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whats wrong w 2012 mikey?

This is a complicated question and thus requires a relatively long answer. (Long post, apologies.)

2012 Mikey is actually my favorite Mikey out of them all, even if that post I made might mislead people on that fact. While I adore some of the other iterations, he’s just so much more complex than them in his overall characterizations; even though the writers didn’t actually mean to make him that way.

He’s thoughtless, detached, and really quite uncaring at times. His personal goals are very rarely other peoples’, and he’s never terribly interested in problems beyond his own. He doesn’t mourn for losses longer than a day, maybe less; he takes and steals from others with little forethought or afterthought of how it might affect them; he’s all around quite destructive to individuals that come into contact with him, and when he isn’t, he doesn’t pay much mind to someone else hurting them unless they’re his favorite person of the night.

2012 Mikey seems bubbly and sweet to most people I’m sure, but he’s actually very sociopathic in moments.

Now, if you follow my blog and writing, which you, anon, likely do, you’ll know my personal views of the Hamato family situation. Which is, in a word, shitty.

In Mikey’s corner of the family dynamic he is 1) used as a punching bag pretty often, 2) ignored or brushed off constantly, 3) called an idiot, moron, etc. etc. and demeaned by literally his whole family, 4) very, very rarely taken seriously in any manner, and when he is, its quickly forgotten afterwards. Over all he’s a joke, an annoyance to his family, more than he’s a brother or son. What few victories he’s really gotten are quickly moved on from, and he’s just… never had a moment that lasted more than that single second of recognition. (Even the writers, in the final fight scene with the Shredder, couldn’t give him more than three seconds of Badass Ninja Time, jeeze.)

And following that, he’s also gone through a staggering amount of loss throughout canon. His friends, his family, his entire world? At one point or another, he lost all of those things, and had to accept the idea that there was always a chance he wouldn’t get them back. Ever. That does a number on a kid, even when they’ve got a good safety net to catch them in the fall out.

Circling back to my first paragraph, I think everything I just listed is why he’s grown into such an indifferent individual. Why get attached to things or people if he’s so likely to lose them anyways, or be demeaned for being attached to them in the first place? Why take anything seriously if no one takes him seriously? Why try to be anything more than the youngest/most immature when no one expects anything else of him?

(I had that mentality on and off throughout my high school years. It’s a rough mentality to have, but sometimes necessary.)

2012 Mikey is a caring individual only when he feels like it, a dependable friend only when he chooses to be, a respectful and kind person only on the rarest occasion. He can and has been those things multiple times in canon, but he has also willfully or uncaringly been a destructive presence. Messing around in Donnie’s lab, even though he’s been specifically told to never do so; making a disaster mess in the farmhouse and then refusing to take responsibility for it or even clean it up; forgetting/ignoring the mission task at hand because something or someone who’s shiny and new catches his attention. Multiple other scenes similar to those, but I can’t recall off the top of my head.

And added onto all those things, he’s actually really quite scary. Sure, from our perspective, him cracking jokes and laughing and smiling all through fight scenes and big showdowns is entertaining, but from the enemy’s perspective it’s gotta be flat out viscerally unsettling. Like, who are you gonna be scared of more? The monster that’s taking the fight and you seriously or the one that’s laughing at you as he tries to cave in your skull and probably succeeds in doing so.

He is the last person I’d want to face in a fight, given he is the most morally grey brother of the bunch, and probably won’t care if that concussion he’s given you will cause internal bleeding or not.

(Adding onto how he behaves in a fight- sometimes it’s just easier to treat a really scary situation as a joke. Sometimes it’s just easier to smile and laugh instead of take in the gravity of things. Sometimes cheer and a smile is more so armor than genuine happiness. Maybe it’s a little contradictive to my argument of him being sociopathic, but maybe it’s also not. Smile and laugh so the reality of things doesn’t settle in; smile and laugh because you just don’t care. Take your pick.)

Mikey cares for a very small handful of people, and that handful of people can change nightly depending on who he likes or not; AKA who’s the most fun or willing to have fun with him. He’s loyal to the bone to family, sure, but he also gives zero shits about their problems or little issues. Or big issues and problems, given how many times huge clusterfucks have passed over his awareness and he’s barely blinked.

A lot of this rounds back to how he’s been raised. He’s never been the favorite son given all the inheritance, the son that’s most like their father for all the wrong reasons and paid the most (negative) attention to, or the genius son that everyone can depend on. He’s the youngest. He’s the joke. The goofball people never take seriously. He’s been told over and over his opinion is stupid, or wrong, or just plain useless. He’s been told that he’s stupid, wrong, and plain useless. How many times has he been singled out as the unwanted brother? The kid picked last for everything? His emotional value in the family is a starkly small one, even to Donnie, who is frequently also socially/emotionally devalued. Mikey is very much the things he portrays and accepts in his role as the team joke, but he is also a kid that’s probably never felt truly respected or wanted in any situation, ever.

Even the scant compliments he got, all the way back in season 1 and even more scantly onwards- were backhanded ones. The one that stands out best is his own father’s comment about him ‘not thinking’, and thus being a better fighter than Donnie in that auto-reflexes sense. (I can’t recall another time Splinter compliments Mikey at all, actually. Wow.)

I love Mikey, I really do, and I defend him often because I know that with a better mentor, more supportive and loving social environment, and just more respect and correction in general, he’d be an amazing person. He’s got all the raw characteristics to be a caring individual, he just needs someone to point out where he’s crossing the line, and where he needs to step up.


I also recognize that for all the reasons I’ve listed so far, he’s a person who just does not care about other people, not really. My comment about him being ‘sociopathic garbage’ is based on the fact that he doesn’t emotionally attach himself to situations, and tends to just give no fucks about anyone besides himself and whoever his favorite people of the day are.

2012 Mikey seems really sweet and innocent to a lot of people, disturbingly large amounts of people, honestly, but I see him as a much more complicated character than that. Combined with all the traumas he’s gone through, the steadily devolving situation at home, and his social isolation- he’s grown up to be someone who doesn’t think about the impact of his actions, only gives a fuck when he actually feels like it, and generally has very little empathy for anyone at all. (I repeat myself: willful destruction of things his brothers and friends are invested in; smiling and joking as he beats you to paste; repeated losses teaching him that holding onto things is relatively pointless; never valued or respected in his own home.)

2012 Mikey is my favorite Mikey because of all this. He’s darling, he’s garbage, he’s loving and he’s awful. He’s a shitty person, an amazing person, and an incredibly intricate character. I don’t think he’s a bad person, but he’s certainly not a good one. But people are rarely solely one thing like that anyways, so who cares. Whether the writers meant to or not, they created a complex and interesting character that has multiple levels to him. More folks would get that if they’d look deeper than the surface facets to his presented personality.

A lot is wrong with him, and god knows he has reason for that wrongness, but I’ve always tended to drift towards characters like that anyways. After all, like attracts like, and I see more than a couple personality traits I share with him.