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Custom Strats

How-dee-doo, folks! So in the wake of the release of Smash 3DS and with Smash WiiU barely a week away, I’ve been scrambling to gather up the last few custom moves, trophies, and so forth as doubtless many others have. And though Smash 3DS may be the least expansive Smash Bros to date, there’s still a lot to enjoy even while grinding out the last few cheevs. 

And strangely enough, I find that one of the things I’ve enjoyed most and spent a lot of time on is actually just… customizing characters for Smash Run, go figure ~__~ I’ve done everything from making vastly different custom builds for characters like Daisy and Wolf to making all of Robin’s loadouts based on a different class from Fire Emblem! 

While ‘custom sets’ and ‘strategy’ aren’t really a pair of terms you’d expect to associate, given that custom sets are banned from competitive play, it doesn’t mean that what’s available can’t be optimized for the most effectiveness for in-game play in modes like Classic and Smash Run. So I’m here today to bring you some of the combinations of equipment and Smash Run powers that I’ve found to be the most effective overall!

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