auto aim

  • Blizzard: "Hm, people aren't playing Symmetra enough. How can we fix this problem?"
  • Blizzard: *Gives Symmetra a second ult, a long range auto aiming attack that does more damage the longer she sustains it, a moving shield more durable than Reinhardt's, and no cap on how many turrets she can put down at a time*
  • Blizzard: "Perfect! Oh dear, the office plant looks a little dry"
  • Blizzard: *Blasts it with a firehose*

some of you may not have played or watched hit man (2016), so let me explain to you a thing that game does with its mechanics. when aiming a gun, you have to aim like in most other 3rd person action games, but when throwing an object there is extremely generous auto-aim, and all objects will either knock out or kill any person in the game in a single hit.

this leads to a situation where bricks, screwdrivers, expired cans of spaghetti sauce, kitchen knives, etc. are much more deadly and easy to use than the myriad of guns that you could conceivably have. its incredibly and extremely good

Anyone out there who plays Mass Effect: I’m an autistic gamer with terrible hand/eye (mouse/eye??) coordination for shooters. I really wanna play this series of games but I bought them and even on easy am struggling.

I know there are like diff builds you can play as. Can anyone offer advice if one might be better for someone used to melee/auto aiming/ not being a great digital shot?? I’m really frustrated but maybe there’s a build less shooting heavy or what???