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Family Tree Maker

Uh. I made another spreadsheet. This one makes family trees! It has several options:

  • BBCode: Clickable thumbnails, no screenshots needed. Big block of code and no pretty layout, though. 
  • Image: No clickable thumbnails, but a fancy layout and the option to add names/titles. You’ll have to screenshot it. 
  • Various: makes thumbnails of the IDs you enter. Use for lists of offspring or friends or whatever, it just goes in a straight line

It’s free for personal use in bios, just don’t sell the family trees or claim you made them. It’d be cool if you linked back to the spreadsheet, but I won’t yell at you if you don’t!


Speaking of links, I have other helpful spreadsheets:
  Auto Formatting Bios | Color Range Lister | Auction/sales Helper

Almost a year ago, the fantastic DavidBaronArt  drew these two cuties from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi for me, and gave them a super charming and adorable Tezuka appeal that really made this something special. 

He’s even more fantastic now, and If you’d like to make your cartoony dreams come true, While also supporting an awesome guy, Check out his commission info Here  .


How to Auto-Format your bios with Google Sheets Concatenate

Concatenate will stick things together. It can stick cells together, or plain text. You could, for example, enter a name in cell B5 and stick some formatting bits on the front and end:

Will give you:  [size=6][b][i]a name[/i][/b][/size]

Note: the parts all need to have a comma between them (no spaces!) and anything that isn’t a reference to a spreadsheet cell needs to be between quotation marks (”). 

Of course, you can get way more complicated. It’s great for formatting biographies: instead of squinting at the wall of BBCode you just enter the variables into the spreadsheet and out rolls the bio code. 

It makes some things a lot easier. For example, you could very easily give every dragon’s bio a different colour. Instead of having to find and change a bunch of [color] tags you only enter the colour’s hex code in one cell, and all the [color] codes refer to that cell (”[color=#”,B20,”]Text[/color]”)

Sheet with code can be found here. Make a copy if you want to mess around with it! 

Endangered (1/25)

Ficlet from a Dirk/AR AU I’ve been suffering from, kind of like The Matrix but without the actual matrix part- android domination, human near-extinction, a losing battle against the machines, and almost a sort of Romeo and Juliet-type story if you squint at it hard enough. Full explanation for the following can be found here (read that linked post first, it’s short).

Warning for AR trying to kill Dirk and attempted suicide, etc.


Chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

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Auto Formatting Bios with Google Sheets Concatenate: PART 2! Automatic Flight Layouts

I’ve written a new template which will change the whole look of your bio when you select the flight. The code can be altered to do different things, of course. You could, for example, add a gender symbol or alter the entire layout based on relationship status. 

How it works: In cell B18 you can select the flight. I made this a drop down menu for ease of use (right click>data validation>select “list of items”). 
Cell C18 and D18 then check to see what’s selected, and change their content based on that. E.G., if cell B18 is “Lightning”, display “[color=#30B1B8]”. The code for this looks as follows:

=IF(B18=“Earth”,“A”,IF(B18=“Plague”,“B”,IF(B18=“Wind”,“C”,IF(B18=“Water”,“D”,IF(B18=“Lightning”,“D”,IF(B18=“Ice”,“E”,IF(B18=“Shadow”,“F”,IF(B18=“Light”,“G”,IF(B18=“Arcane”,“H”,IF(B18=“Nature”,“I”,IF(B18=“Fire”,“J”,IF(B18<0,“Select Flight”,0))))))))))))
Change A, B, etc into what you want it to display

The Concatenate cell, B27, then refers to those cells, drawing the code for the font colour from them as well as the banner url. 

My spreadsheet with templates can be found HERE
If you make a template you want to share I’d love to add it there - you will be credited, of course.