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Volkswagen Bus to be revived as an electric vehicle - cancelled in 2013, the classic Volkswagen Camper may find a new lease on life as an eco-friendly EV. The iconic “hippie wagon” may soon see a very apropos resurrection from the dead. Speaking at the New York Auto Show, Volkswagen board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser announced that the German auto company was working on a brand new camper concept - one that would run on batteries, rather than petrol, powering an electric motor driving the front wheels. Dr Neusser said that the new car would maintain 3 iconic design principles of the original Type 2 microbus, first introduced in Germany in 1950. “First the wide, solid, D-Pillar, second the boxy design of the center section; and, third, the front end must have a very short overhang.” In 2011, the company took a stab at an electric concept it called the Bulli, clearly inspired by the Type 2, but closer to a small van, with 4 hinged doors and 1 bench seat in the front and another in the rear that could be folded flat to make a sort of bed. The Camper, in comparison, contains a small mobile home with optional kitchen equipment and detachable canvas tents and awnings; seats that could be folded out into beds; a folding table, and a small refrigeration unit. Production on all VW Type 2 units, incl. the Camper, ceased in 2013. Production had been outsourced to Brazil after safety regulations introduced in the 70s in Germany meant that it could no longer be made there. In 2012, Brazil introduced legislation that went into effect on Jan 1, 2014, dictating that all cars made in the country must have ABS and airbags on both driver and passenger sides. VW decided that, rather than make a completely new vehicle, it was more cost effective to simply say goodbye to the Type 2 after 63 years of production. However, Dr Neusser now said that if the cost of production on the new electric Camper was feasible, the car could make it to market. The VW team continues to work on the concept.

Aranea as a Permanent Party Member

I’m making this post for @beatrushbeauty but I feel others might wish to know as well.
So if you are unaware, there is a glitch that can make Aranea a permanent party member, although it does break the fishing mechanic.
I’ll list the steps you’ll need to take to get her.

1. Camp at Cotisse Haven near Hammerhead (run straight behind Hammerhead. You’ll eventually come upon it)
Wait until midnight, then save. (Pick up a nighttime bounty to fast forward to night, or just mess around to waste time.)

2. Head North towards the red fence wall (although simply running around in said general area produces the same result) until a Giant spawns (any appearance of daemons will do, but giants are common at night)
If one doesn’t spawn, you can use the beast whistle, which should queue a spawn at the next spawn location (although this does not always work).
If some Imps crash the party (and they do that A LOT), wait until the transport ship flies away, then fast travel to your car and back to camp.

3. “Engage” the giant. Simply getting him to notice you is what is needed. Aranea will be on her way, so after a second or two, leave the combat radius, bring up the map and then return to rest point. If you wait to see her signature red ship, it will be too late as her entrance animation begins rather quickly.

4. Before her descent animation gets the chance to play, open the camp menu. (Which says “Camp, Train, Nothing”. I had difficulties figuring out what that meant) Aranea will join your party. If you take too long, the world locks and you won’t be able to reach the menu.
You will need to reload and try again.

5. Have the menu open, but take a look around. Confirm that her dropship is there and watch her jump down. Camp after she lands, but before she leaves the party.

6. In the morning everything will seem normal, but you cannot fast travel to your car or quest locations. Reload the auto-save from the camping

7. Aranea is now a permanent member of the leather-clad boyband.

Enjoy having our favorite snarky, gil-loving mercenary at your side in battle.

Also a small note. There will be no room for Aranea in the car as she is not registered to be there, so if you do not fast travel or are visiting somewhere new, she will run alongside (eventually comically falling behind) the car.

It’s getting pretty serious! Counting money for the upcoming restoration… omg, will we really do this?

By the way, I found this tiny van on a flea market, but you can also order them online here and also here. :) 

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People often ask me “Max, why do you use text-to-speech when editing a book? What makes it so good?”. Well, here are four reasons:

• Tough
• Though
• Through
• Thought

91 days ep4 more like i’m crying what a wonderful 24 minutes of my life

i just rewatched it bc honestly what a pure ep - there are so many amazing things about this like i mean

1. bruno sucks at driving
2. nero’s juggling skills and genuine desire to make the kids happy
3. bruno’s pickpocketing skills i cry
5. nero’s golden laugh when bruno nearly hits the auto camp attendant
6. bruno’s pickpocketing skills pt2 when he stole the cop’s wallet
7. nero seeing a barrel and immediately thinking arm wrestling is a good idea
9. NERO COMMENTING ‘i see your practice paid off’
11. nero: are u making a pineapple cake or something

i’m deceased the last ep is going to cause me p a i n