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No fingas entenderme porque realmente tú no sabes lo que es sentirse fea cada segudo de tu vida, no sabes lo que es odiar cada centrímetro de tu cuerpo, no sabes lo que es mirarse en un espejo y sentir asco, no sabes lo que es sonreír cuando realmente no sientes felicidad, no sabes lo que es levantarte cada mañana y sentir que quieres morir, no sabes lo que es sentir odio hacia tí cada vez que comes un poco de comida, tú jamás lograrás entenderme, tu eres perfecta…

    「   THEME #014: ORIHIME by angelicxi   」
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    ❥ the link to the code is in the sidebar desc.

We all have met fictional characters that stayed with us long after the initial encounter, that continue to inspire us or motivate us, sometimes in the most surprising of ways. The design for ORIHIME proves as much — drawing inspiration from the Bleach character of the same name (specifically, from her hairpins), I designed a quaint, easy-on-the-eyes theme that lets you stop & breathe. Aimed at personal and aesthetic blog types, it packs plenty customization options to truly make it your own.

[ + ]  everything auto-centers;
[ + ]  500px posts;
[ + ]  left & right sidebars;
[ + ]  the highlight of the theme — the flower detail on the left side, which is fully customizable: you can edit the border and each petal’s colors separately (I suggest using a gradient of shades, as shown in the preview, but you can have a pride flag on there);
[ + ]  a main title slot, independent of your blog title, editable via the customization panel;
[ + ]  a secondary title slot, which likewise can be changed via the customization panel;
[ + ]  a description slot — remember to properly wrap it in a paragraph tag;
[ + ]  NB: keep in mind that as of this theme, you have an inbuilt description slot in your customization panel that is separate from tumblr’s. I chose to add it in since tumblr is so prone to glitching;
[ + ]  home & ask + 3 extra links (though you can manually add more);
[ + ]  the sidebar text shadow can be turned on/off;
[ + ]  plain color background option;
[ + ]  texture/pattern background option;
[ + ]  gradient background option;
[ + ]  full wallpaper background option (don’t fret about size, I’ve set it to cover).
tip: tumblr is, as previously stated, very glitchy. in order for all the on/off options to work right, turn everything off first, and then turn on those that you want active.

    Do NOT:
       —  remove the credit
       —  use as a base code
       —  repost/claim as yours
     Respect the maker’s work, please.
     This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
     It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

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Twitter war promp: Makkachin types out on Yuri's phone and somehow gets on Twitter and auto correct corrects everything and people thinks he's drunk and/or speaking gibberish.


Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Rubbish fish pool pool ball

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Tummy food ajbfn

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Hfbh hat cooking words

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Pepper ngjb nsso

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami
Um, who broke @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Hi koshuenikm

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
I saw @yuurikatsuki not even an hour ago, he was fine then??? @Ken_Minami

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Did @v-nikiforov break @yuurikatsuki or something?

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Maybe? I don’t know why else @yuurikatsuki would start talking gibberish

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Hey! I didn’t do anything @yuri-plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Then what is with @yuurikatsuki tweets @v-nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Last I checked, @yuurikatsuki has lost his phone

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Food food food food food

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
You sure you didn’t break @yuurikatsuki, @v-nikiforov?

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
100% @yuri-plisetsky @+guanghongji+ @Ken_Minami
(Photo attached of Yuuri sitting on the couch reading a book)

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami 
Then what is with all the gibberish posts? @v-nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Oh my god, I am so sorry everyone

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
My phone went missing and I only just found it

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
In Makkachin’s bed

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
And it seems like Makkachin has been tweeting you all

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Why does this no surprise me? @yuri-plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Because you have finally realised how pathetic @yuurikatsuki and @v-nikiforov are

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami
I think you need to feed your dog, @yuurikatsuki

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

||| ◄  S E L F  S A C R I F I C E  ► |||• A nameless shinobi who protects peace from within its shadow •

The German MP-41,

During World War II the most popular German submachine gun of the war was the famous MP-40.  Often nicknamed the “Schmeisser” by Allied troops, the name came from Hugo Schmeisser, a German gun designer noted for his many successful submachine gun designs.  However Hugo Schmeisser had nothing to do with the design and production of the MP-40, despite popular myths.  But with the success of the MP-40 design, Schmeisser decided he wanted in on the action.

