude. Oh, and if I didn't laugh for you this weekend, I'm sorry. I did my best to get to everyone.:
  • Me: *compliments Travis's volunteer's hair while he's talking to the person in front of me*
  • Travis: It is gorgeous. Isn't it? She's beautiful.
  • Me: *laughs nervously* Yeah, absolutely!
  • Travis: *looks at my personalization* Melissa. Melissa. So good to meet you Melissa. Tell me, Melissa. Are you happy?
  • Me: Uh?
  • Travis: Are you happy?
  • Me: Uh...yes?
  • Travis: I can tell. I can definitely tell. You have a great laugh. A great energy. *inhales like he's wafting my spirit in his direction* Can you do something for me, Melissa?
  • Me: Sure.
  • Travis: *stares at me intently* Can you laugh for me?
  • Me: Ha...ha? Haha?
  • Travis: Good. Good. Good, Melissa. Can you do something else?
  • Me: Y-yes?
  • Travis: I want you to laugh for everyone here this weekend. Because so many people here need your energy. They need to feed off it. You can help them all.
  • Me: I'll, uh. I'll do my best, Travis.
  • Travis: Thanks, Melissa. You're a good soul. Have a good weekend.


Freshen up your little black dress with glamorous date-night hair.

Hairstyles are rarely one-size-fits-all, but no matter your hair length, you can rock curls—you just need to figure out the style that works for you. In this tutorial, we use two new tools—the ghd Rose Gold Styler and the T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating 1.25” Curling Iron—to create two perfect date-night looks. Whether you go tousled and textured or try on loose, romantic waves, your little black dress won’t know what hit it. BECKY PEDERSON

FOR SHORT HAIR: Flirty Flips

STEP ONE: Lightly mist your hair with Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray. Use your hands to work the product into all your locks.

STEP TWO: Starting at the crown and working your way forward, place one-inch sections of hair between the plates of the ghd Rose Gold Styler. Rotate the styler 180 degrees and pull through to the ends of your hair to create a soft curl.

STEP THREE: Repeat Step Two until all your hair is curled. Alternate the direction in which you rotate the styler (either away from your face or toward your face) so that the curls look less uniform and more modern.

STEP FOUR: Once all your hair is curled, rake your hands through your hair to loosen into textured waves. Set with Drybar Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray.

FOR LONG HAIR: Romantic Waves

STEP ONE: Section your hair into four parts. Starting at the temple, clamp a one-inch section of hair into the T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating 1.25” Curling Iron.

STEP TWO: Holding the iron horizontally, press and hold the “GO” button and slowly turn your wrist down to activate the rotating barrel. The styler will turn whichever way you flick your wrist.

STEP THREE: Release the “GO” button when you reach your roots and press the lever to release your hair. Gently loosen the curl and pin it to your head.

STEP FOUR: Repeat Step Two and Step Three until your entire head is curled and pinned. Let your hair cool (this is a good time to go do your makeup).

STEP FIVE: Use a paddle brush to gently brush out your curls. Set your look with Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode.


  • Aleks: You guys wanna go to the airport?
  • James: I would like to go in another session, which is not filled with assholes.
  • Aleks: Well, then you'll have to go into a session without me. (Laughing)
  • James: Oh my god... why are you hellbent on this fucking- this fucking guy.
  • Aleks: It's not just him. There are multiple people that I'm hellbent on.
  • James: Oh my god... well, that's great-
  • Aleks: (screaming and getting shot at)
  • James: I'm glad we could do-
  • Aleks: (more screaming)
  • James: Grand Theft Auto Team Deathmatch.

kyvrn-deactivated20150915  asked:

Would you like a game that featured Joker and Harley as playable characters, and was just about them causing chaos in Gotham and trying to beat Batman? It would be kinda like Grand Theft Auto in a sense but with Joker and Harley. Batman is after you all night. Maybe other villains are playable too. You basically get to be the villain and come up with master plans to defeat Batman.

OMG, that would be the best video game EVER