Akarok valakit, aki nem lesz ideges, ha egymás után 6 üzenetet küldök, akár csupa nagybetűvel. Valakit, akivel hosszú autózásra mehetek, és ott együtt énekelhetek vele korlátok nélkül. Akivel pizzázhatok hajnali 2-kor, 3-kor pedig a vállán sírhatom ki magam. Valakit, aki engem választ, és sosem gondolja át kétszer


1969 DeTomaso Mangusta at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

This particular car is the European version that features a 306 horsepower (228 kW) Ford V8 engine.  Only about 150 of these versions were built out of a total of 401 Mangustas.  Of those 401, it’s believed that only about 250 still exist.

In case anyone was wondering, “Mangusta” means “mongoose” in Italian.


This 1947 Tatra 87 is at Klairmont Kollections in Chicago.

Fortunately, despite Tatras not fitting in with their utilitarian ideas, the communists allowed Tatra to keep its revolutionary styling after their takeover of Czechoslovakia.  There are so many great details here.  In the back there’s the single fin between the two sets of louvers and the air intakes on the sides.  In the front, the three headlights and the three piece windshield add to the uniqueness.

Is there a more interesting car than the Tatra 87?