In 1941 Hugo Schmeisser introduced the MP-41, a further successor to the MP-40.  Schmeisser’s improvement of the MP-40 amounted to two main differing features.  First and foremost, the MP-41 had a solid wooden stock, whereas the MP-40 had a folding metal stock.  Finally the MP-41 had a select fire switch for semi automatic fire, whereas the MP-40 was full auto only. Everything else was the same, including the action, barrel, and magazine.

The military turned down a contract for the new submachine gun, although a number were produced for the German police.  Some were also purchased out of pocket by SS units.  Most were exported to Germany’s allies, most notably Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.  After only a year of production, Erma Company, holder of the MP-40 patent filed a copyright infringement suit against Haenel, which manufactured the MP-41.  Production of the MP-41 immediately halted, with only 26,700 being produced.

Lesson 8: Auras - What They Are & The Seven Bodies

The human body, and everything in existence, is energy. While we all have the same energy fields geometrically, we are on different frequencies as humans and this causes differences the way we come off.

Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding you that is specific to what you’re feeling, thinking, doing, or what chakras you are over- or under-using. The aura stretches through and beyond the seven-chakra system, meaning that it extends above the head and below the feet into the ground in the shape of an egg. (This auric field is not to be confused with the star tetrahedron field that surrounds us, the mer-ka-ba)

Auras come in several different colors, but the main system of colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, since these are the colors of the seven-chakra system. There are also other colors, including black, green, and several variations of the main seven.

The aura contains seven bodies:

1. Etheric Body

Closest energy body to the physical body. It is usually seen as bluish-gray; this white-blue light is the prana or the life-force energy of your body. This is the body that is seen through Kirlian photography (we’ll come back to this later). The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body (from the skin) and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. It can be seen around the entire body but is mostly seen around your hands, feet, your head, and a little on your shoulders. When seen around the hands, it is 3-4 inches away.

2. Emotional Body

While the etheric body duplicates the physical body, the emotional body is more fluid. This is expected, since fluidity is the nature of our emotions. Your emotions put out electromagnetic fields. This body is associated with our feelings and changes as your feelings do (you can practice seeing these changes yourself, but we’ll talk about that later.) This body is about one to three inches from the physical body and is far more colorful than the etheric body.

3. Mental Body

The mental body is associated with our thoughts and mental expressions. Just like emotions, your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from your brain. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. The mental body is similar to the emotional body in colors sometimes, because if there is an emotion associated with your thought, certain colors of the emotional body will show. Otherwise, the yellow deepens/intensifies if you are deep in thought.

4. Astral Body (astral plane - bridge)

This is called the bridge to the astral plane, because this body is associated with energies that are not of the third-dimensional frequency. It extends six inches or one foot from the body. It has the colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, along with a pink/rose hue that is mostly seen if the personal is emotional + loving. The astral plane is also sometimes called the emotional plane, which is why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.

5. Etheric Template Body (physical aspect)

The name of this body suggests that it is the template for the etheric body, which is the first body we mentioned. This means that the etheric template body is the body formed before the etheric body. It exists in a higher dimension but also extends one and one half to two feet from the body. It has a dark blue hue, and is usually only seen by advanced healers or people with lots of practice in healing/clairvoyance.

6. Celestial Body (emotional aspect)

When we feel pure love, and when we feel true interconnectedness, we are tapping into the frequencies of the celestial body. This celestial body is the spiritual-emotional plane, which is kind of like the emotional body, but different in that the emotions felt here are more related to euphoria, bliss, love, and ecstasy. The colors of this body are usually pastel and have a soft glow.

7. Ketheric/Casual Body (mental aspect)

As the celestial body was the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, the ketheric body is the mental aspect of the physical plane. It contains all six other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body. It vibrates at a very high speed and is made of a gold grid type structure, which is very durable. Once you raise your consciousness to the level of this body, you are aware of your oneness with Being or Source. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body (which we will talk about later).

