I knew the Rockman 11 Production Note Artbook was going to be sought after, with how limited the Complete Edition was. And while I am always extremely hesitant to scan whole books, and would rather you support the publishers, I know many of you out there won’t realistically have a chance to own it, due to it being sold out and in very short supply. The scalper prices on auction sites aren’t pretty. 

So, I’ve been providing pages on Twitter, which are a little larger compared to the compression that happens here. If you’d like to see these with bigger dimensions, please check out my tweets instead. And use the “:orig” suffix after the image’s filename to see them in the original size, if you don’t have an extension to automatically do it in your browser.

But here is the cover and the first 9 main pages for today, in tumblr quality. While Tweets started out more random, I’ll probably keep the posts more page-orderly here. 

Scanned from: Rockman 11: Gears of Fate!! Production Note Artbook