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Huge shoutout to @centuryarms and @recom_actual for getting me one of these 75 round AK Drums. This thing ran surprisingly well! No malfunctions of any kind in the 3 full auto drum dumps we put through @theakguy & @blackwolf_inc collaboration AK.

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AK47 Type 1 Mag Dump
This was really exciting because the AK here is a first generation type 1 made sometime in the late 40’s I believe. Super unobtanium here in the states.


The HK51
It was violent yet smooth running, pretty kick ass.

anonymous asked:

is there a way to purchase a copy of the photograph "Auto Dump" by Gene Daniels.

There are a couple possible options —

  1. As a work of the Federal Government, the image itself is in the public domain, so you could download and print the digital file of this photo - just follow the source link:
    (note the available digital versions are not always print-quality)
  2. If you’re in DC, a print of the photo itself may be available for purchase at the Archives gift shop.
  3. You can also select a vendor of your choice and order a copy through them, per the “Ordering Still Picture Reproductions“ page on
  4. And, for what it’s worth,the “Auto Dump” photo is also featured as a 2-pages spread in the companion Searching for the Seventies exhibition catalog.