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More History lads and lasses.

For 1969 the name “Cobra” is lost and it is baptized again such as the Shelby GT350 or Shelby GT500, while receiving a Great redesign. The length was increased by 10 cm. These Decisions were made mostly by Ford.

-The Shelby GT350 now equipped a 5.7L (351 cu in) engine.

-Carrroll Shelby canceled its agreement with Ford during the Summer of 1969.

In the photos we have the 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback, clarifying that possibly the owner add the black stripes like the 1970 Shelby. But that’s another story.

Specieswap Trollsigns

So I posted my Zodiac Symbols on the Davekat Discord, and after some talking they ended up working well as Trollsigns for the specieswapped kids, I also added a sign for Davesprite and AR for anyone who wants them. they were left grayscale so that you can apply your own headcanons to them. So enjoy these but make sure to credit this post/me if you’re going to use them.

Top Row - John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Crow/Davesprite

Bottom Row - Jane, Roxy, Dirk, Jake, Hal/AR

Sprite Shirt Sized Versions (28px) are posted as individual images for easy saving.



Les explico a todos. Así como en tumblr ya se hizo el día del pene y el día de la vagina, el día del trasero y demás, ahora viene el gran DÍA DE LA AUTOESTIMA, gracias a la propuesta de una seguidora, porque tumblr está repleto de personas que odian su cuerpo, que se apenan de ellos mismos, que no están a gusto consigo mismos y eso tenemos que terminarlo, un día en el que hombres y mujeres, muestren lo que les avergüenza de su cuerpo sin miedo a ser juzgados, un día en el que todos se sientan iguales, y salir del cliché de las fotos de traseros y cuerpos perfectos, mostrar lo que los humanos odiamos, pero de una manera diferente, de una manera bonita. El día 27  de mayo de cada año se celebra el día de el autoestima. Y ya que como en los días del pene, vagina y trasero no podremos poner “Autoestima” encima de cada palabra que veamos, sí podemos compartir aquellas partes de nuestro cuerpo o personalidad que nos apenan, que no nos hacen sentir cómodos, contar nuestras historias y liberarnos de toda esa tensión y rechazo propio. Así que reblog por el auto amor, para que todos se enteren
Attention spoonies who get rashes

I’ve found something that actually works. My skin is quite photosensitive and being under bright lights and in the sun gives me this horrible rash on my exposed skin.

I’ve tried liquid paraffin, eumovate, anaesthetic creams and they tended to agrevate the rash and sting badly. So what I did was this: I whipped 1 or 2 drops of lavender oil, 1 tsp coconut oil and ½ tsp of vitamin e oil together and massaged onto my rashes after a warm shower. I applied some more of this cream whenever it started to feel dry.

It’s been less than a week and my rash has almost completely gone. I didn’t get to take a picture of the rash at it’s worse, so the first image is the day after I started applying cream. It’s way better than it was but it still looks pretty gross lol.





2 drops lavender essential oil
1 tsp coconut oil
½ tsp vitamin e oil

Whip together ingredients and massage onto rash. It disappeared in less than a week for me.

Chocolate Lolita~ An old adoptable that I made that was never adopted by anyone-

So here I put this child up again, hopefully someone will be interested !

Status ✧


AB : 20 USD
Starting Bid : 2 USD
Minimum bid increasement : 1 USD

End date : TBA after the SB

About ✧ 

✦ Only bid if you mean it.
✦ You only need to write “SB” in the comment section to start the auction ! The next person that will bid will comment the price, and so it goes unless someone Auto Buy directly ! (no reblogs please, so everyone can keep track of the bids)
✦ Payment through Paypal only
✦ I’m not for the reselling stuff but if you do, please resell the adoptable with a lower price than what it was worth when you first bought it.
✦ I’ll come to message the winner with my paypal address. After the payment, I’ll give you a link to the watermark-free version of this adoptable !
✦ You’re allowed to change/add stuff on this adoptable once you bought it (gender/accessories/etc)

anonymous asked:

hey there :) sorry to bother you, i'm asking you this because i saw one of your posts on the jikook tag and i don't know a lot of jikook blogs (and that's why i'm here actually haha), could you recommend me some blogs to follow? ty xx

Hello, dear Anonie! :) You’re not bothering me at all! I don’t know if I’m in a position to recommend anyone, I love every JiKook oriented tumblr! ♥ But here are some of the amazing people I follow over here:

@jikook-love @jikoooktrash @gongjumin @jikookdetails @gayjikookadi @wingstyles

These also make amazing gifs and just… I fall in love with every gifset :D

@caughtinjimin @harunyany :3

Then here’s @tacity who is 1. really awesome 2. can make nice analyses/answer JiKook oriented asks with grace 

And I totally love @bananacookies1 @heyhosam and @inarsics and their fanfics! 11/10 would recommend :) (**also heyhosam’s posts are gold, I could just auto-reblog most of them :D Right kind of things for my heart.)

And a real ace in casually stating some facts + explaining things that non-Korean speakers missed is satellite-jeon :)

(And if you like JiKook crack and wannabe analyses and ranting about them, well, you can always follow me :D *shameless promotion* *ok, actually, I feel the shame* *just saying*)

PS: I’m sorry if this is really random for some of you to see to be tagged here, I just wanted to share your amazing blogs with the Anon and the world! I hope you don’t mind… *I feel kinda stalkerish and weird :D*
PPS: I probably forgot a lot. Soon as I’ll remember someone, I will update this!

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nekoorihime  asked:

Hi, would you mind tagging pictures of spiders with arachnophobia or spiders so my blacklist picks it up?

I’m going to say no, not because I’m an ass hole, but because I am WAY too forgetful to promise that. I just kinda scroll through tumblr on auto-pilot mode and reblog and queue things I like with one click. I didn’t even realise I’d reblogged a spider until you sent this message, so you see the issue lol. Sorry, don’t want to make promises I won’t keep! Plus people are always asking me to tag everything under the sun and I just.. nooOOOoo, too much.D:

(And on a side note I find the best way to help get over some fears is exposure, I always recommend it to people who are afraid of various critters ^_^ There are things I was once afraid of so I spent ages looking at pictures and watching videos of them etc etc and now I’m quite taken with them!:3 I even got over my fear of handling large spiders that way! I always quite liked them, but was too afraid to pick them up with my bare hands - Not anymore!:D)

Sorry again!