Now, even if you don’t “believe” in the bodies I listed above, I can tell you how to actually see your etheric body. 

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Have you watched the new beauty and the beast? If so did you like it?

((OOC: *long suffering sigh* I have…. and it wasn’t my favorite to be honest. But the important thing to remember about stories is: everything’s a remix. There are a million versions of Beauty and the Beast whether it’s a story book, a novel, a rom com, a tragedy, and so on, and any number of them can tickle anyone’s fancy. This one just didn’t tickle mine (while it may have for others). Sure, I liked things about it (the opening scene was ROCOCO WONDERFULNESS). It’s one of my favorite fairy tales. But there were things I thought the animated version, or the musical, or La Belle et la Bete (2014), or Beauty by Robin McKinley just did better. I felt like this most recent version lost the characters: Belle lost vulnerability(i.e. was abrasive, didn’t make a promise to the Beast, threw things more than talking things out, and was really hard for me to relate to), Beast lost a lot of credit where his servants took it instead (i.e didn’t give a room to Belle, didn’t get to show a lick of maybe he was an okay guy UNTIL the wolf scene), Gaston was gonna LEGIT MURDER Belle’s father and lost all hunter aspects of his character, and Josh Gad was the only one giving his all while everyone else was super flat and boring. Don’t get me started on Belle’s gown (all of her other costumes were great). And where they could have hired new up and coming actors who could actually sing, they auto-tuned EVERYTHING. Plus it was so tongue in cheek “OHOHOHO Look! We quoted the animated movie! Here’s everything you love about the animated movie (but severely watered down), but WAIT! WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW BELLE’S MOM DIED andbrieflymentionthatbeast’smomdiedbutnottellyouhoworanythingafterthat”. It was just a mess, and quite honestly La Fou was the best character. Let me say that again: LA FREAKING FOU WAS THE BEST CHARACTER. I’m A-OK with that but it’s not a good thing when a supporting henchman is more likable than the main characters. ……I ranted. And I didn’t mean to. But… here we are…))

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Your photos are breathtaking. I just started photography this year. Do you have any tips for people just starting out?

Hi Sarah, thank you.

I’d suggest just shooting as much as possible, which includes photographing the things you want to, as well as just anything to make you more familiar with your camera - so that you can operate it without thinking too much - so that over time you can concentrate on the content and composition.

Another good idea is to study the broader history of art. This doesn’t have to be a chore, just chose some artist whose work you admire, or a style of art you admire, and google the images and ask yourself why you like them, what is it about them that fascinates you? It’s OK to even try to copy or reproduce that style until you feel comfortable making the transition to being your own photographer.

When you’re happy with what you’re getting with your camera set to auto-everything, try some over or under exposures. The auto-everything camera setting will try to give you the “perfect” photo, which is great, but if you, say, want something to look dark and mysterious, it’s not going to do that without you helping it along.

If you want people to like your work here on tumblr, you’ll get the best result by following a few people you like, and giving out hearts to the stuff you truly like. Let it develop organically and don’t use a bot.

Thanks for your question, have a great day!

BUTCHER BABIES To Release 'Lilith' Album In The Fall; Cover Artwork Unveiled

BUTCHER BABIES will release their third album, “Lilith”, in the fall via Century Media. The follow-up to 2015’s “Take It Like A Man” was produced by Steve Evetts (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SEPULTURA, SUICIDE SILENCE) and marks the band’s recording debut with new drummer, Chase Brickenden, who replaced Chris Warner last year.

BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd stated about the “Lilith” title and cover artwork, which can be seen below: “Historically, Lilith has become demonized as a representation of promiscuity and disobedience. We, however, see her as a positive figure. A symbol of autonomy, sexual equality, and full control over your own destiny.

Lilith is the supreme representation of the left-hand path woman: independent, having discarded the patriarchal yoke, and not afraid to use all the tools available to her, including her sexuality, to gain the most out of existence. The eels in the cover art represent sleek symbolism of new beginnings and adventure.

“With this album, we have musically taken a leap through old boundaries and landed in new oceans. It is said that a the dream or visions of eels is confirmation that the path we currently lead is the right one.

"In this new chapter of BUTCHER BABIES, we welcome evolution as we bare ourselves with ‘Lilith’.”

