auto enthusiasts

While tuning up his Nissan Skyline GTR sports car, an auto enthusiast, together with his artist wife, accidentally stumbled upon an amazing way to give their sleek silver vehicle an unforgettable ‘paintjob’ with Sharpies. After roughly 100 hours of work and several clear coats to protect the design, they had an impressively beautiful car.

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1964 ½ Ford Mustang Convertible.

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting on, and driving one of these beautiful cars with the top down, a road in a forest?


Ford Mustang GTT (Gran Turismo Tribute).

This time around, Zero to 60 seconds is bringing a Ford Mustang GT that’s been redesigned to look like the new Ford GT supercar, hence the decision to christen the project as the Mustang Gran Turismo Tribute.

The class, the elegance and the luxury, always make a good pair with a beautiful Mustang.

A gentleman with a car like this, show style, good taste, make the impossible possible, and when he look his beautiful car, he got an impulse to feels invincible.