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Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

Sam x Reader (holy smut, batman!)

Word Count: roughly 1880 (yes, i know it’s long as a bitch)

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT, dom/sub feels, name calling, rough-rough sex

For @faith-in-dean and @for-the-love-of-dean ‘s July Saints and Sinners Challenge

NSFW Prompt 36. Roleplaying

***Author’s Note: 1. Holy shit this took forever to write. 2. Thank you so much to these two lovely ladies for allowing to be a part of their challenge; this one was super fun to do and if you aren’t following them you better start now cause they’re amazing. 3. I know this isn’t amazing, but I hope someone enjoys it. <3

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Bayani Trading Card Game

Ideas at headcanons ni @dettsu​ at @crejapasta​ galing sa Twitter! Purong kalokohan lamang, ngunit baka magkaroon ng playable version in the future kung may time na kami ng mga manang nyo hahaha we’ll be using and tracking the tag #BayaniTCG if you have ideas and headcanons to share <3

Item Cards

Noli + El Fili combo, +25 makabayan feels +10 atk, +15 intelligence, +5 fanboy points

anting-anting, +10 luck, +15 critical

panyo ng nililigawan, +15 lakas ng loob, + 10 kilig

kindat ni goyong,  +20 kilig, +15 lakas ng loob, +5 diwang makabayan

ensaymada, +25 HP, +10 atk, 50% chance Rusca support (combo with suman card, 100% Rusca support)

suman, +20 HP, +5 atk, 50% chance Rusca support (combo with ensaymada card, 100% Rusca support)

Area Cards

Tirad Pass card, +25 def, 60% chance Goyong instant KO

Dapitan, +50 hrs to write poems, +10 peace and quiet, +15% chance Katipunan fanboys appearance

Cabanatuan card, +75 feels, +50% chance tears from det, 25% chance Paco support +65% chance Luna KO

Kawit card, +75 atk and def all Cavite cards, -35 atk def everyone else, Luna def -55, Luna critical -35

Hero Cards

Toñito hero card, 125 atk, 100 def, +1 revolver, +1 espada, Bagbag Batallion, 30% chance Rusca + Román support, Ale-Alejandrino dance number

Miong hero card, Kawit Brigade, 135 def, 95 atk, +80% chance Pole support, +65% chance Goyong will shout at u, +1 regalia, +1 horse, +10 flat tops chocolate, auto Pole support for 5 turns (starting on the 6th turn, flip a coin, if heads, Pole will offer support), slight Quezon support

Andoy hero card, +1 revolutionary pakyu, 150 atk, 120 def, 100% pagmamahal sa bayan, auto Oryang + EJ support, +1 bolo, +1 revolver

Goyong hero card, +1 army ng fangirls from each province, +1 white horse, +1 pair shiny boots, +1 panty, 90 atk, 80 def, auto Miong support, +60 sundalos, slight Enriquez Clan support, goes 2 da river 2 pray, +1 kindat, 20% chance Quezon support

Rizal hero card, 35 atk, 50 def, will also immortalize u in a book, +5 panty, +75 diwang makabayan, auto Andoy support, +80 Katipunan fanboys, +100 makata pts, will check ur eyesight kung di mo makita kagwapuhan nya, will take u 2 dapitan, +1 winkwinknudgenudge

Support Cards

Paco support card, +100% det’s approval, u win my heart, +45 atk, +25 def, 50% chance will take damage for u, +1 tabako, Luna +50 def, +25 makata points, +25% chance Rusca support

Rusca support card, +40 atk, +20 def, +50 rations of food, di ka magugutom, auto Paco support, 50% chance ensaymada appearance, 25% kape

Bernal Bros dual support cards, can only be used together, +50 def, +65 atk, +25 pogi points, +2 horses, +10 intelligence

Alejandrino support card, +55 atk, +35 def, dance showdown, done with u 45% of the time, Luna +50 street cred, will immortalize u in a book

Joven Hernando support card, +100 sunshine and happiness, +at least 1 rainbow, +50% chance compromiso, +25 atk and def for your entire kampo

Pole support card, +150 intelligence, +60 atk, +20 def, will kick ur ass, +1 florante at laura book from memory, sasabuyan ka ng carabao milk

Oryang support card, +55 makabayang kilig, +35 katapangan, auto Andoy support, will fite u barefist, +25 atk, +15 def, heals 5 HP per turn

EJ support card, +1 kartilya, +25 atk, +15 def, Andoy +40 atk, +35 love from Oryang, +45 intelligence, +5 kabataan points, fountain of youth

Anacleto support card, +75 atk, +30 def, will take u 2 church, Katipunan Bulacan Chapter, auto Goyong support, auto Enriquez Clan support

Mascardo support card, +1 fiesta, +1 kabaong, +50 atk, +30 def, Arayat Pampanga Headquarters, Kawit Support, +25 yabang, Luna -25 street cred

Bugallon support card, +25 katapangan, will break ur leg, +35 atk, +25 def, +50 gore, auto taas ranggo after 2 turns

Janolino support card, +35 atk, +15 def, all Cavite cards +25 yabang, +1 Janolino girl, Luna -10 street cred, 50% chance Mascardo support, +5 condiments and spices

Tinio support card, +45 atk sa norte, +30 def sa norte, +1 pakyu ka goyong, +100% pagmamahal ni det, +5 trust issues sa gobyerno

Juliana Piqueras support card, u win i love u yay let’s go home end the game, +1 pakyu ka Goyong

Blumentritt support card, +20 atk, +10 def, A+ 10/10 will treat u rite, will publish ur books, +25 friendship

Vicente Enriquez support card, +25 atk, +15 def, will go with u 2 Tirad, +60 sundalos, 75% chance tataihan ka ng ibon pag binadtrip mo sya, +5 det’s approval, auto Enriquez Clan support, iaahon ka sa ilog, +10 swimming, +25 protection from Goyong

Juan Luna support card, +30 atk, +15 def, if a picture paints a thousand words, will fite u with his mustache, +25 pagmamahal ng isang kuya

Quezon support card, +25 atk, +20 def, +10 loyalty award, +35 trust issues sa gobyerno, +25 wikang Filipino, cheese, +1 aircon, +5 will save ur ass, will name a province after u, slight Goyong support, auto taas ranggo after 3 turns

Gomburza support card, +50 intelligence, +30 atk, +10 def, +25 prayers, aba ginoong maria napupuno ka ng gracia, +75 diwang makabayan


Det support card, 100% bucket of tears, +1 jollibee spaghetti family pack, gasgas photo of J/oem B/ascon, +75 feels, +5 kalokohan, nahawa lang, +5 galit kay P/aulo A/velino, +45 manang vibes, +38 anak, +1 pakwan, 100% makabayang kilig, +10 emotional instability

So my car died.

Very violently.  On my drive home.

I am fine.  I managed to get to the side of the road with no problems, and a state trooper kindly waited until the roadside assistance van showed up, and he waited until the AAA tow truck showed up.

I’d known my car was on it’s last legs for some time.  It had a LOT of problems.  I’d actually picked up my auto loan approval documents from my credit union today and was hoping to look for a car tonight.  

I didn’t quite make it home.  Or, I didn’t under my own power.

I’m fine.  I’m financially and physically fine.

But if I can be allowed a moment of selfishness, I could really use a kind word tonight, if you have one to spare, because I’m having a very lousy day.  And there’s only so much crying someone can do on a cat.

Link is getting kinda soggy here, people.