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Aut-Talks #1 is here! 

  • please be kind
  • if you’re autistic + you experience something differently then please feel free to share that!! i encourage discussion + am curious
  • please get back tome with any constructive criticism or queries etc ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
  • also please don’t hesitate to send me any questions and/or topics for future episodes!

fionawesome  asked:

Do you have any ideas on how to engage in my new special interest, autism? I'm self-dx and have been learning stuff for the past 6 months but I'm a bit stuck on how else to engage with it. I guess I'm looking for music, books, and tv shows by autistic people or like IDK, good things I can read about it.

When I first self-diagnosed, I developed a really strong special interest in autism. Something I really enjoyed was reading the blogs of autistic people. I learned so much about the autistic experience and autism itself from reading blogs by autistic people. The following are some blogs I recommend reading:

Many of these blogs link to other blogs that they enjoy so you can fall down the rabbit hole of reading blog after blog. There are so many autistic bloggers out there that you could keep reading autistic blogs for quite some time. 

As far as media made by autistic people, the show Community was created by an autistic person, Dan Harmon, and features autistic character Abed. I know that Cynthia Kim of Musing’s of an Aspie has written a few books. I know there are other autistic author I’ve seen on tumblr but I can’t think of them right now. 

Followers, does anyone have any suggestions?


PSA to our followers this Autism Acceptance Month:
  • Use Autism **Acceptance** Month (as opposed to Autism Awareness Month).
  • NO “light it up blue” or puzzle pieces. Google “Autism Speaks hate group” to learn more.
  • Use red or gold instead, which are colors supported by the autistic community.
  • Use identity-first language (most autistic people prefer “autistic” instead of “person with autism”), but don’t police the language of someone who prefers to be called a person with autism.
  • NO scare terms like “suffering with autism” or “afflicted with autism.”
  • Avoid functioning labels like “high functioning” or “low functioning.”
  • If autistic voices are not at the center of your efforts, you’re doing it wrong.
  • When in doubt, ASK AN AUTISTIC PERSON. 
  • To learn more about autism, visit autistic-run organizations like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and Autism Women’s Network (AWN).

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Hey, so this was a project I did last semester - designing an infographic for an organization of our own choice. So I chose @autisticadvocacy - Autistic Self Advocacy Network. This is free to use and spread around. And please do, considering it’s April and so “Light It Up Blue” shit is going around.

  A link to view and download it (as a pdf) can be found here. (If you want to print it.)

Being autistic isn’t a bad thing.
It isn’t a disease.
It isn’t curable.
Autistic people aren’t broken.

The world is simply not built for us.

Our brains just work differently.
We perceive things differently.
We understand things differently.

If the society we live in doesn’t work for us, it’s society that needs changing. Because we can’t change, and we shouldn’t have to change.

Also, Autism Speaks is trash.