auto macro

Give a man a fish and he will restore 5hp. Teach a man to fish and he will exploit currently unpatched mechanics and an auto macro to loop the fishing animation overnight and then sell his bountiful harvest for 500,000gp or exchange them for a legendary fishscale plate cuirass


窈窕淑女,君子好求。 by Tai
Via Flickr:
Olympus OM-2 / Olympus OM Auto-Macro 50MM 1:2 / FUJIFLIM FUJICOLOR 100 (Expired 9/2006)


綠夏 bởi Tai
Có thể sau này mình không còn ở bên nhau nữa, nhưng mong rằng người hãy nhớ trong những ngày tuổi trẻ của người, đã từng có một kẻ vì yêu người mà muốn chống lại cả thế gian.”-Hamlet Trương

Found in the backyard (2014, Agfa Ambi Silette with Color-Solinar 2.8/50, DM Paradies 200, Snapseed)

As far as I remember, and being shot in the backyard, this was done with aperture 2.8 (or 4 at best). Compared to the images I took yesterday with an Olympus OM-1 and the Zuiko MC Auto-Macro 3.5/50 (I’ll post them later on), I find the image quality unbelievably good. What is it with these old lens designs?