Added co-vocalist Carla Harvey: “When we were thinking of titles for our album, we wanted to find something that embodied sensuality, lust, danger and power. We kept going back to Lilith. We researched Lilith and her origins in different cultures and forms and knew that this figure, once feared but now a beautiful, symbolic middle finger to repression, would be a perfect representation of our album.

"The cover art we created with our graphic artist perfectly pulls together the last year we’ve spent working on 'Lilith’.

"I’ve always loved water themes and there is something terrifying yet calming about the deep sea; submersing yourself in it could be the death of you, yet at the same time it’s cleansing and renewing.

"With this album we dove in fully and drowned ourselves in emotion, sexuality and even turmoil, and let the two-headed beast we created has emerged even stronger.”

The disc’s release date and the video for the first single will be unveiled next week.

Harvey told Meltdown Of Detroit’s WRIF radio station that the music on BUTCHER BABIES’ upcoming disc “runs the gamut” from “great thrash metal” to “a little bit of '90s influence.” She said: “We’re singing, we’re screaming and it’s just a great, great album. I couldn’t be prouder of it. I think there’s four songs where we do predominantly singing on it. And normally that would scare even me, 'cause I’m, like, 'I’m a metal girl! I don’t wanna be singing.’ But it’s so beautiful — it really is. So it’s kind of ballady, but not too ballady. It’s very dark, sensual — the lyrics are very sensual on this album.”

She continued: “I think we’re bringing a little bit of the sexy back on this album that we kind of steered away from for a while. When we were building up our career, we wanted to be taken so seriously as metal chicks, so I think we kind of let those hindrances go a little bit and said, 'Let’s just be us in all aspects of us’ — from the metal to the sexy to everything else.”

Although there is a lot of variety on BUTCHER BABIES’ upcoming effort, Carla is quick to point out that “I couldn’t do an album with no thrash on it, 'cause that’s my passion. I think my favorite song on the album is a completely ridiculous thrash metal song that you’ll hear,” she said. “It’s just amazing. In fact, one line in the song is about my Corvette that is always broken down. I have a '75 Corvette, 'cause I’m a real Detroit girl with a real American car. The song has completely ridiculous lyrics, but it’s so cool — total thrash.”

Carla said that BUTCHER BABIES next album will contain eleven songs, with an extra track for Japan. The disc’s first single has “got a super-sexy rhythm to it,” according to Harvey. “But everything is still… When you hear the album, you say, 'That’s definitely BUTCHER BABIES.’”

Regarding BUTCHER BABIES’ collaboration with Evetts, Carla said: “He doesn’t do any Auto-Tuning or any pitching or anything like that, so every note on this album is a hundred percent authentic. And it’s really cool to be able to say that about an album nowadays, I think, because people are so used to hearing everything Auto-Tuned and touched up and fixed up. This album is exactly what we’ve always wanted to do — it’s something passionate and raw — and we’re all just over the moon for it.”

She added: “That’s the one thing that we’ve always wanted to capture, because I think that we’re a great live band, and when you’re a good live band, you wanna capture that energy, and we finally found a producer that can help harness that live energy, actually, into the album.”

According to Carla, Chase’s addition to BUTCHER BABIES contributed to the upcoming album being “just on another level.” She explained: “He’s just a great, great, great drummer with all kinds of new ideas, and we blend really well together. And we actually toured with Chase on our very first tour with OTEP years and years ago, so we’re all old friends already and he just fit in seamlessly.”

“Take It Like A Man” was produced by Logan Mader, who has previously worked with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEVILDRIVER, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and GOJIRA.  

BUTCHER BABIES will support HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD on a U.S. tour which will kick off on October 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.


AN: Sabriel, soulmates au, human au, college-ish au. Hopefully this story makes sense. Also the dictionary says that soulmates isn’t one word, but I don’t care.

Words: 1,900

The little kindergartener ran up to Gabriel, breathless with excitement. “Gabe, look what I made!” he exclaimed, excited as could be. Clutched tightly in his sweaty palm was a piece of red construction paper, folded in half. A sloppy kitten was drawn on the front, its head indistinguishable from its body, with two tails and only one big, pointy, bright-blue ear. “It says, ‘I love you more than tuna,’” the boy giggled, opening up to the inside of the card. “Get it? Because cats love tuna!” Suddenly shy, he held out the card, a tiny Valentine’s day offering. “It’s for you.”

Gabriel grinned. “Thanks Sammy. I love it!”


Sam stared down at the framed picture of his parents, a soft smile on his face. They were two of the lucky ones - he had heard the story time after time before. Born two months apart, they grew up together in the same small town of Lawrence. High school sweethearts who never became serious - how could they, when they both knew that they would someday find their soulmates - they parted amicably when Mary went off to college, while John stayed in Kansas to start an auto shop. Everything changed when, on John’s twenty-first birthday, he looked in the mirror and saw Mary’s face staring back at him. Sam had sat on his father’s knee many times, listening to him tell how he had waited two long, endless months to drive up to Mary’s apartment on her own birthday. Having just seen his face in the mirror herself, she jumped into his arms and they got married, had children, lived happily ever after… blah blah blah.

Not everyone was destined to get such a perfect ending, Sam thought wryly as he placed the photograph carefully back down on his dresser. When he was younger he had dreamed about his own soulmate, as all children did. Now, he viewed his twenty-first birthday - still a considerable four years away - with mixed feelings. Rather than dwell on the future, he tried to think about his future soulmate as little as possible.

Most of the time it seemed he was too in love with Gabriel to even care about his someday-soulmate, anyway.

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Filters? Seriously?

For me, a polarized filter is more useful than a ND filter. More than half of you out there don’t even know what a shutter speed and aperture is in a camera unless you had your training wheels removed when playing with a film SLR.

The thing with ND filters is to have more control over exposure which I am sure that most of you out there would rather leave it on auto for everything.

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Can you imagine a pynch soulmate mark fic where Ronan gets his tattoo because Screw the world, and of course this means adam also has the tattoo. Except he hates it, this huge black wall of ink because his dad saw it and wasn't happy and because pt1

Pt2 because Adam has a plan to Go Places, places that do not appreciate ink. So Adams angry at his soulmate because he thinks they’re selfish, always impeccably dressed to hide the ink, until he actually meets ronan and realizes maybe he was wrong?

yes i can imagine god bless u my dude this is a+ thank u 
okay so this is gonna be in bullet form but if it gets enough interest i might turn it into a fic!! (this got really long tho lmao)

  • So in the future, just before he turns 18, ronan gets a tattoo
  • But it’s more like he expands the tattoo he already has
  • In this world, once both you and your soulmate are born, you both acquire a tattoo, a mark to start off your journey
  • In adam and ronan’s case, it’s shaped like a cloud, just above the left shoulder blade.
  • New tattoos appear once something significant happens to either one of you. So in a sense, each person knows and is aware of the other’s actions, even if the tattoo is quite vague
  • Such as:
    • Their first words
    • Little footmarks to celebrate their first steps
    • A shabby trophy when adam won his first spelling bee
    • A sulking child sitting on a desk with his arms crossed, aka ronan’s first detention
    • A blob. Ronan was pretty confused about this one for a while, seeing as it was one of the few tattoos he had that contained color. As he grew older and from experience, he realized that it closely resembled a bruise.
    • A bmw–ronan’s present for his 16th birthday
    • Tattered overalls covered in grease–adam’s first job, which (unbeknownst to ronan) he started on his 16th birthday
  • Adam doesn’t really mind the tattoos, the marks, because it makes him feel like he kind of knows his soulmate, whoever the hell that person is. Plus, they’re not exactly huge, and though they appear at random places, it doesn’t make them that hard to hide.
  • His father disapproved of them greatly, and went to great lengths to hide his own tattoos. Adam found it ridiculous that in a world where almost everyone was marked, tattoos were still looked down upon
  • But he didn’t have the luxury to express his thoughts out loud, so he went along with it in order to be able to work and keep things as civil as he can with his parents.
  • It was actually okay for a while. Well, as far as ‘okay’ goes in the Parrish household.
  • Until, he wakes up one morning with his father looming over him

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